Agricultural Engineering, Equipment, Sprayers, Irrigation

Physiological Quality, Anatomy and Histochemistry during the Development of Carrot Seeds (Daucus carota L.)

  The adequate time for carrot seed harvest influences its physiological quality. The objective of this study was to evaluate physiological, anatomical and histochemical changes in carrot seeds harvested at different stages of development and to establish the most appropriate harvest time....
Rafaela Marques de Miranda
Denise Cunha Fernandes dos Santos Dias
Edgard Augusto de Toledo Picoli
Patrícia Pereira da Silva
Warley Marcos Nascimento
Ciência e Agrotecnologia

Influence of Foliar Application with Potassium and Magnesium on Growth, Yield and Oil Quality of “Koroneiki” Olive Trees

  Background: The successful orchard management practices are directed toward obtaining a suitable yield with good fruit quality. One of the most important cultural practices is the mineral nutrition especially in the new reclaimed lands. Under sandy soil conditions the water and nutrient...
Thanaa Sh. M. Mahmoud
Enaam Sh. A. Mohamed
T.F. El-Sharony
American Journal of Food Technology

Evaluación de Tolerancia al NaCl en Cultivares Viníferas y Portainjertos Híbridos del Género Vitis

  El objetivo fue evaluar la supervivencia al riego con soluciones de NaCl en 28 genotipos del género Vitis para identificar su grado de tolerancia salina. Se estudiaron 11 híbridos de Vitis americanos y 17 variedades de Vitis vinifera. Plantas de 1 y 2 años se regaron...
Leandro Martin
Hernán Vila
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias

Development of a Mobile Powered Hole Digger for Orchard Tree Cultivation Using a Slider-Crank Feed Mechanism

  The powered hole digger is one of the most important orchard machines. The power consumption of its drill is an important factor affecting the performance and operation of the device. The drill power consumption of the digger at a constant feed rate is directly proportional to digging depth...
Zong Wangyuan
Wang Jingliang
Huang Xiaomao
Yu Dong
Zhao Yingbiao
Sean Graham
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Optimización del Regadío

  El regadío español se va a enfrentar a nuevos condicionantes climatológicos, energéticos, sociales y medioambientales, que van a condicionar su productividad. Por ello, la optimización energética e hídrica del mismo es imprescindible. La...
Guillermo Castañón
Cajamar Caja Rural

Role of Antioxidants in Salt Stress Tolerant of Date Palm Offshoots (Phoenix Dactylifera L.) Female and Male Cultivars

  Salinity is one of the most abiotic stress destructive factors which limit growth and production of date palm offshoots considerably. In order to investigate the effects of antioxidant compounds on growth parameters as indicters to salt tolerance at the date palm offshoots cultivars of...
Hussein J. Shareef
International Journal of Current Agricultural Research

Optimized Design and Performance Evaluation of an Electric Cup-Chain Potato Metering Device

  The cup-chain metering device is commonly used in potato planters despite its problems of missing-seeding, double-seeding and ground wheel sliding. A mechanical-electrical design was developed for planters to resolve these problems. A regression experiment was conducted with three factors (...
Niu Kang
Fang Xianfa
Liu Yangchun
Lü Chengxu
Yuan Yanwei
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Clonal Propagation of the Avocado: Effects of the Rooting Step on Graft Union Formation and Development

  The etiolation and layering technique that is used on avocados has two critical steps, namely, the rooting of clonal rootstock and graft union formation between the commercial variety and clonal rootstock. This study analyzed the rooting step of the clonal rootstock regarding its influence...
Carmen Estay
Ricardo Cautín
Alexander Neaman
Mónica Castro
Ciencia e Investigación Agraria

Apple Leaf Disease Identification Using Genetic Algorithm and Correlation Based Feature Selection Method

  Apple leaf disease is one of the main factors to constrain the apple production and quality. It takes a long time to detect the diseases by using the traditional diagnostic approach, thus farmers often miss the best time to prevent and treat the diseases. Apple leaf disease recognition based...
Zhang Chuanlei
Zhang Shanwen
Yang Jucheng
Shi Yancui
Chen Jia
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Machine Vision Based Expert System to Estimate Orange Mass of Three Varieties

  A key issue in fruit export is classification and sorting for acceptable marketing. In the present work, the image processing technique was employed to grade three varieties of oranges (Bam, Khooni and Thompson) separately. The reason for choosing this fruit as the object of the study was...
Hossein Javadikia
Sajad Sabzi
Hekmat Rabbani
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering