Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas (BPA)

Composition and Properties of Maple Sap, Concentrate, and Permeate

  Reverse osmosis is used widely in the maple syrup industry to concentrate maple sap and increase the overall efficiency and profitability of syrup production. Sets of samples from maple producers utilizing a range of sap concentration levels were collected and analyzed to provide a portrait...
Abby K. van den Berg
Timothy D. Perkins
Mark L. Isselhardt
Agricultural Sciences

Cotton Defoliation

  Defoliation is the application of chemicals to encourage or force cotton leaves to drop from the plant in order to harvest the crop in a timely manner. Defoliation is a balancing act between killing the leaves and not affecting the leaf. For successful defoliation, the leaf must stay alive...
Keith Edmisten
Guy Collins
NC Coorporative Extension

Review of Crop Water Productivity for Tomato, Potato, Melon, Watermelon and Cantaloupe in Iran

  Population increase and the improvement of living standards brought about by development will result in a sharp increase in food demand during the next decades. Most of this increase will be met by the products of irrigated agriculture and this increase needs to be accomplished under...
Majid Rashidi
Behnam Zand
Karim Arabsalmani
Agricultural Engineering Research Journal

Effect of Different Tillage Methods on Grain Yield and Yield Components of Corn in the Arid Lands of Iran

  Field experiments were conducted to study the effect of different tillage methods on grain yield and yield components of corn (Zea mays L.) in the arid lands of Iran. Tillage treatments in the study were moldboard plow + two passes of disk harrow (MDD), moldboard plow + one pass of rotary...
Majid Rashidi
Karim Arabsalmani
Behnam Zand
Agricultural Engineering Research Journal

Response of Soil Physical Properties and Crop Yield of Melon to Different Tillage Methods

  Two-year field experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of different tillage methods on soil physical properties and crop yield of melon. Tillage treatments in the study were moldboard plow + two passes of disk harrow as conventional tillage (CT), two passes of disk harrow as...
Majid Rashidi
Karim Arabsalmani
Behnam Zand
Agricultural Engineering Research Journal

Sweet Cassava Growing, Yield and Harvest Indexes in Different Population Densities

  The adequate choice in different population densities of crops for improving the yield of available natural resources resulting in increase productivity and quality in the harvested product. The objective of this study has been to evaluate the influence on the plant population in the...
Luiz Henrique Campos de Almeida
Eli Carlos de Oliveira
Édison Miglioranza
Teresa Losada Valle
American-Eurasian Journal for Agricultural & Environmental Science

Effects of Different Cover Crops on Soil Quality Parameters and Yield in an Apricot Orchard

  Cover crop treatments significantly increased yield in an apricot orchard according to the control. Effects of different cover crop treatments on some soil quality parameters and yield of a apricot orchard located in Turkey were investigated. For this purpose, Vicia villosa Roth. (VV), V....
Zeynep Demir
Nihat Tursun
Doğan Işık
International Journal of Agriculture & Biology

Pond Management Guide

  North Carolina ponds offer excellent fishing for Tarheel anglers and represent a significant portion of the state’s water resources. Properly managed ponds can provide excellent fishing opportunities to many anglers at a reasonable cost. However, careful planning and wise management...
K. Hining
R.J. Richardson
S. Thompson
J.A. Rice
J.M. Fisk II
NC Coorporative Extension

Effects of Wind-Induced Sodium Salts on Soils in Coastal Agricultural Fields

  High tides associated with hurricane storm surges and other wind-driven events often inundate low-lying farm fields in coastal North Carolina. Flooding with salt water affects soil fertility by elevating soluble salts, especially sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl), which can be toxic to plants....
David Hardy
Carl Crozier
Deanna Osmond
Diana Rashash
NC Coorporative Extension

Peanut Weed Management

  Effective weed management is essential for profitable peanut production. Peanuts are not very competitive with weeds and thus require higher levels of weed control than most other agronomic crops to avoid yield losses. Weeds may also decrease digging efficiency, so effective late-season weed...
David Jordan
NC Coorporative Extension