Control de Plagas Agrícolas, Manejo Integrado de Plagas (MIP), Control Orgánico Plagas

Ultralow Oxygen Treatment for Postharvest Control of Western Flower Thrips on Broccoli

Laboratory studies were conducted to develop ultralow oxygen (ULO) treatment for controlling western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), on broccoli at a low temperature of 1°C. Complete control was achieved in 5 d at 0.003% oxygen. Oxygen level...
Yong-Biao Liu
Journal of Economic Entomology

Safety of a Novel Insecticide, Sucrose Octanoate, to Beneficial Insects in Florida Citrus

Laboratory trials were used to estimate the toxicity of sucrose octanoate to beneficial insects representing four insect orders of importance in biological control in Florida citrus. First instars of the ladybeetles Cycloneda sanguinea L., Curinus coeruleus Mulsant, Harmonia axyridis Pallas and...
J. P. Michaud
C. L. McKenzie
Florida Entomologist

Comparison of Scirtothrips persea (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) Infestation Levels on Avocado Fruit and Leaves

Avocado fruit can be severely damaged by Scirtothrips perseae (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in southern California. Scirtothrips perseae is found on leaves and fruit, but its prevalence on one versus the other substrate has not been documented. In this study, the occurrence and infestation levels of...
W. L. Yee
B. A. Faber
P. A. Phillips
J. L. Rodgers
Florida Entomologist

Fumigant Toxicity of Crushed Bulbs of Two Allium Species to Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Fumigant toxicity of crushed fresh bulbs of Allium sativum L. and A. cepa L. to the Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabricius), a major pest of stored cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) seeds was assessed under laboratory conditions in Akure, Nigeria. In the tests, 20 g of infested cowpea seeds were...
T.I. Ofuya
O.F. Olotuah
O.J. Ogunsola
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines: Olive

Contents General Information Relative Toxicities of Insecticides and Miticides Used in Olives to Natural Enemies and Honey Bees Insects and Mites American Plum Borer Black Scale Branch and Twig Borer California Red Scale Greedy Scale and Latania Scale Oleander Scale...
F. G. Zalom
P. M. Vossen
R. A. Van Steenwyk
M. W. Johnson
L. Ferguson
M. V. McKenry
W. T. Lanini
W. H. Krueger
UC Davis

Greenhouse Insect and Mite Control

Chemical Control The following products can be used to control insects attacking vegetables grown inside greenhouses. They have been grouped according to their mode of action (based on the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee, 2007; Always...
Robert J. Precheur
Mark Bennett
Brad Bergefurd
Luis Cañas
David Francis
Gary Gao
Casey Hoy
Jim Jasinski
Mark Koenig
Matt Kleinhenz
Hal Kneen
Ohio State University

Predation by Native Arthropods on the African Parasitoid Prorops nasuta (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae) in Coffee Plantations of Mexico

The establishment or colonization of natural enemies is a critical period of adjustment for the introduced individuals in the target area. Successful colonization and its effectiveness in control, depend on the intrinsic capabilities of the species and the interaction of physical and biotic...
Francisco Infante
John Mumford
Alvaro Garcia-Ballinas
Florida Entomologist

Low Temperature Phosphine Fumigation for Postharvest Control of Western Flower Thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on Lettuce, Broccoli, Asparagus, and Strawberry

U.S. exported lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, and strawberries often harbor western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), a quarantined pest in Taiwan, and therefore require quarantine treatment. Fumigation with diluted pure phosphine at a low temperature of...
Yong-Biao Liu
Journal of Economic Entomology

Manejo de Artrópodos en Nuez Pecana

Las práctica de manejo de artrópodos en árboles de la nuez americana o nogal americano hoy en día son la herencia recibida de nuestros antecesores desde hace más de 4.000 años "cuando los sumerios usaban compuestos de azufre para control de insectos y...
Marvin K. Harris
John A. Jackman
Radcliffe's Texto Mundial de MIP

Manual de manejo ecológico de plagas

El Manual consta de dos partes fundamentales , en la primera se plantean los conceptos del Manejo Ecológico, del Control biológico, así como un recordatorio de los cultivos y los tipos de cultivo que existen. En la segunda parte se hace una descripción de algunas pr...
Moisés Correa Q.
Virginia Suarez A.