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Efecto de la Fertilización Fosfatada con Cachaza sobre la Actividad Microbiana del Suelo y la Absorción de Fósforo en Caña de Azúcar (Saccharum spp.)

  El objetivo del trabajo fue evaluar el efecto de diferentes dosis de fertilizante fosfatado con la adición de cachaza sobre la actividad microbiana del suelo, y el contenido de fósforo en el suelo y en plantas de caña de azúcar. El experimento se condujo en...
Orlando Saucedo Castillo
Renato de Mello Prado
Leónides Castellanos González
Nahas Ely
Cid Naudi Silva Campos
Gilmara Pereira Da Silva
Luis Carlos Assis
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias

Influence of Three Rootstocks on Yield and Commercial Quality of "Italian Sweet" Pepper

  Pepper crops (Capsicum annuum L.) represent a very important production sector in the Southeast of Spain. Specifically, in the province of Almería, approximately 7000 hectares are grown every year. Due to the economic importance that this crop has for the region and the withdrawal of...
Francisco Doñas-Uclés
María del Mar Jiménez-Luna
José Antonio Góngora-Corral
José Antonio Góngora-Corral
David Verde-Fernández
Francisco Camacho-Ferre
Ciência e Agrotecnologia

Non-Chemical Crop Protection

  Farmers often do not realize that their unsprayed fields are full of beneficial insects (parasitoids and predators) which keep pest numbers under control. However, these natural enemies are much more vulnerable to pesticides than the targeted pests. So when pesticides are used, natural...
Piet Scheepens
Rik Hoevers

Información Agrícola

  Contenido:  Cultivo de la berza Cultivo del bróculi Cultivo de la coliflor Cultivo de las coles
Tecnología Agroalimentaria
Tecnología Agroalimentaria

Requerimientos Agroclimáticos del Cultivo de Esparrago

  Contenidos:  Especificaciones Técnicas   Participación superficie instalada a nivel nacional (%)   Estadíos de Crecimiento     Requerimientos Climáticos     Requerimientos de Suelos y Agua
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego

How can I Manage Pests and Diseases Naturally?

  Farmers consider organisms which reduce their crop yields as pests and diseases. Insects, birds or other animals are considered as pests, whenever they cause damage to crops or to stored produce. Fungi, bacteria and viruses are recognized as diseases, when they interrupt or modify the vital...
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

How do I Best Manage the Fertility of My Soil

  What do I need to know about soils? Soil can be living or dead. Living soil continuously requires enough air, water and soil organic matter in order to provide a good growing environment for plants and soil organisms. By providing these, even dead soil can manage to live again. You can tell...
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

Agricultural Water Management for Coastal Plain Soils

  North Carolina has historically been blessed with an adequate source of good quality water to supply all of its water demands for industry, agriculture and domestic and recreational users. However, if consumption continues to increase at its present rate, water shortages will become...
Robert Evans
Wayne Skaggs
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Water Retention and S Index of an Oxisol Subjected to Weed Control Methods in a Coffee Crop

  Weed control in different crops affects the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the soil and consequently its structural quality. The objective of this study was to evaluate, using water retention characteristics and the S index, the physical quality of an Oxisol (Red-Yellow...
Raphael Henrique da Silva Siqueira
Mozart Martins Ferreira
Elifas Nunes de Alcântara
Bruno Montoani Silva
Raphael Comanducci Silva
Ciência e Agrotecnologia

What is Organic Agriculture?

  As a farmer in Africa you may be facing a number of challenges like loss of arable land, decreasing soil fertility, frequent drought and rising cost of seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and animal drugs. This commonly leads to recurrent difficulties to produce enough food to sustain the family...
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture