Postharvest of Fruit and Vegetables

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified-atmosphere packaging (MAP) of fresh fruits and vegetables refers to the technique of sealing actively respiring produce in polymeric film packages to modify the O2 and CO2 levels within the package atmosphere. It is often desirable to generate an atmosphere low in O2 and/or high in CO2 to...
Nazir Mir
Randolph M. Beaudry
Michigan State University

Temperature Preconditioning

There is renewed interest in high temperature as a postharvest treatment for control of both insect pests and fungal pathogens in fresh produce. In part, this is because of the deregistration of a number of compounds that have until recently been used for effective control of postharvest disorders.
Susan Lurie
Joshua D. Klein

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage involves altering and maintaining an atmospheric composition that is different from air composition (about 78% N2, 21% O2, and 0.03% CO2); generally, O2 below 8% and CO2 above 1% are used. Atmospheric modification should be considered as a supplement to...
Adel A. Kader
University of California, Davis, CA

Heat Load Calculation

Factors to be considered in determining refrigeration required for a cold-storage plant. Examples are simplified to illustrate steps necessary to calculate heat load of a refrigerated storage area during cooling and normal storage operation.
USDA Agriculture Handbook
USDA Agriculture Handbook

Pre-cooling and Storage Facilities

An excellent review of technologies and principles applied to pre-cooling and storage facilities for fresh produce. Includes in-field temperature management, initial cooling methods, cooling time calculations, and alternative refrigeration options. Temperature management of perishable commodities...
James F. Thompson
University of California, Davis

Post Harvest Handling Food Safety Assessment

  Detailed guidelines to self assess food safety on postharvest handling and packing facilities. Includes action plans to mitigate related issues. Once produce has been harvested, care must be taken to prevent either direct or cross contamination of the crop during grading, washing, packing...
Cornell University
Cornell University

Postharvest Handling of Fruits and Vegetables

This publication covers postharvest practices suitable for small-scale operations, and points out the importance of production and harvesting techniques for improving quality and storability. Various methods for cooling fresh produce are discussed. Appropriate production practices, careful...
Janet Bachmann
Richard Earles
ATTRA publication