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Infrared Heating in Food Processing: An Overview

Infrared (IR) heating provides significant advantages over conventional heating, including reduced heating time, uniform heating, reduced quality losses, absence of solute migration in food material, versatile, simple, and compact equipment, and significant energy saving. Infrared heating can be...
Kathiravan Krishnamurthy
Harpreet Kaur Khurana
Jun Soojin
Joseph Irudayaraj
Ali Demirci
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Boiling Water Bath Canning

The boiling water bath method of home canning is recommended for processing high-acid foods. The pH is the measurement of how acidic a food is: Foods with a 4.6 pH or less are considered high-acid, and foods with more than a 4.6 pH are considered low-acid. Boiling water bath canning involves...
Renee R. Boyer
Julie McKinney
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Processing pineapple pulp into dietary fibre supplement

Several tonnes of conventionally consumed dietary fibre−containing fruit components are discarded as wastes in the processing of fruits into fruit juices, resulting in the loss of food nutrients and the increased production of organic waste. A study was done to investigate the processing of...
NB Ackom
K Tano-Debrah
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development

Improving Drying Uniformity in Concurrent Flow Tunnel Dehydrators

  The moisture content variation in fruit dried in I concurrent flow tunnel dehydrators is dependent upon the uniformity of the air flow entering the wet end of the tunnel. Improvements in dehydrator performance were obtained by using a flow diverter and turning vanes to produce a more uniform...
Ronald L. Adams
James F. Thompson
American Society of Agricultural Engineers

Traditional Fermented Foods of North African Countries: Technology and Food Safety Challenges With Regard to Microbiological Risks

North African countries have a rich tradition in food technology, and many traditional foods of animal or plant origin are still widely consumed and highly appreciated. In fact, these foods play an important role in the economy and food security in these countries. Yet, they are still mainly...
Noreddine Benkerroum
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Influencia de la presión y temperatura en el proceso de clarificación de jugo de kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa) por filtración al vacío

  En el presente trabajo de investigación se evaluó el efecto de la presión y temperatura de filtrado en la resistencia de la torta y medio filtrante, así como en la transmitancia y aceptabilidad en el consumo de jugo clarificado por filtración al vací...
Alexis Monzón Llempén
Claudia Palomino Cedeño
Asthry Quezada Moncada
Jhoan Saavedra Sarovio
Jorge Sánchez Rodríguez
José Villacorta Chávez
Jesús A. Sánchez-González
Agroindustrial Science - Universidad Nacional de Trujillo

Texture improvement of fresh and frozen mangoes with pectin methylesterase and calcium infusion

  BACKGROUND: A major problem of mango products is texture loss. The effect of commercial pectin methylesterase (PME) and calcium infusion on improvement of the texture of both fresh and frozen-thawed mango cubes was investigated in the present study. RESULTS: The weight gain and moisture...
Arpassorn Sirijariyawat
Sanguansri Charoenrein
Diane M. Barrett
Journal Science of Food and Agriculture

Standardization of process for preparation of fig-mango mixed toffee

The mixed fruit toffees were prepared from fig and mango pulp at different proportions viz. (100:0, 80:20, 60:40, 40:60, 20:80 and 0:100) with sugar, liquid glucose, hydrogenated fat and khoa (40, 10, 5 and 10% by weight of pulp respectively) and evaluated for physico-chemical and sensory quality...
B. K. Sakhale
R.U. Chalwad
V. D. Pawar
International Food Research Journal

Stability of Essential Oils: A Review

In recent years, consumers have developed an ever-increasing interest in natural products as alternatives for artificial additives or pharmacologically relevant agents. Among them, essential oils have gained great popularity in the food, cosmetic, as well as the pharmaceutical industries....
Claudia Turek
Florian C. Stintzing
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Quality evaluation of steamed wheat bread substituted with green banana flour

Quality attributes of steamed bread without green banana flour (BF) (CON), substituted with 30% BF (BBFI) and 30% BF + 8% gluten (BBFII) were determined. The green banana flour (BF) and the mixture of wheat flour (WF) substituted with 30% BF + 8% gluten (FBFII) was significantly highest in water...
A. A. Noor Aziah,
L. H. Ho
A. A. Noor Shazliana
B. Rajeev
International Food Research Journal