Postharvest of Fruit and Vegetables

Productos alternativos a la aminoetoxivinilglicina para el control de la producción de etileno en manzana 'Golden Delicious'

Chihuahua produce el 66 % de la manzana (Malus x domestica Borkh) a nivel nacional, siendo el cultivar ‘Golden Delicious’ el de mayor superficie plantada. La necesidad de controlar la maduración de la fruta para programar la cosecha, ha condicionado el uso de productos a base de...
David Ignacio Berlanga-Reyes
Víctor Manuel Guerrero-Prieto
José de Jesús Ornelas-Paz
Tecnociencia Chihuahua

Mandarin flavor and aroma volatile composition are strongly influenced by holding temperature

  Mandarin flavor quality often declines during storage but the respective contributions to the flavor disorder of warm versus cold temperature during storage were unknown. To determine this ‘W. Murcott Afourer’ mandarins were stored for either 6 weeks at a continuous 5 °C or...
David Obenland
Sue Collin
James Sievert
Mary Lu Arpaia
Postharvest Biology and Technology

Respuesta a tratamientos de etileno y 1-Metilciclopropeno del albaricoque var. Mauricio

  El albaricoque es un frutal climatérico, presentando un alza importante de la producción de etileno y de la tasa respiratoria cuando alcanza la madurez, fenómeno que se produce en corto periodo de tiempo (Fan et al., 2000), haciendo de este fruto un producto muy...
Mónika Valdenegro Espinoza
M.I. Egea
Paloma Sánchez Bel
María Concepción Martínez-Madrid
Félix Romojaro Almela
Horticultura internacional

Tratamiento con radiación UV: alternativa en la poscosecha de lechuga (Lactuca sativa) variedad Batavia en la Sabana de Bogotá

En los últimos años se ha buscado el desarrollo de tecnologías y procesos para garantizar la inocuidad y calidad en frutas y hortalizas frescas, así como procesos para prolongar la vida útil. Con este fin, se ha utilizado la radiación UV-C, como...
Luis Carlos Suárez
Yineth Piñeros Castro
Revista Alimentos Hoy

Utilisation of palm - based and beeswax coating on the postharvest-life of guava (Psidium guajava L.) during ambient and chilled storage

Guava is a climacteric fruit which has high nutritional content. It is a highly perishable fruit, undergoes rapid postharvest ripening in a few days under ambient condition. This paper aims to determine the effect of palm stearin and palm kernel olein blends on maintaining the quality of guava...
I. Ruzaina
A. R. Norizzah
M. S. Halimahton Zahrah
C. S. Cheow
M. S. Adi
A. W. Noorakmar
A. Mohd. Zahid
International Food Research Journal

Effects of Mild Heat Treatment on Microbial Growth and Product Quality of Packaged Fresh-cut Table Grapes

  The changes in packaged fresh-cut grape quality and microbial growth as affected by mild heat treatments and the retention of grape cap stems during 5 °C storage were evaluated. Each individual grape was either manually pulled off (stemless) from the stems, or cut (cut stem) to allow for...
L. Kou
Y. Luo
D. Wu
X. Liu
Journal of Food Science

Reducing postharvest losses of tomato in traditional and modern supply chains in Cambodia

Traditional and modern supply chains for tomato in Cambodia were assessed and possible handling improvements were introduced. Traditional chain involved farmers and collectors in Kandal Province, and wholesalers and retailers in wet markets in the capital of Phnom Penh, about 35 km apart. In the...
B. Buntong
V. Srilaong
T. Wasusri
S. Kanlayanarat
A.L. Acedo Jr.
International Food Research Journal

Influence of Storage Temperature on Ethanol Content, Microbial Growth and other Properties of Queen Pineapple Fruit

  Temperature and relative humidity are the two main factors that affect a pineapple’s properties after harvest. The post-harvest physico-chemical characteristics Queen pineapples cv. Ninh Binh planted in Vietnam were studied. The pineapple is crispy, very sweet, a little sour and has an...
D.T.M. Quyen
A. Joomwong
P. Rachtanapun
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology

Influence of maturity and ripening on aroma volatiles and flavor in ‘Hass’ avocado

  Changes in aroma volatiles were determined using solid phase microextraction (SPME) and gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry in ripe avocados (Persea americana Mill., cv. Hass) throughout an eight-month maturation period and related to the sensory properties of the fruit. As maturation...
David Obenland
Sue Collin
James Sievert
Fayek Negm
Mary Lu Arpaia
Postharvest Biology and Technology

Innovations in the Development and Application of Edible Coatings for Fresh and Minimally Processed Fruits and Vegetables

One of the major growth segments in the food retail industry is fresh and minimally processed fruits and vegetables. This new market trend has thus increased the demands to the food industry for seeking new strategies to increase storability and shelf life and to enhance microbial safety of fresh...
Daniel Lin
Yanyun Zhao
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety