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Efecto del Tiempo de Almacenamiento sobre Propiedades Fisicoquímicas y Antioxidantes de Productos Derivados del Fruto Agraz (Vaccinium Meridionale Swartz)

  Antecedentes: Agraz es una baya globosa, de color púrpura intenso cuando está madura. Posee alta capacidad antioxidante comparada con bayas del mismo género, atribuido al contenido de compuestos polifenólicos. Objetivo: Evaluar la composición, actividad...
Yuly Nataly Franco Tobón
Benjamín Rojano
Andrés Felipe Alzate Arbeláez
Claudia Estela Restrepo Florez
Diana Marsela Rivero Barrios
María Elena Maldonado Celis

Estabilidad de Antocianinas durante el Almacenamiento de Jugos de Arándanos

  Antecedentes: Los arándanos y productos de arándano tienen alto valor nutricional, especialmente por su alto contenido de antocianinas. Estas son potentes antioxidantes y poseen alta capacidad de secuestrar radicales libres. Así, los arándanos y productos de ar...
Luz Marina Zapata
Juan Manuel Castagnini
Carlos Fabio Quinteros
Evelin Carlier
Mariana Jimenez-Veuthey
Cecilia Cabrera

Microbial Hazards in Irrigation Water: Standards,Norms, and Testing to Manage Use of Waterin Fresh Produce Primary Production

  Accessibility to abundant sources of high-quality water is integral to the production of safe and wholesome fresh produce. However, access to safe water is becoming increasingly difficult in many parts of the world, and this can lead to the production of fresh produce contaminated with...
Mieke Uyttendaele
Lee-Ann Jaykus
Philip Amoah
Alessandro Chiodini
David Cunliffe
Liesbeth Jacxsens
Kevin Holvoet
Lise Korsten
Mathew Lau
Peter McClure
Gertjan Medema
Imca Sampers
Pratima Rao Jast
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Isolation, Composition, Structure, Properties,Modifications, and Uses of Yam Starch

  Starch is the major carbohydrate in yam tubers and can amount up to 80% of the dry matter. The starch quality determines the quality of food and industrial products made from yam tubers. This review summarizes the present knowledge of the isolation, composition, structure, property,...
Fan Zhu
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Chilean Wine in the European market: A Positioning Mapping Approach from Germany

  Current wine marketing requires a rethinking of business strategy in order to increase the current market share and international prestige. This paper provides a comparative diagnosis of the positioning of Chilean wine in the European market, focusing on the case of Germany. The working...
Jose Diaz Osorio
Rodrigo Valdes
Nicole Hernandez
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias

Cultivation of Tomato

  Tomato is one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world. It is an important source of vitamins and an important cash crop for smallholders and medium-scale commercial farmers. This Agrodok focuses on good practices for growing a healthy tomato crop and obtaining a reasonably steady...
Shankara Naika
Joep van Lidt de Jeude
Marja de Goffau
Martin Hilmi
Barbara van Dam

Organically Produced Foods

  Food labelling is the primary means of communication between the producer and seller of food on one hand, and the purchaser and consumer on the other. The Codex Alimentarius standards and guidelines on food labelling are published in a specific volume: Food Labelling. In addition to the...
World Health Organization
World Health Organization

Quality of Waterjet- and Blade-Cut Romaine Salad

  Cutting operations for fresh-cut produce are usually accomplished by stainless steel knives. Waterjet cutting employs a very small stream of high-pressure water, and the type of nozzle, conveyor speed, and water pressure are the main factors that affect the quality of the cut. Two tests were...
M.I. Cantwell
A.A.M. Melo
G. Hong
S. Klose
University of California

World Pineapple Production: An Overview

  This review paper discusses the origin, production, cultivation practices, storage, transportation and uses of pineapple. The economic importance of pineapple is easily justified by its unique characteristics as a fruit, which ensured its rapid diffusion and adoption, in the tropics and...
Farid Hossain
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development

Alimentos Producidos Orgánicamente

  Estas directrices se han preparado con el fin de ofrecer un enfoque concertado respecto a los requisitos que socalzan la producción, el etiquetado y la producción de propiedades de los alimentos producidos orgánicamente. La finalidad de estas directrices es: Proteger a...
World Health Organization
World Health Organization