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Hydrolysis of Native and Annealed Tapioca and Sweet Potato Starches at Subgelatinization Temperature Using A Mixture of Amylolytic Enzymes

  This study investigated the effect of annealing treatment (at 50°C for 72 h) on hydrolysis of tapioca and sweet potato starches using a raw starch hydrolyzing enzyme namely STARGEN 001 (a blend from fungal α-amylase and glucoamylase) at sub-gelatinization temperature (35°C) for...
Y. N. Shariffa
U. Uthumporn
A. A. Karim
A. H Zaibunnisa
International Food Research Journal

Content of Biogenic Elements and Fatty Acid Composition of Fenugreek Seeds Cultivated under Different Conditions

  Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) is a medicinal plant that has been recognized for its numerous health benefits throughout the centuries. The species is a rich source of biogenic elements, and it has a favorable composition of fatty acids. This study evaluated...
Tomasz Bienkowski
Krystyna Zuk-Golaszewska
Joanna Kaliniewicz
Janusz Golaszewski
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Caracterización Funcional de Almidones Nativos Obtenidos de Papas (Solanum phureja) Nativas Peruanas

  Existen muchas variedades de papas nativas cultivadas en diferentes localidades del Perú, generalmente para el auto consumo del agricultor. Sin embargo, la posibilidad de su uso comercial ha originado este trabajo con el fin de darles un valor agregado. Para evaluar la posibilidad de...
P. Martínez
A. Málag
I. Betalleluz
A. Ibarz
Scientia Agropecuaria

Ácidos Grasos y Parámetros de Calidad del Aceite de Semilla de Uva silvestre (Vitis spp.)

  México es centro de origen de varias especies de Vitis. La gran mayoría de ellas no son empleadas en la agricultura e industrias derivadas. Como parte de la exploración de su potencial agroindustrial se identificó y cuantificó a los ácidos grasos...
O. Franco-Mora
J. Salomon-Castaño
A. A. Morales P.
Á. Castañeda-Vildózola
M. Rubí-Arriaga
Scientia Agropecuaria

Effect of Sodium Alginate Coating on Osmotic Dehydration of Pumpkin

  The effect of coating blanched pumpkin cubes with sodium alginate (SA) on water loss (WL), solid gain (SG), physicochemical qualities and cell structure of osmotic dehydrated (OD) pumpkin was studied. Pumpkin samples coated with 1.0%, 2.0%, 3.0% SA (w/w), and samples without...
S. Jansrimanee
S. Lertworasirikul
International Food Research Journal

Functional and Pasting Characteristics of Modified Water Yam Flour (Diocorea alata)

  Autoclaving-cooling treatment was introduced in order to produce the physically modified water yam flour. Water yam (Dioscorea alata) tuber of three varieties (purple, yellow, and white) were autoclaved-cooled (3 cycles) prior to the determination of their functional and ...
R. Rosida
T. Estiasih
E. Sriwahyuni
International Food Research Journal

Effect of Fermentation on Physicochemical and Antinutritional Factors of Complementary Foods from Millet, Sorghum, Pumpkin and Amaranth Seed Flours

  In this study, effect of natural fermentation using different fermentation time (0-36 h) on physicochemical and functional properties as well as  antinutritional factors on complementary foods formulated from pumpkin seeds, amaranth, finger millet and sorghum grains was ...
J.E. Simwaka
M.V.M. Chamba
Z. Huiming
K.G. Masamba
Y. Luo
International Food Research Journal

Dietary Fiber and Total Phenolic Content of Selected Raw and Cooked Beans and Its Combinations

  Beans are distinctive among a diverse and broad class of legumes. Certain health products claimed their products are high in dietary fibers and total phenolic content (TPC) because they applied bean combinations. This study aimed to determine the dietary fibers and TPC of raw...
C. X. Tan
A. Azrina
International Food Research Journal

Enhancing the Nutritive Values of Ice Milk Based on Dry Leaves and Oil of Moringa oleifera

  Objective: Moringa oleifera , described as an important nutritional supplement with a variety of pharmaceutical and functional properties. Therefore, the main purposed of this study was to improve the nutritional value and sensory quality of fortified ice milk by blending with...
Heba H. Salama
Samah M. EL-Sayed
Aboelfetoh M. Abdalla
American Journal of Food Technology

Effect of Processing Parameters on Quality Attributes of Fried Banana Chips

  Chips are the most popular variety of snacks and they are consumed round the year by people of all age groups. A central composite face cantered design was applied to determine the effects of chips thickness (mm), frying temperature (°C) and frying time (min) on moisture...
S. A. Wani
V. Sharma
P. Kumar
International Food Research Journal