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Dietary Supplements: An Advertising Guide for Industry

  The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) approach to supplement advertising is best illustrated by its Enforcement Policy Statement on Food Advertising (Food Policy Statement). Although the Food Policy Statement does not specifically refer to supplements, the principles underlying the FTC...
Federal Trade Commission USA
Federal Trade Commission USA

Noni Cultivation and Production in Hawai‘i

  This article has an extensive coverage of diverse topics related to noni (Morinda citrifolia) cultivation and production in Hawai'i. Topics addressed in the article are: Noni’s natural habitats Cultivation practices for noni Cultivation from seed Vegetative...
Scot C. Nelson
Proceedings of the 2002 Hawai‘i Noni Conference

Production of Noni Juice and Powder in Samoa

  Brief description of the production methods of noni (Morinda citrifolia) juice and powder in Samoa. Topics covered: Juice Production Raw material Pulping Barrels Pressing Filtration Powder Production Raw material Hand sorting Milling...
Ken Newton
Proceedings of the 2002 Hawai‘i Noni Conference

Anti-cancer Activity of Noni Fruit Juice Against Tumors in Mice

  Noni fruit juice is one of the most popular traditional medicines among native Polynesian islanders in South Pacific Ocean. They use it for diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, injury, arthritis, digestive distress, arteriosclerosis, pain relief, senility etc. We have confirmed the...
Eiichi Furusawa
Proceedings of the 2002 Hawai‘i Noni Conference

Cytotoxicity of Water and Ethanol Extracts of Morinda citrifolia (L.) Against Normal Epithelial and Breast Cancer Cell Lines

  Morinda citrifolia has been used by Polynesians throughout recorded history in a variety of medicinal preparations and as a famine food. In recent years, interest in noni has grown to such an extent that a large and lucrative market now exists. Noni has been promoted as a treatment for a...
A. Johnson
S. T. Hemscheidt
W. K. Csiszar
Proceedings of the 2002 Hawai‘i Noni Conference

Preservation of fruit and vegetables

This Agrodok is meant to be a practical manual giving a review of the simple techniques used to preserve fruits and vegetables. In addition to information provided in the previous edition of this Agrodok, this fourth ediiton covers more theoretical information on food decay in general, its causes...
Ife Fitz James
Bas Kuipers
Agromisa Foundation

From Polynesian Healers to Health Food Stores: Changing Perspectives of Morinda citrifolia (Rubiaceae)

  Morinda citrifolia L (noni) is one of the most important traditional Polynesian medicinal plants. Remedies from isolated Polynesian cultures, such as that of Rotuma, illustrate traditional indications that focus upon leaves, roots, bark, and green fruit, primarily for topical ailments....
Will McClatchey
Integrative Cancer Therapies

Noni Processing and Quality Control

    Everyone who produces a noni product comes to the point of deciding whether to produce a finished, niche-market product or whether to be a bulk ingredient supplier. Niche market products command high prices for quality products, but the market is rather limited. Bulk ingredients...
Jay Ram
Proceedings of the 2002 Hawai‘i Noni Conference

Food Processing

This section will address the various methods used to preserve food products. Included will be a description of various heating processes as well as preserving methods using cold temperatures. Topics: Foods Preserved By Heat Retorted-pressure process Acid/Acidified Foods Foods...
Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Texas A&M University

Introduction to the Microbiology of Food

A brief but very informative introduction to the microbiology of food. Topics: The Microoganisms Bacteria Yeast and Molds Viruses Factors Affecting Growth of Microorganisms Temperature Water Activity pH Population Oxigen The "Indicator...
Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Texas A&M University