Postharvest of Fruit and Vegetables

Folates in Fruits and Vegetables: Contents, Processing, and Stability

  Folates play a key role in human one-carbon metabolism and are provided by food. It is well established that folates are beneficial in the prevention of neural tube defects and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Fruits and vegetables, and especially green vegetables, are the main...
Nicolas Delchier
Anna-Lena Herbig
Michael Rychlik
Catherine M.G.C. Renard
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Safety

Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Apples

  Contents: Harvestinig and Handling Chemical Treatments Cooling and Storage Cooling Methods Controlled Atmosphere Storage    
M. D. Boyette
L. G. Wilson
E. A. Estes
The North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service

Revalorizacion de Subproductos del Vino como Aporte a la Industria de Alimentos y a un Desarrollo Sostenible

  En la industria vinícola por cada litro de vino producido se obtienen aproximadamente 13 litros de residuos, subproductos que generan impacto ambiental. Por lo anterior, el objetivo de este estudio fue extraer los compuestos fenólicos presentes en el bagazo de uva (...
Diana Chaves
Steven Terranova
Patricia Chaparro
Revista de la Asociación Colombiana de Ciencia Tecnología de Alimentos

Post-harvest and Marketing

  Post-harvest and marketing is the fourth of four modules of the course entitled Agribusiness management for producers’ associations. The purpose of the module is to learn more about post-production activities such as processing, preservation and packaging. This module also gives an...
Pilar Santacoloma
Alexandra Röttger
Florence Tartanac

Chilling Injury, Flesh Browning, Dry Fruit, Mealiness, Wooliness

  Contents:  Occurrence Importance Symptoms Causes Control
Carlos H. Crisosto
University of California

Role of Flower Preservative Solutions During Postharvest of Hydrangea macrophylla cv. Bela

  Hydrangea macrophylla (hydrangea) is widely used as an ornamental plant and cut flower due to its inflorescence, which is composed of colored bracts. As cut flowers, hydrangeas show a postharvest life of up to 1 month at 2 °C, but little is known about their postharvest life during air...
Danilo Aros
Cristian Silva
Cielo Char
Loreto Prat
Víctor Escalona
Ciencia e Investigación Agraria

Evaluación del Comportamiento Postcosecha de la Batata (Ipomea batatas (L) Lam) en Condiciones de Almacenamiento Comercial

  El estudio del comportamiento de la calidad postcosecha en la batata (Ipomea batatas (L) Lam) bajo condiciones de almacenamiento a temperatura ambiente (30+1ºC y 60+ 1%Hr) y refrigeración comercial (13+1ºC y 80+1% HR), tuvo por objetivo conocer el tiempo de vida útil...
Auris García
Maiby Pérez
Audry García
Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnología Postcosecha

Effects of Packaging Materials and Types on the Postharvest Nutritional Quality of Mini Pakchoi Brassica chinensis

  The baby leaves of mini Pakchoi Brassica chinensis are gaining popularity due to its pleasant appearance, flavour, tender texture and nutrition. Effects of retail packaging on the nutritional quality of Brassica chinensis at 4°C were studied. Samples were packaged using polyethylene bags...
Wu Shimin
Shu Feiya
Huang Danfeng
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Producción de Etileno y Cambios Asociados a la Maduración de Frutos de Aguacate 'Hass' Y Carmen Hass'

  En México la temporada alta de producción de aguacate ‘Hass’ es de octubre a febrero, la media en marzo a mayo y la baja de junio a septiembre. El cultivar Carmen Hass, proveniente de una floración “fuera de temporada”, se cosecha en los meses de...
Nallely Rosas Flores
Crescenciano Saucedo Veloz
Cecilia García Osorio
Daniela Saucedo Reyes
Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnología Postcosecha

Increasing the Shelf Life of Post-harvest Table Grapes (Vitis vinífera cv. Thompson Seedless) Using Different Packaging Material with Copper Nanoparticles to Change the Atmosphere

   An effective way to control post-harvest rotting of table grapes is the use of sulfur dioxide (SO2 ). However, under certain conditions, the use of SO2 can cause significant loss, mainly associated with bleaching of the berries. Therefore, it is believed that the use of bags with and...
Nelson E. Loyola López
Marcos R. Carrasco Benavides
Pablo H. Duarte Duarte
Mariela A. Arriola Herrera
Ciencia e Investigación Agraria