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Prediction of Papaw Moisture Ratio during Hot Air-drying: GMDH vs. Mathematical Modeling

  The main objective of this work was prediction of the moisture content of papaw during hot air-drying in a cabinet dryer using both mathematical and GMDH (group method of data handling). The influence of air temperatures (40, 50 and 60°C) and fruit slices thickness (3, 5, 7 mm) on...
A. R. Yousefi
N. Ghasemian
International Food Research Journal

Effect of Extraction Solvent on Total Phenolic Content, Total Flavonoid Content, and Antioxidant Activities of Algerian Pomace Olive Oil

  The present study was aimed to investigate the effect of extraction solvent on oil yield, phenolic, flavonoid content and antioxidant activities. For this purpose, two-phases pomace olive were subjected to solvent extraction using solvents of different polarities (Acetone, Hexane, methanol...
R. Ferhat
A. Lekbir
H. Ouadah
M.A. Kahoul
L. Khlalfa
S. Laroui
O. Alloui-Lombarkia
International Food Research Journal

Optimization of Roasting Time and Temperature for Brewed Hararghe Coffee (Coffea Arabica L.) Using Central Composite Design

  This study was conducted to optimize roasting time and temperature that would result in acceptable quality of brewed Hararghe coffee in terms of different sensory attributes. A Face Centered Central Composite Design (FCCD) was used to carry out the study. Coffee beans were roasted in oven...
A. Anisa
W.K. Solomon
A. Solomon
International Food Research Journal

Influencia de La Materia Prima para La Elaboración de Jugo de Manzana en La Síntesis de Polifenoloxidasa y Compuestos de Sabor

  Gran parte de la producción de manzana en México ( 30%) se emplea para la producción de jugos y néctares. En el jugo elaborado a base de manzana, el sabor y el color son parámetros de calidad importantes, los cuales son afectados durante el proceso de...
Yazmín Arleth Guillén Ramos
Mirna Villegas Pérez
Guadalupe Isela Olivas Orozco
Loreto Robles Hernández
Ana Cecilia González Franco
Abelardo Núñez Barrios
Nora Aideé Salas Salazar

Optimization of Cocoa Beans Roasting Process Using Response Surface Methodology Based on Concentration of Pyrazine and Acrylamide

  Roasting is an important process that contribute to formation of flavour compounds in cocoa beans. Pyrazines, a by-product of Maillard reaction is one of the character impact compounds that contribute to unique cocoa flavour. Unfortunately during roasting, carcinogenic acrylamide are also...
D.M.H. Farah
A.H. Zaibunnisa
International Food Research Journal

Flower Extracts and Their Essential Oils as Potential Antimicrobial Agents for Food Uses and Pharmaceutical Applications

  Plants with potential therapeutic value have been used from time immemorial to cure various ailments and  infectious diseases. Secondary metabolites or the bioactive compounds (phytochemicals) present in plants have been reported to be accountable for various observed biological...
Han Ching Voon
Rajeev Bhat
Gulam Rusul
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Hydrolysis of Native and Annealed Tapioca and Sweet Potato Starches at Subgelatinization Temperature Using A Mixture of Amylolytic Enzymes

  This study investigated the effect of annealing treatment (at 50°C for 72 h) on hydrolysis of tapioca and sweet potato starches using a raw starch hydrolyzing enzyme namely STARGEN 001 (a blend from fungal α-amylase and glucoamylase) at sub-gelatinization temperature (35°C) for...
Y. N. Shariffa
U. Uthumporn
A. A. Karim
A. H Zaibunnisa
International Food Research Journal

Content of Biogenic Elements and Fatty Acid Composition of Fenugreek Seeds Cultivated under Different Conditions

  Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) is a medicinal plant that has been recognized for its numerous health benefits throughout the centuries. The species is a rich source of biogenic elements, and it has a favorable composition of fatty acids. This study evaluated...
Tomasz Bienkowski
Krystyna Zuk-Golaszewska
Joanna Kaliniewicz
Janusz Golaszewski
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Caracterización Funcional de Almidones Nativos Obtenidos de Papas (Solanum phureja) Nativas Peruanas

  Existen muchas variedades de papas nativas cultivadas en diferentes localidades del Perú, generalmente para el auto consumo del agricultor. Sin embargo, la posibilidad de su uso comercial ha originado este trabajo con el fin de darles un valor agregado. Para evaluar la posibilidad de...
P. Martínez
A. Málag
I. Betalleluz
A. Ibarz
Scientia Agropecuaria

Ácidos Grasos y Parámetros de Calidad del Aceite de Semilla de Uva silvestre (Vitis spp.)

  México es centro de origen de varias especies de Vitis. La gran mayoría de ellas no son empleadas en la agricultura e industrias derivadas. Como parte de la exploración de su potencial agroindustrial se identificó y cuantificó a los ácidos grasos...
O. Franco-Mora
J. Salomon-Castaño
A. A. Morales P.
Á. Castañeda-Vildózola
M. Rubí-Arriaga
Scientia Agropecuaria