Fresh Produce - Fresh-cut, Postharvest, Food Safety

Effect of pre- and postharvest application of 1-methylcyclopropene on the maturation of yellow pitahaya (Selenicerus megalanthus Haw)

The effect of pre- and postharvest applications of 200 and 400 μgL-1 aqueous solutions of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) on yellow pitahaya (maturity stage 3) was assessed. Changes in respiratory rate, color, firmness, soluble solids content, titratable acidity, maturity index, weight loss and...
Liliana Serna C.
Laura S. Torres V.
Alfredo A. Ayala A.
Universidad de Antioquia

Canada - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

Since April 1997, all federally mandated food inspection and quarantine services for domestic and imported foods were consolidated into the CFIA. As a result, food inspection and quarantine services previously provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Health Canada, Industry Canada and the...
Darlene Dessureault
Robin Gray
Mihai Lupescu

European Union 27 - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

The European Union (EU) has gradually expanded to become the world‟s largest multi-nation trading bloc. Since January 1, 2007, the European Union comprises 27 member states with approximately 500 million consumers. EU member states: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark,...
Hilde Brans

Czech Republic - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

The Czech Republic became a member of the European Union in May 2004 and so all EU directions apply. Any exporter from the United States must be familiar with Czech food laws and EU regulations and directions which overrule any Czech legislation. Any food industry area that is not regulated by the...
Jana Mikulasova

Serbia - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

This report provides information on Serbian regulations and standards concerning food, agriculture, agricultural products and foreign trade. It includes information on labeling, packaging, food additives and import procedures. Important points of contact or relevant government agencies for U.S....
Tatjana Maslac

Atomizing Spray Systems for Application of Edible Coatings

The use of edible coatings on fresh and processed food products as a means of extending shelf life by preventing or delaying spoilage, providing a partial barrier to moisture, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, improving the mechanical handling properties, and even as carriers of many functional...
Ricardo D. Andrade
Olivier Skurtys
Fernando A. Osorio
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Bahamas - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

Approximately, 95 percent of all agricultural, fish and forestry products imported by The Bahamas come from the United States. The Bahamas recognizes and accepts the U.S. standards for practically all food and agricultural products. The Bahamian Food Act of 1985 is still the principal legislative...
Mark Ford
Omar Gonzalez

Trinidad and Tobago - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

Trinidad and Tobago is fairly receptive to imports of U.S. agricultural products. Initially, the level of scrutiny and checks on imported products can be quite intense. However, once the importer can demonstrate a successful track record of compliance, the import flow becomes much smoother....
Omar Gonzalez

Barbados - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

Imports of food and beverage products into Barbados are governed by a variety of laws. The Miscellaneous Control Act, Chapter. 329 of 1994 and its implementing regulations require licensing for selected agricultural products (mainly meats, produce, and oils) by the Department of Commerce and...
Omar Gonzalez

Impact of High-temperature Forced-air Heating of Navel Oranges on Quality Attributes, Sensory Parameters, and Flavor Volatiles

    Navel oranges were subjected to high-temperature forced-air (HTFA) treatment to evaluate the effect on quality and sensory attributes as well as flavor volatiles of a treatment protocol designed to disinfest citrus of Anastrepha spp. fruit flies. The treatment consisted of heating the...
David Obenland
Sue Collin
James Sievert
Mary Lu Arpaia