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Evaluation of in vitro Antioxidant Activities of Lemon Juice for Safety Assessment

  Safety assessments of branded lemon juice are currently evaluated with parameters such as the formalin index, acidity, Brix, pH and dry content. In this study, other parameters such as vitamin C, antioxidant and phenolic compoundswere evaluated to introduce some new and reliable...
Mannan Hajimahmoodi
Maliheh Aliabadipoor
Ghazaleh Moghaddam
Naficeh Sadeghi
Mohammad Reza Oveisi
Behrooz Jannat
American Journal of Food Technology

Effective Jam Preparations from Watermelon Waste

  Watermelon waste materials remained one of the important food grade agro-wastes generated by most hospitality industries in Southeast Asia and particularly in Malaysia. Jam was prepared from watermelon rind with different flavours (vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, lemon and no flavour). Five...
A.M. Souad
P. Jamal
K. S. Olorunnisola
International Food Research Journal

Extraction of Volatile Compounds from ‘Nam Dok Mai’ and ‘Maha Chanok’ Mangoes

  Two Thai Mango cultivars ‘Maha Chanok’ and ‘Nam Dok Mai’ were studied. Volatile compounds from pulp and peel of ‘Maha Chanok’ and ‘Nam Dok Mai’ mango cultivars were extracted using simultaneous distillation-extraction apparatus of Likens-...
N. Laohaprasit
R.K. Kukreja
A. Arunrat
International Food Research Journal

Total Phenolic Content and In Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Vigna sinensis

  Vigna sinensis also known as long-podded cowpea or Chinese long bean (Family:Fabaceae) is most widely grown in Southeast Asia. They are a good source of protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, and potassium. The antioxidant potential of crude methanol extract, chloroform, and ethyl...
S. Emynur Shafekh
R Mohd Adzim Khalili
C.C.W. Catherine
Z.A. Siti Syakiroh
A. Ummu Habibah
A.H. Norhayati
M.Y. Nor Farhanah
Z. Noor Husna
M.B. Siti Nafizah
M. Azlina
A.R. Noor Shahhida Sazura
A.L. Ahmad Zubaidi
International Food Research Journal

Optimization of Cocoa Beans Roasting Process Using Response Surface Methodology Based on Concentration of Pyrazine and Acrylamide

  Roasting is an important process that contribute to formation of flavour compounds in cocoa beans. Pyrazines, a by-product of Maillard reaction is one of the character impact compounds that contribute to unique cocoa flavour. Unfortunately during roasting, carcinogenic acrylamide are also...
D.M.H. Farah
A.H. Zaibunnisa
International Food Research Journal

Flower Extracts and Their Essential Oils as Potential Antimicrobial Agents for Food Uses and Pharmaceutical Applications

  Plants with potential therapeutic value have been used from time immemorial to cure various ailments and  infectious diseases. Secondary metabolites or the bioactive compounds (phytochemicals) present in plants have been reported to be accountable for various observed biological...
Han Ching Voon
Rajeev Bhat
Gulam Rusul
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Extraction and Characterization of Proanthocyanidins from Grape Seeds

  Grape seed contains many polyphenolic compounds that have potential health-promoting benefits. Among the-se compounds are proanthocyanidins, also known as condensed tannins, which is a class of flavanols. The basic structural building blocks of flavanols are polyhydroxyflavan-3-ol units...
Sean X. Liu
Elizabeth White
The Open Food Science Journal

Infuencia de La Materia Prima para La Elaboración de Jugo de Manzana en La Síntesis de Polifenoloxidasa y Compuestos de Sabor

  Gran parte de la producción de manzana en México ( 30%) se emplea para la producción de jugos y néctares. En el jugo elaborado a base de manzana, el sabor y el color son parámetros de calidad importantes, los cuales son afectados durante...
Yazmín Arleth Guillén Ramos
Mirna Villegas Pérez
Guadalupe Isela Olivas Orozco
Loreto Robles Hernández
Ana Cecilia González Franco
Abelardo Núñez Barrios
Nora Aideé Salas Salazar

Desarrollo de Una Bebida Eenergizante con Pulpa de Tomate de Árbol (Solanum betaceum)

  Las bebidas energizantes han sido creadas para incrementar la resistencia física, proveer mayor concentración, evitar el sueño y proporcionar sensación de bienestar. El objetivo de esta investigación fue el desarrollo de una bebida energizante con inclusi...
Alexia Torres
Julieta Guinand
Suhey Pérez
Revista Venezolana de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos

Pretratamiento de Residuos de Plátano (Musa paradisiaca (L.) AAB) y Arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza Bancroft) para La Obtención de Azúcares Fermentables

  El raquis de plátano Musa paradisiaca L. (AAB) y el tallo cilíndrico corto (cepa) que posee la arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza Bancroft) son los principales residuos generados durante el manejo poscosecha en la región del Tolima (Colombia). Muestras secas fueron...
Darwin Carranza Saavedra
Jorge Andrés Alvarado Núñez
Daniel Alexander Méndez Reyes
Claudia Patricia Valenzuela Real
José Fernando Solanilla Duque
Revista Venezolana de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos