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CBI Product Factsheet: Exotic Roots and Tubers in Europe

  The European market for exotic roots and tubers is small but growing. Cassava and yams are the biggest sellers. Volumes of taro, yautia or malanga and other roots that are less well known in the European market, are still very small. The main market are ethnic food shops and restaurants, but...
LEI Wageningen UR
Michel Peperkamp
Piet Schotel
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

CBI Product Factsheet: Fresh Pomegranates in Europe

  The European Union (EU) is a net importer of fresh pomegranates. In 2014, 42 thousand tonnes of pomegranates (imports minus exports) were added to the apparent consumption of pomegranates in the EU, in addition to the volume produced locally. Pomegranates are a luxury fruit that sells well...
LEI Wageningen
Michel Peperkamp
Piet Schotel
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Microbial Safety of Wood in Contact with Food: A Review

  Food packaging is multifunctional: it protects from harvest to table. Four main groups of materials for direct food contact are mentioned in the literature: wood, glass, plastic, and metal. In this review, the focus is on wooden packaging for direct contact with food. In Europe, wood as a...
Florence Aviat
Christian Gerhards
Jos´e-juan Rodriguez-Jerez
Val´erie Michel
Isabelle Le Bayon
Rached Ismail
Michel Federighi
Institute of Food Technologists

Efecto del Empaque en la Calidad Poscosecha de Frutos de Semeruco (Malpighia emarginata DC)

  El fruto de semeruco Malpighia emarginata DC, es consumido como fruta fresca, por su alto valor en vitamina C, pero su vida útil es corta de 3 a 6 días en refrigeración. El objetivo es prolongar la vida útil con uso de empaques bajo refrigeración. Los...
Terán Yanira
Godoy Yajaira
Márquez Antonio
Petit Deysi
Rojas Belinda
Mujica Yelitza
Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnología Postcosecha

Processing of Fresh-Cut Tropical Fruits and Vegetables: A Technical Guide

Fruit and vegetable production and consumption in Asia and the Pacific region have shown a marked upward trend over the past several years. Rising consumer demand in the region has come with greater awareness of food safety issues and increased need for convenience and quality. The fresh-cut...
Jennylynd B. James
Tipvanna Ngarmsak
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Effect of Drying Temperature on the Functional Properties of Biodegradable CMC-based Film for Potential Food Packaging

The purpose of this study was to investigate the functional properties (thickness; water vapor permeability (WVP); film microstructure, tensile strength (TS) and biodegradability) of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)/gelatin (gel)/chitosan (chi) biocomposite film as influenced by different drying...
N Suderman
NM Sarbon
International Food Research Journal

Packaging Requirements For Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Packaging fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the more important steps in the long and complicated journey from grower to consumer. Bags, crates, hampers, baskets, cartons, bulk bins, and palletized containers are convenient containers for handling, transporting, and marketing fresh produce. More...
M. D. Boyette
D. C. Sanders
G. A. Rutledge
NC Cooperative Extension

Predictive Microbiology Coupled with Gas (O2/CO2) Transfer in Food/Packaging Systems: How to Develop an Efficient Decision Support Tool for Food Packaging Dimensioning

Coupling gas transfer with predictive microbiology is essential to rationally design modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) strategies to ensure and guarantee food safety. Nowadays, these strategies are generally empirically built and over-sized since packaging material with high barrier properties...
Estelle Chaix
Olivier Couvert
Carole Guillaume
Nathalie Gontard
Valerie Guillard
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Organic Cultivation of Mangoes

  The mango grows best in tropical summer rain regions, at temperatures between 24°C and 28°C. Despite being fully foliated, the trees are remarkably resistant against drying out. A dry period or cooler temperatures enliven the blossoming and the production of mangoes. A period of...
Franz Augstburger
Jörn Berger
Udo Censkowsky
Petra Heid
Joachim Milz
Christine Streit.
Naturland e.V.

Migration of Chemical Compounds from Packaging Polymers during Microwave, Conventional Heat Treatment, and Storage

Polymeric packaging protects food during storage and transportation, and withstands mechanical and thermal stresses from high-temperature conventional retort or microwave-assisted food processing treatments. Chemical compounds that are incorporated within polymeric packaging materials to improve...
Kanishka Bhunia
Shyam S. Sablani
Juming Tang
Barbara Rasco
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety