Manejo de Suelos - Fertilización, Compostado, Nutrición vegetal

Sustainable Food Production Practices in the Caribbean

  Contents: 1. The role of small producers, family farms and women farmers in sustainable food production and food security 2. Youth: Adding value to agriculture in the Caribbean 3. Small animal production systems: Rabbits and ducks 4. Rain shelters and net-houses for vegetable production 5....
Wayne G. Ganpat
Wendy-Ann P. Isaac
Ian Randle Publishers

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  Objectives Introduction Pests as Part of a Natural System IPM Approach Pest Management Cultural Management Soil Preparation Plant Selection Rotation Interplanting Planting Dates Weed Management Trap Crops Limitations of Cultural Management Mechanical Management Limitations of Mechanical...
Steven Frank
Lucy Bradley
Kathleen Moore
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Soils and Plant Nutrients

  Contents:  Objectives Introduction: What is Soil? The Soil Profile Physical Properties of Soil Color Texture Structure Water-Holding Capacity How to Remediate Compaction Organic Matter Chemical Properties of Soil Cation Exchange Capacity Soil Testing How to Use a Soil Test...
David Crouse
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Organic Polyculture of Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Corn and Cassava: The Influence of Green Manure and Distance between Espaliers

  The organic fruit crop should incorporate the principles of sustainable agriculture, with a guarantee of productivity coupled with ecological diversity, using techniques of policultive with regional species. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of the green manure crops [Canavalia...
Sebastião Elviro de Araújo Neto
Pedro Arruda Campos
Leonardo Barreto Tavella
Antônio Jussier da Silva Solino
Irene Ferro da Silva
Ciência e Agrotecnologia

Phosphorous and Foliar Applied Nitrogen Improved Productivity and Quality of Potato

  Growth, yield and quality of potato are greatly affected by its nutritional management. Foliar application of urea reduces nitrogen losses and increases plant nitrogen use efficiency. This study was therefore planned to evaluate the effect of soil applied phosphorus (DAP) and foliar...
Rashid Waseem Khan Qadri
Imran Khan
Muhammad Muzammil Jahangir
Umair Ashraf
Ghufrana Samin
Ammara Anwer
Muhammad Adnan
Mohsin Bashir
Scientific Research Publishing

Pepper-Garlic Intercropping System Improves Soil Biology and Nutrient Status in Plastic Tunnel

  A two year (2009-2011) experiment was conducted to investigate effect of pepper-garlic intercropping system on soil biology and nutrient profile in plastic tunnel to overcome continuous monocropping obstacles. During first year’s trial, garlic cloves of four cultivars (G026, G025, and...
Muhammad Azam Khan
Cheng Zhihui
Abdul Rehman Khan
Shah Jahan Rana
Bushra Ghazanfar
International Journal of Agricultural and Biology

Yield Performance of Cabbage under Different Combinations of Manures and Fertilizers

  An investigation was made on yield performance of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) under different combinations of manures and fertilizers at Hogladanga village under Botiaghata upazila, Khulna during the period from November, 2013 to March, 2014. The experiment was carried out in a...
Kumazr Sajib
Prosanta Kumar Dash
Bipradas Adhikary
Abdul Mannan
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Influence of Foliar Application with Micronutrients on Productivity of Three Sugar Beet Cultivars under Drip Irrigation in Sandy Soils

   Two field experiments were conducted at the Desert Experimental Station of the Fac. of Agric., Cairo Univ. in Wadi El-Natroon, during 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 seasons to study the response of sugar beet yield and some of its attributes in three multigerm seed cultivars, viz. Heba,...
M.I. Masri
M. Hamza
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Buenas Prácticas en Producción Ecológica: Cultivo de Hortícolas

  La horticultura ecológica es algo que se viene haciendo desde que se comenzaron a domesticar las primeras plantas, es decir, desde el inicio de la agricultura. Evidentemente, los medios tecnológicos que existían entonces no son los mismos que los actuales. Si bien es...
A. M. Alonso
G. I. Guzmán
Fundación Bancaria Ibercaja

Comportamiento del Chile Húngaro (Capsicum annuum) en Mezclas de Vermicompost-Arena Bajo Condiciones Protegidas

  El trabajo se realizó para determinar la concentración óptima de la mezcla vermicompost:arena (VC:A; v:v) que satisfaga las necesidades nutricionales del cultivo de chile tipo Húngaro (Capsicum annum) bajo condiciones protegidas. Las mezclas evaluadas fueron...
Alejandro Moreno Reséndez
Norma Rodríguez Dimas
José Luís Reyes Carrillo
César Márquez-Quiroz
Jovan Reyes González
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias