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Improved Control of Green Mold of Citrus with Imazalil in Warm Water Compared with Its Use in Wax

  The effectiveness of imazalil for the control of citrus green mold (caused by Penicillium digitatum) improved significantly when fruit were treated with heated aqueous solutions of the fungicide as compared with the current commercial practice of spraying wax containing imazalil on fruit....
J.L. Smilanick
I.F. Michael
M.F. Mansour
B.E. Mackey
D.A. Margosan
D. Flores
C.F. Weist
Plant Disease

Control of Citrus Green Mold by Carbonate and Bicarbonate Salts and the Influence of Commercial Postharvest Practices on Their Efficacy

  The toxicity to Penicillium digitatum and practical use of carbonate and bicarbonate salts to control green mold were determined. The effective dose (ED50) concentrations to inhibit the germination of P. digitatum spores of sodium carbonate (SC), potassium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate (SBC...
Joseph L. Smilanick
Dennis A. Margosan
Franka Mlikota
Josep Usall
Ibrahim F. Michael
Plant Disease

Low temperature storage maintains postharvest quality of cabbage (Brassica oleraceae var. capitata L.) in supply chain

Leaf yellowing and wilting are the common postharvest problems of cabbage in supply chain that are encountered at the collection or consolidation stage. This study simulated the conditions at the collection center and determined the effects of low temperature storage on cabbage quality. Storage at...
S. Kramchote
V. Srilaong
C. Wongs-Aree
S. Kanlayanarat
International Food Research Journal

Comparison of Pallet Cover Systems to Maintain Strawberry Fruit Quality During Transport

  The efficacy of several proprietary plastic pallet cover systems to maintain strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) fruit quality during commercial shipment was determined. ‘Albion’ fruit were harvested from farms near Watsonville, CA. Fruit in vented plastic clamshells were palletized...
Andrew J. Macnish
Malkeet S. Padda
Francine Pupin
Pavlos I. Tsouvaltzis
Angelos I. Deltsidis
Charles A. Sims
Jeffrey K. Brecht
Elizabeth J. Mitcham

Appropriate Postharvest Technologies for Small Scale Horticultural Farmers and Marketers in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia – Part 2. Field Trial Results and Identification of Research Needs for Selected Crops

  Part 2 of 2. Based upon findings on the causes of postharvest losses and quality problems for key horticultural crops in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and South Asia, 32 potential postharvest technical solutions were identified and investigated further. An additional 28 options related to...
S. Saran
S.K. Roy
L. Kitinoja
Acta Hort

Identification of Appropriate Postharvest Technologies for Small Scale Horticultural Farmers and Marketers in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia – Part 1. Postharvest Losses and Quality Assessments

  Part 1 of 2. The objectives of the study were 1) to systematically assess and characterize postharvest losses for key horticultural crops in four countries using field based measurements at the farm, wholesale and retail markets, to increase the knowledge base and identify priority...
L. Kitinoja
H.Y. AlHassan
Acta Hort

Mobile Refrigeration Trailer for N.C. Farmers

N.C. State’s Plants for Human Health Institute (PHHI) has developed a new mobile cooling unit for farmers. The five-by-eight-feet refrigerated trailer – called the “Pack ‘N Cool” – is designed to keep fruits and vegetables at ideal temperatures during transport...
Penelope Perkins-Veazie
North Carolina State University

Acceptable Cooling Delays for Selected Warm Season Vegetables and Melons

  Small-scale vegetable growers often do not have postharvest equipment and may transport products to larger operations for cooling and storage. Delays from harvest to cool may impact quality mainly due to water loss and its consequences, loss of firmness and visual appearance. The impact of...
M.I. Cantwell
A. Thangaiah
Acta Hort

Ripening of sugar apple fruits (Annona squamosa L.) developed in Yucatán, México

The ripening pattern and the physiology of sugar apple fruits, which came from an outstanding selection from the Germplasm Selection Program in Yucatán, were determined. Fruits in phase of physiological maturity were harvested and stored at 26±2 °C and 60-70% relative humidity...
Nidelvia Bolívar-Fernández
Crescenciano Saucedo-Veloz
Sara Solís-Pereira
Enrique Sauri-Duch

Maduración de frutos de saramuyo (Annona squamosa L.) Desarrollados En Yucatán, México

Se determinó el patrón de maduración y la fisiología de frutos de saramuyo, provenientes de una selección sobresaliente del Programa de Selección de germoplasma Yucatán. Frutos en fase de madurez fisiológica fueron cosechados y almacenados a...
Nidelvia Bolívar-Fernández
Crescenciano Saucedo-Veloz
Sara Solís-Pereira
Enrique Sauri-Duch