Agricultural Engineering, Equipment, Sprayers, Irrigation

Bell Pepper (Capsicum Annum L.) Production in Short Cycles

  Hydroponic production of bell peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) in greenhouses began in Mexico twenty years ago. Mexican producers have adopted production systems developed in other countries, principally those in Europe with different climatic and socioeconomic conditions. The purpose of this...
Felipe Sánchez del Castillo
Esaú C. Moreno-Pérez
R. Clemente Reséndiz-Melgar
María Teresa Colinas-León
J. Enrique Rodríguez Pérez

Practical Applications of a Multisensor UAV Platform Based on Multispectral, Thermal and RGB High Resolution Images in Precision Viticulture

  High spatial ground resolution and highly flexible and timely control due to reduced planning time are the strengths of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms for remote sensing applications. These characteristics make them ideal especially in the medium–small agricultural...
Alessandro Matese
Salvatore Filippo Di Gennaro

Satellite and Proximal Sensing to Estimate the Yield and Quality of Table Grapes

  Table grapes are a crop with high nutritional value that need to be monitored often to achieve high yield and quality. Non-destructive methods, such as satellite and proximal sensing, are widely used to estimate crop yield and quality characteristics, and spectral vegetation ...
Evangelos Anastasiou
Athanasios Balafoutis
Nikoleta Darra
Vasileios Psiroukis
Aikaterini Biniari
George Xanthopoulos
Spyros Fountas

Sampling Stratification Using Aerial Imagery to Estimate Fruit Load in Peach Tree Orchards

  A quick and accurate sampling method for determining yield in peach orchards could lead to better crop management decisions, more accurate insurance claim adjustment, and reduced expenses for the insurance industry. Given that sample size depends exclusively on the variability...
Carlos Miranda
Luis G. Santesteban
Jorge Urrestarazu
Maite Loidi
José B. Royo

Effects of Temperature Wild Chili Pepper (Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum) Germination Grown under Two Light Conditions

  The populations of wild chili pepper (Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum) are a genetic valuable resource and the knowledge of the germinative ability, is of great importance for its management and conservation. The effects of the temperature on germination of wild chili grown in two...
Ricardo Guillermo López-España
Evaristo Rogaciano López-Hernández
Teresa Hernández-Morales
Angelica Charrez-Cruz
Yesenia González Guzmán
Norberto Alfonso Muñoz-Jimarez
Jorge Alfredo Ortiz-Quintero
Acta Agronómica

Specialty Crop Profile: Asparagus

  Asparagus, (Asparagus officinalis), is a hardy perennial vegetable belonging to the Lily Family. It is grown for its succulent early spring vegetative shoots that originate from an underground crown (Figure 1). Nutritionally, asparagus is almost 92 percent water, and it...
Anthony Bratsch
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Modeling of Tangerine Mass Based on Geometrical Properties

  Nine linear regression models for predicting tangerine mass based on some geometrical properties of tangerine such as length (L), diameter (D), geometrical mean diameter (GMD), first projected area (PA1), second projected area (PA2), criteria area (CAE) and estimated volume based...
Majid Rashidi
Siavash Behboodi
Hossein Beheshty Asl
Agricultural Engineering Research Journal

Respuesta de Cinco Leguminosas de Cobertura a La Fertilización Fosfórica

  Los cultivos de cobertura de especies leguminosas son sembradas para el control de malezas, prevención de la erosión del suelo y aporte de nitrógeno al suelo. El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar la respuesta de las leguminosas de cobertura Mucuna pruriens ...
Robin Gómez-Gómez
María Isabel González-Lutz
Agronomía Mesoamericana

Anatomy of Sugar Apple (Annona squamosa L.) Seeds (Annonaceae)

  The sugar apple is of great economic importance to the country, however, information on the anatomical and morphological aspects of Annonaceae family seeds is limited to a few species and the anatomical studies refer to very few seeds. Using histological techniques and...
Fabio Martínez M.
Diego Miranda L.
Stanislav Magnitskiy
Agronomía Colombiana

Modelling Soil Water Content in a Tomato Field: Proximal Gamma Ray Spectroscopy and Soil–Crop System Models

  Proximal soil sensors are taking hold in the understanding of soil hydrogeological processes involved in precision agriculture. In this context, permanently installed gamma ray spectroscopy stations represent one of the best space–time trade off methods at field scale. This...
Virginia Strati
Matteo Albéri
Stefano Anconelli
Marica Baldoncini
Marco Bittelli
Carlo Bottardi
Enrico Chiarelli
Barbara Fabbri
Vincenzo Guidi
Kassandra Giulia Cristina Raptis
Domenico Solimando
Fausto Tomei
Giulia Villani
Fabio Mantovani