Functional Foods, Nutraceutical, Nutrients

Bread with Flour Obtained From Green Banana with its Peel as Partial Substitute for Wheat Flour: Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Characteristics and Acceptance

  The effect of the addition of green banana (with its peel) flour (GBF) as a partial substitute (10% or 20%) for wheat flour on the physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics and on the acceptance of breads was evaluated. Breads with GBF had lower protein content (8.9-10.8 g/100g...
A.A.B Gomes
M.E. Ferreira
T.C. Pimentel
International Food Research Journal

Selenized Garlic: A Future Prospect or Already a Current Functional Food?

  In the last years, functional foods have awakened consumer, scientific and business interest. A commonly found vegetable in such kind of foods includes garlic (Allium sativum). By its ability for selenium (Se) bio-accumulation, garlic can turn into an attractive option of selenized food....
Leticia B. Escudero
Romina P. Monasterio
Víctor M. Lipinski
María Flavia Filippini
Rodolfo G. Wuilloud
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias

Development of High Protein and Sugar-Free Cookies Fortified with Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Flour, Soya Bean (Glycine max L.) Flour and Oat (Avena sativa L.) Flakes

  High protein and sugar-free cookies fortified with different levels of pea flour, soya bean flour and oat flakes, were developed. Sucralose was used instead of sucrose with the intention to develop sugar-free cookies. Proximate composition, storage stability tests, microbiological analysis...
T. Amin
A. Bashir
B.N. Dar
H.R. Naik
International Food Research Journal

Antibacterial and Antioxidant Effects of Tropical Citrus Peel Extracts to Improve the Shelf Life of Raw Chicken Drumettes

  The antibacterial and antioxidant effects of different tropical citrus peel extracts (Kaffir lime, Lime and Pomelo) obtained from ethanol and ethyl acetate extraction in raw chicken drumettes during storage at 4°C were studied. All citrus peels showed antibacterial activities against...
W. Klangpetch
K. Phromsurin
K. Hannarong
J. Wichaphon
S. Rungchang
International Food Research Journal

Effect of Hot-Air Drying Temperature on the Polyphenol Content and the Sensory Properties of Cocoa Beans

  Several studies have been reported on the potential health benefits of cocoa polyphenols. However, heat treatment on cocoa beans during drying has an inhibitory effect on the retention of its polyphenols. The polyphenol degradation mechanism due to heating is scarcely reported in literatures...
Abhay S.M
Hii C.L
Law C.L
Suzannah S
M. Djaeni
International Food Research Journal

The Study of Edible Film Production from Unriped Banana Flour and Riped Banana Puree

  The edible film made from banana flour and banana puree (Musa AAA) were estimated the mechanical properties, water vapor permeability (WVP), color and solubility. The potassium metabisulfite (KMS) and ascorbic acid were used as the browning prevention chemicals. The banana flour film had 3x2...
N Jirukkakul
International Food Research Journal

Physicochemical Quality, Antioxidant Compounds and Activity of MD-2 Pineapple Fruit at Five Ripening Stages

  Although Malaysia is one of the important pineapple fruit producing and exporting country, the production of MD-2 pineapple fruit only started in 2009. Pineapple fruit has been harvested at different ripening stages for different markets. The information on Malaysian grown MD-2 pineapple...
P. Ding
S. Syazwani
International Food Research Journal

Effecto de Recubrimientos Comestibles Compuestos a Base de GomaTara en la Calidad Poscosecha de Frutilla (Fragaria ananassa)

  Se desarrollaron recubrimientos comestibles en base de goma tara (GT), lípidos (cera de abeja, goma laca) y un plastificante (GLY). Se seleccionaron dos formulaciones enteras (R1 y R2) y las mismas en dilución 1:1 con agua desionizada (R1’ y R2’) para recubrir...
Pavón-Vargas Darío
Valencia-Chamorro Silvia
Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnología Postcosecha

Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) Oil Extraction Using Different Organic Solvents: Oil Yield, Fatty Acids Profile and Technological Analysis of Defatted Meal

  The aim of this study was to extract oil from the seeds of Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) using different solvents (ethyl acetate, isopropanol and n-hexane) and varying the seed to solvent ratio. The fatty acids profiles of the oils were determined and technological analysis of the defatted meal...
C. Silva
V.A.S. Garcia
C.M. Zanette
International Food Research Journal

Effect of Short-Term Anoxic Treatment on Internal Browning and Antioxidant Ability in Pineapple cv. Phulae

  The effect of short-term anoxic treatment on antioxidant ability and reduction of internal browning in pineapple cv. Phulae was investigated. Fruits previously exposed to pure N2 gas at flow rate of approximately 700-900 ml/min for 24 hours were packed in polypropylene bags (OTR = 3,060 cc/m...
O. Phonyiam
A. Kongsuwan
S. Setha
International Food Research Journal