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Machine Hazards For the Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Foods Manufacturing Industry

This booklet outlines safe operation of machines used in the fruit and vegetable preserving and specialty foods manufacturing industry. Safety tips, along with real accident reports, have been combined to give you a better understanding of the risks associated with this type of work. Use this...
Mitch Ricketts
Pamela Riemenschneider
Kansas State University Research and Extension

Effect of Mass on Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient During Onion Flakes Drying

In this present study an open sun and greenhouse drying of onion flakes has been performed to study the effect of mass on convective heat transfer coefficient. Three sets of experiments with total quantity of onion as 300, 600 and 900 g were done. The onion was continuously dried for 33 h both in...
Anil Kumar
G.N. Tiwari
American Journal of Food Technology

Development of Preserved Products Using Under Exploited Fruit, Wood Apple (Limonia acidissima)

The aim of study is to make preserved products using wood apple. Wood apple is the cheaper, highly nutritious and easily perishable and seasonally available fruit and it was decided to preserve for human consumption throughout the year. This study was planned to utilize the preserved wood apple by...
R. Vidhya
A. Narain
American Journal of Food Technology

Liofilización de Pitahaya Amarilla (Selenicereus megalanthus)

La liofilización es una alternativa de interés como método de conservación de alimentos, la cual permite prolongar el tiempo de vida útil manteniendo significativamente las propiedades físicas y fisicoquímicas relacionadas con su calidad. El...
Alfredo A. Ayala
Liliana Serna C.
Esmeralda S. Mosquera
Vitae, Revista de la Facultad de Química Farmacéutica, Colombia

High-Pressure and Heat Pretreatment Effects on Rehydration and Quality of Sweet Potato

The effects of high-pressure and heat pretreatments, used prior to drying, on the rehydration rate and quality of sweet potato was investigated. Sweet potato was pressurized at 200 Mpa for 5 min and heat treatment was performed at 100°C for 5 min. Three different types of pretreatments were...
S. Abe
S. Takimoto
S. Y. Yamamuro
K. Tau
F. Takenaga
K. Suzuki
M. Oda
American Journal of Food Technology

Optimization of the Deep-fat Frying Process of Sweet Potato Chips in Palm Olein or Stearin

The aim this study was to optimize the deep-fat frying process in order to minimize the oil content incorporated into the food and the moisture in sweet potato chips fried in palm olein and stearin in light of the global trend to consume healthy products with low calories and oil. The process of...
L.C. Brigatto Fontes
F.G. Oliveira
F.P. Collares-Queiroz
American Journal of Food Technology

Canning in Glass Jars in Community Canning Centers

This publication describes some of the new equipment used in community canning centers to process food in standard mason jars. It gives detailed information on the installation and operation of the retorts for steam-processing and pressure-cooling low-acid foods and on atmospheric cookers for steam...
Bertha F. Olsen
Esther H. Scott

Integrated Production of Wine: Manual for Cellars

This guide is designed to assist in the completion of the evaluation forms in the IPW Guidelines distributed in the industry.     Keep the guidelines at hand for easy reference. In future all changes like coding of newly registered chemicals or legislation will be made...
ARC Infruitec- Nietvoorbij and Enviroscientific
South African Wine & Spirit Board

Integrated Production of Wine: Guidelines for Cellars

The inherent quality of grapes determined by the genetic characteristics of the cultivars and the application of the IPW guidelines for the farm can be negated by the wrong harvesting, wine making and bottling procedures. Successful wine making and handling requires large capital inputs and high...
ARC Infruitec- Nietvoorbij and Enviroscientific
South African Wine & Spirit Board

Taking the Measure of Water

From the earliest days, even in prehistory, it will have been apparent that water was important to the properties of foods. As civilization evolved, the recognition that some metric that described the contribution of water could be important to the response of individual foods to their production...
Heinz-Dieter Isengard
Theodore P. Labuza
Peter J. Lillford
David S. Reid
IUFoST Scientific Information Bulletin (SIB)