Postharvest of Fruit and Vegetables

Postharvest Control of Western Flower Thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) and California Red Scale (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) with Ethyl Formate and Its Impact on Citrus Fruit Quality

  The postharvest control of arthropod pests is a challenge that the California citrus industry must overcome when exporting fruit overseas. Currently, methyl bromide fumigation is used to control postharvest pests on exported citrus, but it may soon be unavailable because of use restrictions...
Francine Pupin
Veronique Bikoba
William B. Biasi
Gabriel M. Pedroso
Yuling Ouyang
Elizabeth E. Grafton-Cardwell
Elizabeth J. Mitcham
Journal of Economic Entomology

Asistencia técnica dirigida en cosecha y post cosecha de banano orgánico

Como en todos los cultivos, las etapas de cosecha y poscosecha requieren un cuidado a fin de conservar la calidad de la fruta. Y esta buena calidad pueda ser mantenida hasta el punto final que es el consumidor. La modalidad de cosecha, varían en las regiones donde se cultivan, a veces estas...
Ulises Vegas Rodríguez
Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina

Composite Effect of Propolis and Gum Arabic to Control Postharvest Anthracnose and Maintain Quality of Papaya during Storage

Anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides is the most prevalent postharvest disease of papaya that results in major economic losses. To investigate the effect of ethanolic extract of propolis (EEP) alone or in combination with gum arabic (GA) on control of postharvest anthracnoase and...
Asgar Ali
Chen Khan Cheong
Noosheen Zahid
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology

Hallazgos de la biosíntesis del etileno en frutas climatéricas y de los factores que afectan la ruta metabólica

El etileno es un compuesto hormonal gaseoso sintetizado en la mayoría de los tejidos de las plantas superiores, y a quien le atribuye el rol principal en los procesos de maduración y senescencia de las frutas climatéricas. La biosíntesis de etileno está regulada...
Eduardo Javid Corpas Iguarán
Omar Alberto Tapasco Alzate
Revista Alimentos Hoy

Effect of Different Temperatures and Parameters Analysis of the Storage Life of Fresh Cucumber and Tomato using Controlled Atmosphere Technology

  The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of different controlled temperatures and analyze the measures and/or parameters of the controlled atmosphere storage for fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. The effect of temperature, relative humidity, gas composition and other impacting...
Wu-Yi Liu
American Journal of Food Technology

Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Apples

Producing a good crop of high-quality apples requires time, skill, and money. To gain full benefit from the crop, it is important to sustain the quality of the apples until they are delivered to the consumer. Proper postharvest cooling and careful attention to handling can prolong the time during...
M. D. Boyette
L. G. Wilson
E. A. Estes
North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service

The potential of using low oxygen and ethyl formate or ethyl acetate to disinfest fresh fruit in storage

Low oxygen and/or 'generally recognised as safe' (GRAS)/food additive (FA) treatments in combination with cool storage have the potential to disinfest a range of commodities of various pests. This paper reports on research to determine the tolerance of second/third and fifth instar codling...
L.E. Jamieson
N.E.M. Page-Weir
A. Chhagan
P.G. Connolly
J. Poulton
A.M. Kean
New Zealand Plant Protection

Effect of Ethylene and Temperature Conditioning on Sensory Attributes and Chemical Composition of ‘Comice’ Pears

  ‘Comice’ is among the pear varieties most difficult to ripen after harvest. Ethylene, cold temperature, and intermediate (10 °C) temperature conditioning have been successfully used to stimulate the ability of ‘Comice’ pears to ripen. However, the sensory quality...
Warangkana Makkumrai
Hanne Sivertsen
David Sugar
Susan E. Ebeler
Florence Negre-Zakharov
Elizabeth J. Mitcham
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Pre- and Post-harvest Preventive Measures and Intervention Strategies to Control Microbial Food Safety Hazards of Fresh Leafy Vegetables

  This review includes an overview of the most important preventive measures along the farm to fork chain to prevent microbial contamination of leafy greens. It also includes the technological and managerial interventions related to primary production, postharvest handling, processing...
Maria I. Gil
Maria V. Selma
Trevor Suslow
Liesbeth Jacxsens
Mieke Uyttendaele
Ana Allende
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

Postharvest handling of fruits & vegetables

Appropriate production practices, careful harvesting, and proper packaging, storage, and transport all contribute to good produce quality. This publication covers postharvest practices suitable for small-scale operations, and points out the importance of production and harvesting techniques for...
Janet Bachmann
Richard Earles