Postharvest of Fruit and Vegetables

Shelf life extension of sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam) storage roots using household-level storage methods

  Three sweetpotato cultivars; OFSP-1, OFSP-2 and WFSP were investigated for storability using two storage methods (heap vs. sand box), following curing (dehaulming, field-piled or no curing). Storage roots (SRs) were subsequently stored using either heap or sand box methods. SRs were...
Richard Atinpoore Atuna
Edward Ewing Carey
Francis Kweku Amagloh
International Journal of Postharvest Technology and Innovation

Evaluación del desempeño de un secador solar directo sobre semillas de cacao (Theobroma cacao L.)

  Se desarrolló un secador solar directo con un diseño basado en dispositivos deshidratadores rudimentarios de uso regular, en granjas cacaoteras de Tabasco; con el objetivo de evaluar su desempeño en la obtención de cacao seco conforme a la NMX-F-352-S-1980,...
Enrique Romero Frasca
José Roberto Álvarez Vargas
Nerissa Ferrer Carrera
Avances en Investigación Agropecuaria

Tree Fruit and Nuts

  Growing a crisp apple, juicy peach, or a perfect pecan is the dream of many gardeners. Backyard gardeners can grow varieties not available in the market. And unlike commercial producers who must harvest and ship weeks before the fruit is ripe, gardeners can harvest fruit and nuts at their...
Michael Parker
NC Coorporative Extension

Physico-chemical properties of spray-dried red pitaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) peel powder during storage

  The physico-chemical properties of spray-dried pitaya peel powders kept at accelerated (45 ± 2°C) and room temperature (28 ± 2°C) for 14 weeks and 6 months, respectively were evaluated. Changes in physico-chemical properties of the peel powder were used as indicators of...
S. C. Ee
B. Jamilah
K. Muhammad
D. M. Hashim
N. Adzahan
International Food Research Journal

Potencial antifúngico de extractos de cuatro especies vegetales sobre el crecimiento de Colletotrichum gloeosporioides en papaya (Carica papaya) en poscosecha.

  El manejo de antracnosis por Colletotrichum gloeosporioides es el problema más importante en poscosecha de frutos tropicales. La actividad antifúngica de diferentes extractos vegetales fue evaluada in vitro e in vivo para controlar la antracnosis poscosecha en papaya. Extractos...
Nadia Landero Valenzuela
Daniel Nieto Ángel
Daniel Téliz Ortiz
Raquel Alatorre Rosas
Mario Orozco Santos
Carlos Fredy Ortiz García
Revista Venezolana de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos

Colour changes during storage of apple cv. Red Delicious- influence of harvest dates, precooling, calcium chloride and waxing

  Colour is an important quality parameter which determines consumer acceptability of fruits like apple. It depends on many harvesting and postharvest factors. Present study was carried out to determine the influence of harvest dates, precooling, calcium chloride, wax coating and storage...
S. A. Ganai
H. Ahsan
I. A. Wani
A. A. Lone
S. A. Mir
S. M. Wani
International Food Research Journal

Coating Florida Prince Peach Fruits with Nano-Chitosan for Increasing Storage and Shelf Life

  This investigation was carried out to increase storability of Florida Prince peach fruits using coating nano chitosan at 0, 200, 400 and 800 ppm. The effect of these treatments on some quality characteristics after cold storage at 0±1°C and 90-95% (RH) for four weeks plus three...
M.M. Ibrahim
M.M. Gad
American-Eurasian Journal for Agricultural & Environmental Science

Chimney solar dryer manual

  The Chimney Solar Dryer Manual provides an introduction to this efficient, low-cost solar dryer designed by UC Davis researchers. The manual includes directions for how to build the chimney solar dryer and how to use it to dry fruits and vegetables. The UC Davis chimney solar dryer was...
Michael Reid
James Thompson
Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center at UC Davis

Caracterización poscosecha de frutos de tacaco (Sechium edule) en Cartago, Costa Rica

  El objetivo del presente trabajo fue realizar una caracterización poscosecha de frutos de tacaco de diferente edad cronológica. Durante julio y agosto de 2014 y, enero y febrero de 2015 se evaluaron frutos recién cuajados, con y sin espinas, procedentes de Cartago, Costa...
María del Milagro Cerdas-Araya
Johanny Castro-Chinchilla
Agronomía Mesoamericana

A Longer Marketing Life for Blackberry and Raspberry Fruit

  Caneberries, which include blackberries and raspberries, must be picked when the berries are ripe or nearly ripe to ensure quality. Their thin fruit skin, high respiration rate, and high ethylene production make these berries extremely susceptible to postharvest ...
Jayesh B. Samtani
Mosbah M. Kushad
Virginia Cooperative Extension