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Noni Processing and Quality Control

    Everyone who produces a noni product comes to the point of deciding whether to produce a finished, niche-market product or whether to be a bulk ingredient supplier. Niche market products command high prices for quality products, but the market is rather limited. Bulk ingredients...
Jay Ram
Proceedings of the 2002 Hawai‘i Noni Conference

Food Processing

This section will address the various methods used to preserve food products. Included will be a description of various heating processes as well as preserving methods using cold temperatures. Topics: Foods Preserved By Heat Retorted-pressure process Acid/Acidified Foods Foods...
Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Texas A&M University

Introduction to the Microbiology of Food

A brief but very informative introduction to the microbiology of food. Topics: The Microoganisms Bacteria Yeast and Molds Viruses Factors Affecting Growth of Microorganisms Temperature Water Activity pH Population Oxigen The "Indicator...
Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Texas A&M University

Considerations for Starting a Winery

This publication is for anyone who has ever considered entering the wine industry. The goal of this publication is to provide information about requirements, procedures and equipment for starting a winery. It is not designed as a “how-to” manual but rather is designed to serve as a...
Justin R. Morris
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture

Handling and preservation of fruits and vegetables by combined methods for rural areas

This manual presents information related to the processing of fruits and vegetables by combined methods. It is intended to serve as a guide to farmers and processors of fruits and vegetables in rural and village areas. Information concerning the trade and production of fruits and vegetables in...
FAO Agricultural Support Systems Division
FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin

Utilización agroindustrial del nopal

En el primer Capítulo del libro se hace una introducción al tema de los nopales como recurso natural. En el Capítulo 2 se discute la composición química y características de Opuntia spp. y el Capítulo 3 resume las operaciones de campo requeridas...
Carmen Sáenz
Horst Berger
Joel Corrales García
Ljubica Galletti
Víctor García de Cortázar
Inocencio Higuera
Candelario Mondragón
Armida Rodríguez-Félix
Elena Sepúlveda
María Teresa Varnero
FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin

Guía técnica para producción y análisis de almidón de yuca

En esta Guía Técnica para Producción y Análisis de Almidón de la Yuca, se han profundizado algunos aspectos tratados en las publicaciones anteriores con el objeto de resaltar la necesidad de mejorar las técnicas de producción y posproducción...
Johanna Aristizábal
Teresa Sánchez
FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin

Freezing of fruits and vegetables: An agribusiness alternative for rural and semi-rural areas

In this technical manual fundamental knowledge and socio-economic issues concerning freezing are presented, with coverage extending from large-scale freezing to freezing on a micro- or small-scale. The manual consists of five chapters containing basic concepts and operations to give a better...
Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas
Bilge Altunakar
Danilo J. Mejía-Lorío
FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin

Technical Elements of New and Emerging Non-Thermal Food Technologies

    Traditional food-processing technologies such as freezing, canning, and drying rely on heating or cooling operations. Although these technologies have helped to ensure a high level of food safety, the heating and cooling of foods may contribute to the degradation of various food...
R. Paul Singh
Ahmed E. Yousef

Aceites de oliva vírgenes de calidad potencial de la región de Coquimbo

En este texto se resumen en un primer capítulo los criterios que miden la calidad de los aceites de oliva vírgenes con énfasis a aquellos aspectos más relevantes que se deben considerar para obtener aceites de oliva de calidad. En un segundo capítulo se hace una...
Fabiola Jamett
Adriana Benavides
Héctor Troncoso Vidal
Mario Astorga
INIA Chile