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Does Strawberry Clipper Reduce Strawberry Yield?

  During 2016, our laboratory completed a three year project tracking the occurrence and impact of strawberry clipper weevil in annual, plasticuture strawberry fields. Our results have recently been published, and we would like to share them with strawberry growers and extension agents....
Hannah Burrack
NC Coorporative Extension

New Pesticide Available for Use Against Spotted Wing Drosophila in Blackberries and Raspberries for 2019

  Exirel Insecticide (FMC Corporation) has recently received an expanded federal label which includes use in caneberries against spotted wing drosophila (SWD). While we are still waiting on the state label for Exirel in caneberries in North Carolina, we expect it be available for use during...
Hannah Burrack
NC Coorporative Extension

Determination of Insecticide Susceptibility of Field Populations of Tomato Leaf Miner (Tuta absoluta) in Northern Nigeria

  In 2016, northern Nigeria experienced a devastating infestation by the tomato leaf miner, leading to soaring in prices of tomatoes across the country. Unfortunately, information on the resistance status of this pest is lacking in northern Nigeria, hampering appropriate control measures. Here...
Ibrahim Bala
Muhammad M. Mukhtar
Habeeb K. Saka
Nasiru Abdullahi
Sulaiman S. Ibrahim

Effect of Cedar Extract (Cedrela odorata L.) on the Termite (Reticulitermes spp.)

  For knowing the effect that causes the extract from the leaves of the cedar (Cedrela odorata L.) in termites (Reticulitermes sp.) that affecting rooms, libraries, racks, fence posts and all articles wood source, considering the hypothesis that the extract from the leaves of the cedar is a...
Leopoldo Partida Ruvalcaba
Karely Guadalupe Monjardín Armenta
Tomás Díaz Valdés
Teresa de Jesús Velázquez Alcaraz
Felipe Ayala Tafoya
Raymundo Medina López
Moisés Gilberto Yáñez Juárez
Agricultural Sciences

Frecuencia de los hongos asociados al desarrollo de mohos poscosecha en el pedúnculo de la piña en dos zonas de Costa Rica

  La piña es uno de los principales cultivos de exportación en Costa Rica y la presencia de moho en el pedúnculo afecta su calidad en los mercados internacionales. El objetivo de esta investigación fue determinar en frutos de piña, en la cera aplicada sobre...
Johanny Castro Chinchilla
Gerardina Umaña Rojas
Agronomía Costarricense

Bacterial Leaf Spot on Greenhouse Ornamentals

  Typical leaf spots caused by bacteria appear as water-soaked, brown to black lesions often outlined with a yellow halo. Water-soaked (or sometimes called greasy) spots often appear on the underside of the leaf first. Lesions caused by Xanthomonas on Begonia and ...
Inga Meadows
Suzette Sharpe
NC Coorporative Extension

Root Knot Nematode of Cotton

  Root knot nematodes are microscopic roundworms that are widely distributed throughout North Carolina on many crops and cause varying degrees of damage to cotton. Root knot of cotton is caused by Meloidogyne species, including the southern root knot (M. incognita), northern root...
Lindsey Thiessen
Yara Rosado Rivera
NC Coorporative Extension

Root Knot Nematode of Soybean

  Root knot nematode of soybean is caused by plant parasitic nematodes belonging to the genus Meloidogyne. Several species are known to infect soybean including M. incognita (southern root knot), M. enterlobii (guava root knot), M. javanica (Javanese root...
Ashley Joyce
Lindsey Thiessen
NC Coorporative Extension

Methods for the Diagnosis of Grapevine Viral Infections: A Review

  The yielding capacity of grapevine growth and the quality of the resulting product heavily depend on the health of the cultivated plants. The phytopathogens affecting the vineyards can cause a significant reduction in the yield and quality of the product. For this reason, it is extremely...
Anatoly V. Zherdev
Svetlana V. Vinogradova
Nadezhda A. Byzova
Elena V. Porotikova
Anastasia M. Kamionskaya
Boris B. Dzantiev

La gardenia: características, usos, plagas y enfermedades y aspectos básicos de su cultivo

  La gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides Ellis) es una planta muy apreciada en la jardinería por la belleza y fragancia de sus flores, su atractivo porte e intenso color verde del follaje. En contraste con sus cualidades ornamentales, no es una de las plantas más utilizadas en...
Yanelis Castilla-Valdés
Agronomía Mesoamericana