Manejo de Suelos - Fertilización, Compostado, Nutrición vegetal

Effect of Bokashi and Vermicompost Leachate on Yield and Quality of Pepper (Capsicum annuum) and Onion (Allium cepa) Under Monoculture and Intercropping Cultures

  Organic fertilization and crop association are two agroecological management practices that have the potential to optimize land use in horticultural production. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of Bokashi and Bokashi amended with Vermicompost Leachate (VL) on the growth...
José D. Álvarez-Solís
José A. Mendoza-Núñez
Noe S. León-Martínez
Jorge Castellanos-Albores
Federico A. Gutiérrez-Miceli
Ciencia e Investigación Agraria

The Impacts of Biofertilizer and Mineral Fertilization on the Gowth and Production of Yellow Passion Fruit Irrigated with Moderately Saline Water

  Yellow passion fruit, because it is sensitive to the salinity of irrigation water or soil, requires restrictive water management strategies and inputs that mitigate the effects of salts on plants irrigated with harmful saline water levels. As such, an experiment was designed to evaluate the...
José A. M. do Nascimento
Lourival F. Cavalcante
Ítalo H. L. Cavalcante
Walter E. Pereira
Stênio A. G. Dantas
Sherly A. da S. Medeiros
Ciencia e Investigación Agraria

Good Practices for the Preparation of Digital Soil Maps

  This document systematizes the main lessons learned by the UCR in recent years related to good practices for preparing soil maps. It provides a useful tool, not only for soil analysts and specialists, but also for decision-makers who seek to promote innovative processes for the development...

Effects of Different Fertilizations on Fruit Quality, Yield and Soil Fertility in Field-Grown Kiwifruit Orchard

  Kiwifruit yield and quality and soil nutrients were investigated in a kiwifruit orchard after long-term fertilization to understand the relationship between kiwifruit growth and soil nutrition. Seven fertilization treatments with three replications were applied in a continuous four-year...
Zhao Zuoping
Duan Min
Yan Sha
Liu Zhifeng
Wang Qi
Fu Jing
Tong Yan'an
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Influence of the Medium Salinity on the Agent, Causing the Sugar Beet Root Decay (Rhizoctonia Solani Kuhn)

  The survival and aggressiveness of the soil pathogens are tightly connected with the conditions of the soil medium. Due to the fact that they react specifically to the changes in the soil, which come as a result from nature and anthropogenic influences, there is always a risk for increasing...
Krasimira Tanova
International Journal of Current Agricultural Research

Chitosans of Different Molecular Weight Enhance Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Yield in a Field Trial

  Physico-chemical features of chitosan affect its biological activity on plants. In this work, the influence of chitosan molecular mass in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) yields was investigated. By using chitosan polymers of high (CH-1) and low (CH-2) molecular weight and a hydrolysed chitosan...
Alejandro B. Falcón-Rodríguez
Daimy Costales
Dianevys Gónzalez-Peña
Donaldo Morales
Yuliem Mederos
Eduardo Jerez
Juan C. Cabrera
Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research

Traffic Effects on Soil Compaction and Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) Taproot Quality Parameters

  Soil compaction is a critical issue in agriculture having a significant influence on crop growth. Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) is accounted as a crop susceptible to compaction. Reduction of leaf area, final yield, and root quality parameters are reported in compacted soils. The most obvious...
Francesco Marinello
Andrea Pezzuolo
Donato Cillis
Alessandro Chiumenti
Luigi Sartor
Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research

Self-Reseeding Annual Legumes for Cover Cropping in Rainfed Managed Olive Orchards

  Given the environmental impact of nitrogen (N)-fertilizer manufacture and use, the sustainable management of agro-systems should be sought by growing N-fixing legumes. In this work, eleven self-reseeding annual legumes were grown in pure stands as mulching cover crops in a rainfed olive...
M. Ângelo Rodrigues
Isabel Q. Ferreira
Sara L. Freitas
Jaime M. Pires
Margarida P. Arrobas
Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research

Commercial Production of Staked Tomatoes in the Southeast

  Contents:  Getting Started Cover Cropping  Production Systems  Equipment  Fumigation  Fertilization  Transplants Transplanting  Steaking and Trellising  Pruning Pest Management  Physiological Disorders Harvesting  Cleaning and Grading...
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Bondades y Manejo Técnico de Palto

  Contenido:  Generalidades del Cultivo de Palto Propagación de Palto  Manejo del Cultivo  Cosecha y Comercialización Costos de Procucción