Agricultural Engineering, Equipment, Sprayers, Irrigation

Dealing with the High Cost of Energy for Greenhouse Operations

  Increased fuel costs and colder than normal winters make heating costs a significant burden on many greenhouse operations. So, how can growers deal with high energy costs in the greenhouse? The problem can be addressed in several different ways. Growers can conserve energy in the greenhouse...
Joyce G. Latimer
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Application of Benchmarking and Principal Component Analysis in Measuring Performance of Public Irrigation Schemes in Kenya

  The inefficient water use, and variable and low productivity in Kenyan public irrigation schemes is a major concern. It is, therefore, necessary to periodically monitor and evaluate the performance of public irrigation schemes. This prompted evaluation of performance of three rice growing...
Faith M. Muema
Patrick G. Home
James M. Raude

Chimney solar dryer manual

  The Chimney Solar Dryer Manual provides an introduction to this efficient, low-cost solar dryer designed by UC Davis researchers. The manual includes directions for how to build the chimney solar dryer and how to use it to dry fruits and vegetables. The UC Davis chimney solar dryer was...
Michael Reid
James Thompson
Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center at UC Davis

Controlled Drainage – An Important Practice to Protect Water Quality That Can Enhance Crop Yields

  Agricultural drainage systems are widely used in North Carolina to increase crop yield and improve the year-to-year consistency of production. Drainage systems provide trafficable conditions for timely planting, harvesting, and other field operations, and the systems remove excess water from...
Chad Poole
Mike Burchell
Mohamed Youssef
NC Coorporative Extension

Trellis Systems

  Trellis systems are used for cane support with trailing and semi-erect cultivars to keep the fruit off the ground and with erect cultivars that will be allowed to grow tall before being topped. Positioning canes on a trellis improves sunlight exposure, air movement, and spray penetration...
Gina Fernandez
Elena Garcia
David Lockwood
North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Identification of Optimal Mechanization Processes for Harvesting Hazelnuts Based on Geospatial Technologies in Sicily (Southern Italy)

  Sicily is a region located in the southern Italy. Its typical Mediterranean landscape is appreciated due to its high biodiversity. Specifically, hazelnut plantations have adapted in a definite area in Sicily (the Nebroidi park) due to specific morphological and climatic...
Ilaria Zambon
Lavinia Delfanti
Alvaro Marucci
Roberto Bedini
Massimo Cecchini
Danilo Monarca

Cadena Espárrago-Producción de Diferentes Genotipos en Su Quinto Año y Comportamiento en Poscosecha

  El objetivo del presente trabajo fue evaluar el rendimiento de primicia de cosecha en invernadero, de tres genotipos de espárrago, en su quinta temporada. El ensayo se inició en la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, UCA, en Buenos Aires, el 15 de noviembre de...
Erika Kirschenbilder
Ana María Castagnino
Karina Elizabeth Díaz
María Belén Rosini
Agostino Falavigna
Agronomía Mesoamericana

Emerging Perspectives on the Natural Microbiome of Fresh Produce Vegetables

  Plants harbor a diverse microbiome existing as bacterial populations on the leaf surface (the phyllosphere) and within plant tissues (endophytes). The composition of this microbiome has been largely unexplored in fresh produce vegetables, where studies have tended to focus on...
Colin R. Jackson
Bram W. G. Stone
Heather L. Tyler

Evaluación de Riego Deficitario Controlado sobre La Producción de Kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa)

  El riego deficitario controlado (RDC) es una estrategia de manejo donde se aplica agua según las etapas fenológicas del cultivo. Como consecuencia, condiciones diferentes del manejo del riego pueden producir cambios importantes en la producción, calidad de la fruta y...
Luis O. Lagos
Waldo Lama
Juan Hirzel
Camilo Souto
Mario Lillo

North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook: Plants Grown in Containers

  Table of Contents:  Objectives Introduction Start with High-Quality Plants Transporting Plants Selecting a Container Material Weight Color Drainage Size Potting Mixes, Substrates, or Growing Media Qualties of Good Growing Media Potting Plants Repotting Nutrient Management​...
Diane Mays
Kim Richter
Lucy Bradley
Julie Sherk
Mark Kistler
Joe Neal
North Carolina Cooperative Extension