Manejo de Suelos - Fertilización, Compostado, Nutrición vegetal

Contribution of Amynthas gracilis (Megascolecidae) and Octolasion cyaneum (Lumbricidae) to Soil Physical Stability: A Mesocosm Experiment

  The contribution of the introduced species Amynthas gracilis (Kinberg, 1867) and Octolasion cyaneum (Savigny, 1826) to the physical stability of the soil was evaluated in a mesocosm experiment. Pore formation and stable aggregates were measured; as well as changes in bulk density, porosity,...
Liliana Falco
Carlos Coviella
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias

High Density Apple Orchard Management

  From a historical perspective, a high density orchard is defined as any orchard with more than 150-180 trees per acre. However, many highly productive commercial orchards today have 150-180 trees per acre and higher density could be anything over 180 trees per acre. For the purposes of this...
Michael Parker
C. Richard Unrath
Charles Safley
David Lockwood
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Guía de Producción

  Contenido:  Cultivo de la cebolla Cultivo de la patata Cultivo de la zanahoria Cultivo del ajo

Vegetable Gardening

  Contents:  Objectives Introduction A Vegetable Garden for Every Lifestyle Selecting a Garden Site Garden Types and Techiques Type of Garden In-ground Raised Bed Container Garden Techniques Traditional Rows Intensive Vertical How to Organize the Garden What to Plant When to...
Chris Gunter
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

2016 Southeast Regional Caneberries Integrated Management Guide

  Contents:  Pesticide Stewardship and Safety Seasonal ‘at a glance’ Fungicide Spray Schedule Fungicide Classes Seasonal ‘at a glance’ Insecticide Spray Schedule Weed Management Suggested Herbicide Programs Weed Response to Herbicides Postemergence Control of...
Phil Brannen
Guido Schnabel
Hannah Burrack
Rick Bessin
Doug Pfeiffer
Wayne Mitchem
Katie Jennings
David Lockwood
Gina Fernandez
Ash Sial
Powell Smith
The Cooperative Extension Service

Growth, Yield, Quality and Irrigation Water Use Efficiency of Banana under Drip Irrigation and Fertigation in the Gangetic Plain of West Bengal

  A field experiment was carried out during 2008-2010 inthe Gangetic plain of West Bengal, India to study the effect of drip irrigation and fertigation on growth, yield, nutrient uptake, fruit quality and irrigation water use efficiency of banana. The treatments consisted of three levels of...
Sanjit Pramanik
Sanmay Kumar Patra
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Southeast Regional Blueberry Horticulture and Growth Regulator Guide

  Contents:  Site Selection  Soil pH  Soil Moisture  Blueberry Type Important Cultural Practices   Fertilizer recommendations for Georgia:  Fertilizer recommendations for North Carolina: Overview of Blueberry Growth Regulators 
Gerard Krewer
Bill Cline
D. Scott NeSmith
The Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium

2017 Integrated Orchard Management Guide for Commercial Apples in the Southeast

  Pest and Orchard Management Program Tree Row Volume: A Model for Determining Spray Volume IPM Practices for Selected Pests Pesticide Resistance Management Effect of pH on Pesticide Activity Orchard Floor Management Apple Pollination, Honey Bees, and Pesticides Soil and Plant Analysis...
Jim Walgenbach
Mike Parker
Sara Villani
Wayne Mitchem
David Lockwood
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

On Farm Evaluation of Conservation Tillage Techniques: An Option for Vulnerable House Hold at Dry Land Areas of Northern Ethiopia

  Participatory evaluation of conservation tillage practice was conducted at low rain fall areas of South Tigray, Ethiopia in 2014 cropping season. The treatments were tie-ridge with mulching, planting basin (direct and transplanted) with mulching and conventional with minimum of 5 times...
Assefa Workineh
Niguse Hagazi
Teklay Abebe
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Consequence of Organic- Inorganic Fertilizer on the Growth and Yield Performance of Tomato

  An experiment was conducted at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University farm, Dhaka, Bangladesh during November 2011 to March 2012 to assess the consequence of organic-inorganic fertilizer on the growth and yield performance of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum). The experiment was laid out in...
Afrina Akhter
Saima Sultana
Alok Kumar Paul
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences