Fresh Produce Packaging

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

  Codex standards for fresh fruits and vegetables and related texts such as the Code of Hygienic Practice for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are published in this compact format to allow their wide use and understanding by governments, regulatory authorities, food industries and retailers, and...
World Health Organization
World Health Organization

World Pineapple Production: An Overview

  This review paper discusses the origin, production, cultivation practices, storage, transportation and uses of pineapple. The economic importance of pineapple is easily justified by its unique characteristics as a fruit, which ensured its rapid diffusion and adoption, in the tropics and...
Farid Hossain
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development

Alimentos Producidos Orgánicamente

  Estas directrices se han preparado con el fin de ofrecer un enfoque concertado respecto a los requisitos que socalzan la producción, el etiquetado y la producción de propiedades de los alimentos producidos orgánicamente. La finalidad de estas directrices es: Proteger a...
World Health Organization
World Health Organization

Packaging of Agricultural Products

  This booklet is intended to be a practical manual that describes methods and materials that can be used by small-scale producers in developing countries to package agricultural products. It covers foods that are grown and/or processed on farms and then transported to wholesale markets or...
Peter Fellows
Agromisa , CTA

New Strategies in Transportation for Floricultural Crops

  In the past century, the centers of production and consumption of ornamentals increasingly have become widely separated. A cut flower bouquet purchased today in a Verona florist could easily combine Italian foliage with flowers grown in Kenya, Colombia, Holland and Thailand. The extended...
M.S. Reid
C.Z. Jiang
University of California

Use of Insulated Covers over Product Crates to Reduce Losses in Amaranth during Shipping Delays

  Amaranth is a leafy vegetable with high nutrient content which is sensitive to temperature and low relative humidity. Delays in shipment to market may result in significant losses, therefore improved packaging to minimize mechanical damage and reduce moisture loss are desirable. Amaranth was...
Lizanne Wheeler
Lisa Kitinoja
Diane M. Barrett

The Study of Edible Film Production from Unriped Banana Flour and Riped Banana Puree

  The edible film made from banana flour and banana puree (Musa AAA) were estimated the mechanical properties, water vapor permeability (WVP), color and solubility. The potassium metabisulfite (KMS) and ascorbic acid were used as the browning prevention chemicals. The banana flour film had 3x2...
N Jirukkakul
International Food Research Journal

Alleviation of Chilling Injury in Tropical and Subtropical Fruits

  Chilling injury in tropical and subtropical fruits can be alleviated by low temperature preconditioning, intermittent warming, heat treatment, controlled atmosphere storage, treatments with calcium or other chemicals, waxing, film packaging, genetic modification, or applications with...
C.Y. Wang
University of California

CBI Product Factsheet: Fresh Pomegranates in Germany

  As a result of the health benefits associated with pomegranates, the German consumption of pomegranates is increasing. An interesting opportunity for pomegranate exporters lies in exports of ready-to-eat pomegranate arils. Producers in the Southern Hemisphere have the potential to offer...
ProFound – Advisers In Development
Piet Schotel
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Efecto del Tipo de Cobertura Sobre las Características Fisicoquímicasde Frutas de Guayaba

  La guayaba es un frutal que ha adquirido gran importancia en el estado Zulia, ya que aporta el 90 % de la producción nacional, la cual en su mayoría 80 % se destina al consumo fresco, observándose en la cadena de comercialización perdidas significativas por efecto...
Osmar Quijada
Glady Castellano
Raúl Ramírez
María Esther Burgos
Ender Sayago
Ramón Camacho
Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnología Postcosecha