Food Packaging

Irradiation and Packaging-Food Safety Aspects and Shelf Life Extension of Solar Dried Garlic (Allium sativum) Powder

Influence of gamma irradiation and packaging material on physicochemical characteristics (moisture, protein, ascorbic acid, pH, mineral contents and browning value) and shelf life extension of garlic powder was investigated. Garlic cloves were meshed with skin, dried in solar dryer and then ground...
Amal Nizakat Bibi
Amal Badshah Khattak
Aurang Zeb
Zahid Mehmood
American Journal of Food Technology

Good Manufacturing Practice for the Manufacture of Paper and Board for Food Contact

CEPI is publishing this document as there is a need to provide papermaking Good Manufacturing Practice in order to complement the contents of the recently published Industry Guideline1. The document contains a number of new concepts and methodologies, the detailed operation of which may be...

Packaging materials

The following are among the more important general requirements and functions of food packaging materials/ containers: they must be non-toxic and compatible with the specific foods; sanitary protection; moisture and fat protection; gas and odour protection; light...
Mircea Enachescu Dauthy
FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin

Fruit and vegetable processing

The publication starts with describing the general properties of fruits and vegetables, their chemical composition and nutritional values. Following a presentation of the factors that affect the deterioration of fruits and vegetables, various methods, traditional as well as modern for...
Mircea Enachescu Dauthy