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Value-Adding Options for Tropical Fruit using Jackfruit as a Case Study

  There is potential to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian tropical and exotic fruit industry by value adding to fruits in a way that provides additional returns to growers and increases the available market for the fruit. Using jackfruit as a case study, the...
Adrian Best
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Setting up and Running a Small Food Business

  This is the first in a series of manuals on small-scale food processing, compiled by contributors from several developing countries. Intended as a practical guide for people starting or operating a food business, it covers a range of topics including: hygiene, equipment, product testing,...
Keith Atkinson
Barrie Axtell
Saliou Diop
Eyabi Eyabi George Divine
Peter Fellows
Happiness Mchomvu
Peggy Oti-Boateng
Robinah Sobano
Rosemary Wanjau
Rodah Zulu

Sustainable Food Production Practices in the Caribbean

  Contents: 1. The role of small producers, family farms and women farmers in sustainable food production and food security 2. Youth: Adding value to agriculture in the Caribbean 3. Small animal production systems: Rabbits and ducks 4. Rain shelters and net-houses for vegetable production 5....
Wayne G. Ganpat
Wendy-Ann P. Isaac
Ian Randle Publishers

Cassava: Production and Processing

  Contents: 1. Description of the plant 2. Cassava production 3. Cassava harvesting 4. Storing cassava 5. Some food products based on cassava leaves 6. Cassava processing 7. Socio-economic indicators 8. Additional information
Justin Kouakou
Samuel Nanga Nanga
Catherine Plagne-Ismail
Aman Mazalo Pali
Kukom Edoh Ognakossan

Packaging of Agricultural Products

  This booklet is intended to be a practical manual that describes methods and materials that can be used by small-scale producers in developing countries to package agricultural products. It covers foods that are grown and/or processed on farms and then transported to wholesale markets or...
Peter Fellows
Agromisa , CTA

Setting up and Running a Small Fruit or Vegetable Processing Enterprise

  If you are interested in starting up a business, food processing offers an excellent opportunity to generate income using locally available resources. Focusing on the establishment of such a business using fruits and vegetables, this detailed and informative manual covers topics such as:...
Barrie Axtell
Peter Fellows
Joseph Hounhouigan
Peggy Oti-Boateng

Comparison of Different Cooling Methods for Extending Shelf Life of Postharvest Broccoli

  This study aimed to investigate and compare the effects of vacuum cooling, cooling water and cold room methods on the shelf life of broccoli. The experiments were divided into four groups: vacuum cooling (A), ice-water cooling (B), cold room cooling (C) and control. The cooling rate and...
Ding Tian
Liu Fen
Ling Jiangang
Kang Mengli
Yu Jingfen
Ye Xingqian
Liu DongHong
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Norma para las Fresas Congeladas Rapidamente

  Esta norma se aplicará a las fresas congeladas rápidamente (excluido el puré de fresas congelado rápidamente) de las especies Fragaria grandiflora L. y Fragaria vesca L., según se defi-nen a continuación, destinadas al consumo directo sin una...
Food and Agriculture Organization
Food and Agriculture Organization

Directrices sobre Etiquetado Nutricional

  A. DECLARACIÓN DE NUTRIENTES La información que se facilite tendrá por objeto suministrar a los consumidores un perfil adecuado de los nutrientes contenidos en el alimento y que se considera son de importancia nutricional. Dicha información no deberá hacer...
Food and Agriculture Organization
Food and Agriculture Organization

Food Safety Strategies

  Food safety is important and indispensable. We all eat every day and we all must be able to rest assured that the food we eat does not pose a threat to our health. The increasing globalisation of the world‘s food markets poses ever-new challenges for those persons responsible for food...
Ilse Aigner
Bundesministerium für Ernährung