Manejo de Suelos - Fertilización, Compostado, Nutrición vegetal

Worms for Bait or Waste Processing (Vermicomposting)

This publication is for entrepreneurs interested in a commercial earthworm enterprise. Information about vermiculture – raising earthworms for bait or feed – is included. Information about using these worms, usually Eisenia fetida, to process waste into vermicompost is also included....
Alice Beetz

Cattle manure and N-urea in radish crop (Raphanus sativus)

This work was carried out in Jaboticabal (575 m altitude, 21°15΄ 22˝ S and 48° 15΄ 58˝ W), São Paulo, Brazil, aiming to investigate the effects of cattle manure and nitrogen (urea) doses on radish height and yield. Randomized blocks were used with a 2x4x4 factorial scheme and 3...
Juan W. Mendoza Cortez
Arthur B. Cecílio Filho
Edson L. Coutinho
Anarlete Alves
Ciencia e Investigación Agraria

Newly Developed Technologies for Soil and Water Conservation

Recent discoveries and technological innovations in the field of soil and water conservation can be traced to the works of our predecessors. In this paper, conservation is defined broadly, to include the quality of water lower in watersheds, and is discussed according to contaminants. Within-...
E. John Sadler
Kenneth A. Sudduth
Newell R. Kitchen
Robert N. Lerch
Robert J. Kremer
Earl D. Vories
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Soil characteristics affected by using the new conservationist tillage tool rotary paraplow

Soil preparation systems with conservationist features aimed at preserving soil and environment are currently very important. To this end, the Rotary Paraplow was created; namely, a new conservationist tool for soil preparation in which a vertical rotary hoe with a traction Paraplow was added....
Daniel Albiero
Antonio J. da Silva-Maciel
Renan D. Tunussi
Revista Agrociencia, México

Características del suelo en respuesta al uso de la herramienta de labranza conservacionista paraplow rotatorio

Actualmente tienen gran importancia los sistemas de preparación del suelo con características conservacionistas, preservando el suelo y el ambiente. Con este fin se desarrolló el Paraplow Rotativo, una nueva herramienta conservacionista de preparación del suelo en la...
Daniel Albiero
Antonio J. da Silva-Maciel
Renan D. Tunussi
Revista Agrociencia, México

Cover Crop Choices for Michigan Vegetables

Many vegetable growers plant a winter cereal cover crop such as rye to prevent soil erosion by wind and water. Cover crops and forage rotation systems help growers build a healthy soil for healthy vegetables and reduce inputs while maintaining profitability. Growers are experimenting with a wide...
Sieglinde S. Snapp
Dale R. Mutch
Michigan State University Extension

Sustratos en la producción orgánica de tomate cherry bajo invernadero

La producción orgánica de alimentos es una alternativa para los consumidores que prefieren alimentos libres de agroquímicos y fertilizantes sintéticos y con alto valor nutricional. En México el tomate cherry orgánico alcanza un precio 3.31 veces mayor que...
C. Márquez-Hernández
P. Cano-Ríos
Y. I. Chew-Madinaveitia
A. Moreno-Reséndez
N. Rodríguez-Dimas
Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura

The preparation and use of compost

This booklet has been compiled to give information about how compost can be applied in the tropics and subtropics. It gives a simple description of the processes taking place in the soil and during composting. Practical suggestions are given for constructing a compost heap. A few selected compost...
Madeleine Inckel
Peter de Smet
Tim Tersmette
Tom Veldkamp

Effect of Vermicompost and Compost on Lettuce Production

A greenhouse study was conducted to evaluate the effect on total growth and leaf nutritional content in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in the Agrotechnology Sciences Department of the Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua, Mexico in 2007. Three types of fertilization treatments were analyzed: two...
Adriana Hernández
Hugo Castillo
Dámaris Ojeda
Ana Arras
Julio López
Esteban Sánchez
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Microbial Fertilizers in Japan

This Bulletin discusses microbial products in Japan, where they are used on many farms, particularly by organic farmers who hope that these products will improve nutrient uptake by plants and the quality of their products. It discusses the use of charcoal and rhizobia to stimulate nutrient uptake,...
Michinori Nishio
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center, Taiwan