Guías de Producción de Frutas y Verduras, Manuales de Horticultura

Bondades y Manejo Básico del Palto

  En los últimos años un nuevo concepto de manejo cultural del palto, está generando un fuerte giro tecnológico, que a su vez demanda un nivel de exigencia para el productor, tanto en inversión como a nivel de capacitación para maximizar sus niveles...
Equipo técnico del Valle Santa Catalina CEDEPAS
CEDEPAS Norte, Perú

Optimizing Row Spacing to Ameliorate the Productivity of Spring Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.)

  One of the main reasons behind reduced cane yield is pathetic method of planting. Planting method and row spacing are the most important yield contributing factors in sugarcane. A field experiment was carried out in order to determine quality and yield of sugarcane in various spatial...
Sami Ullah
Shakeel Ahmad Anjum
Muhammad Mohsin Raza
Aamir Riaz
Adeel Abbas
Malik Muhammad Yousif
Jinchuan Ma
Yingxia Liu
Jiajia Zhang
Dingwen Cheng
Yaxin Xu
Iftikhar Ali
Scientific Research Publishing

Ensayo de Cultivares de Sandia Mini (Citrullus lannatus Thunb.) Entutorada y Rastrera en Invernadero

  En los últimos años se está incrementando la producción de sandías de tamaño reducido, principalmente frutos triploides (sin semillas). Las familias cada vez están compuestas por menos individuos y demandan productos de calidad y de tama...
David Erik Meca Abad
Juan Carlos Gázquez Garrido
Eva Martínez Fernández
Maria Dolores Segura Rodríguez
Cajamar Caja Rural

Western North Carolina Planting Calendar for Annual Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs

  Contents:  Adapted to Climate Seasons Disease and Pest Resistance Cultivars Planting Dates Transplants  Planting Calendar 
Lucy K. Bradley
Christopher C. Gunter
Julieta T. Sherk
Elizabeth A. Driscoll
Donna D. Teasley
Kerrie R. Roach
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Pesticide Use and Safety Information

  Contents:  1. Restricted Use Pesticides 2. Special Local Need - Active 24 (c) Registrations in North Carolina 3. The Safe Use of Pesticides 4. General Safety Instructions 5. Hazard and Toxicity of Pesticides 6. Pesticide Toxicity to People . 7. Pesticide Hazards to the Environment 8....
Wayne Buhler
NC Cooperative Extension Service

Using Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation for Vegetables

  Muskmelons, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, watermelons, and okra are vegetable crops that have shown significant increases in earliness, yield, and fruit quality when grown on plastic mulch. Some less valuable crops such as sweet corn, snap beans, southern peas, and pumpkins...
Douglas Sanders
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

A Guide to Intensive Vegetable Systems

  “Intensive Vegetable Production” refers to a system of marketing and producing vegetable crops in which great attention is placed on detail and optimization of resources such as land, capital, labor, equipment, transportation to market, and management time. The ojective of...
D. C. Sanders
Ed Estes
K. B. Perry
David Monks
Kenneth Sorensen
Charles Averre
Michael Linker
Jonathan Schultheis
Mike Boyette
D. Eikhoff
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Postharvest Handling of Sweetpotatoes

  Contents:  Proper Handling Pays Growing for Improved Postharvest Quality Harvesting for Quality The Curing and Storage Facility Curing for Quality Benefits of Curing Problems Associated with Improper Curing Storing for Quality Problems Associated with Improper Storage Conditions...
Brooke A. Edmunds
Michael D. Boyette
Christopher A. Clark
Donald M. Ferrin
Tara P. Smith
Gerald J. Holmes
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Effects of Salinity on Fruit Yield and Quality of Tomato Grown in Soil-Less Culture in Greenhouses in Mediterranean Climatic Conditions

  There is increasing pressure to reduce water use and environmental impact associated with open system, soil-less production in simple, plastic greenhouses on the Mediterranean coast. This may force the adoption of re-circulation of nutrient solutions. In southeastern Spain, irrigation water...
J.J. Magán
M. Gallardo
R.B. Thompson
P. Lorenzo

Variation in Thermal Time Model Parameters between Two Contrasting Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) Cultivars

  A laboratory experiment was carried out to determine the effect of temperature on germination and early seedling establishment and to study the variation among thermal time model parameters for two contrasting chickpea cultivars. Seeds were subjected to six constant temperatures from 10˚C to...
Atif Hassan Naim
Faisal El Gasim Ahmed
Scientific Research Publishing