Agricultural Engineering, Equipment, Sprayers, Irrigation

Cultivo del tomate bajo invernadero

Extensivo manual sobre la producción de tomate en invernadero. A continuación los principales tópicos cubiertos en el manual: Tópicos: Variedades y manejo del cultivo Variedades Localización y diseño de los invernaderos Manejo del...
Moises Escaff G.
Pilar Gil M.
Raul Ferreyra E.
Patricia Estay P.
Alicia Bruna V.
Patricio Maldonado B.
Cristian Barrera M.
INIA Chile

The storage of tropical agricultural products

This Agrodok deals with the problem of storage of agricultural produce in the tropics and sub-tropics. Various methods of storage are discussed, together with the conditions needed and the problems arising during an extended storage period, for several groups of agricultural products. The...
Jelle Hayma

The Impact of Water Quality on Pesticide Performance

Effective pesticide applications require attention to factors that influence product performance: product selection, label instructions, equipment calibration, and application timing. Applicators also learn about product performance from trial and error and from industry and university...
Fred Whitford
Donald Penner
Bill Johnson
Larry Bledsoe
Norm Wagoner
John Garr
Kiersten Wise
Purdue University

Riego con equipos presurizados

En un área de aprox. 2,000,000 ha del sur de Córdoba (Argentina) se evaluaron los equipos de riego con el fin de conocer su funcionamiento, el grado de uniformidad con que trabajan y la eficiencia de riego lograda por los productores. Se realizaron 21 evaluaciones sobre equipos...
Juan M. P. Puiatti
Raúl Jesús Crespi
Ana Rosa Rivetti
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Protected cultivation: Construction, requirements and use of greenhouses in various climates

This Agrodok deals with the possibilities applicable to protect horticultural crops against unfavorable climatic conditions. It fits with the worldwide expansion of tunnels and greenhouses covered with plastic foils during the last two or three decades. The development of sophisticated...
Ernst van Heurn
Kees van der Post

Water harvesting and soil moisture retention

Most techniques for water collection make use of large water sources such as rivers and ground water (eg. wells and irrigation systems), and require large-scale investments. But in many countries in the world small-scale, simple methods have been developed to collect surface runoff for productive...
Justine Anschütz
Antoinette Kome
Marc Nederlof
Rob de Neef
Ton van de Ven

Production of Chili Pepper in Different Kinds of Greenhouse in Korea

This Bulletin discusses the growth and yield of chili pepper in four different kinds of greenhouse. One was a glasshouse, and three were plastic houses. Production of chili pepper in glasshouses was an effective way of increasing the yield per unit area and enhancing the quality. However, producing...
Young Sam Kwon
Hee Chun
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center, Taiwan

Drip Irrigation for Vegetables

Drip (trickle) irrigation was pioneered in the 1940s in England, but not until the advent of polyethylene plastics in the 1960s did field application of this efficient watering method become widespread. Drip irrigation is a method of applying small amounts of water, often on a daily basis, to the...
Charles W. Marr
Danny Rogers
Kansas State University Research and Extension

Hydroponic Systems: Greenhouse Vegetable Production

Many people think of hydroponics as growing plants in water, but hydroponic production actually is defined as growing plants without soil. This production system may use a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials. The nutrient solution, rather than the media in which the plants are growing...
Charles W. Marr
Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station

La tela antigranizo en la maduración de ciruelas japonesas: Prunus salicina

Se evaluó el efecto de la tela antigranizo sobre la evolución de la maduración de las cv. Linda Rosa y Larry Ann de ciruelo japonés. Periódicamente se cosechó fruta de plantas uniformes: ambas situaciones bajo tela y sin protección. Los pará...
Concepción Arjona
María Eugenia Rodríguez
Lidia Podestá
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina