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Fertilizer Management for Greenhouse Vegetables

Plants require 16 elements for normal growth and reproduction. The objective of a sound fertilizer management program is to supply these required nutrients in ample, but not excessive amounts for optimum crop production. This chapter will present general information on plant nutrition that will...
G. J. Hochmuth
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Growing Greenhouse Cucumbers

1. Cucumbers are considered a quick crop because it only takes about 2 weeks to get a seedling ready for transplanting. Also, after transplanting, it should only take approximately 30 days to begin reaping, with harvest continuing for upwards of 3 months. 2. Cucumber plants need about 8-10...

Irrigation of Greenhouse Vegetables

Vegetables produced in greenhouses require ample amounts of water for optimum growth, yield, and fruit quality. Water is the "universal solvent" in plant cells and is involved in many biochemical processes. Growth processes will slow, and lower yield and quality will result if the plant...
G. J. Hochmuth
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Production Systems - Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook, Vol 3

There are numerous production systems currently being utilized worldwide by commercial greenhouse vegetable producers. Among the more important include bag culture, trough culture, rockwool, nutrient film technique (NFT), and ground (in-soil) culture. Many modifications of these basic production...
M. S. Sweat
G. J. Hochmuth
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Materials Handling - Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook

Chemicals Fertilizer materials should be stored in a separate storage building. Humidity in a greenhouse can lead to hardening and caking of some fertilizer salts. Stock tanks should be covered and located away from electrical controllers and switches. This is especially true if acids are being...
S. A. Sargent
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Environmental Controls - Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook

Broadly speaking, environmental control includes the greenhouse structure, related equipment, and the day-to-day management decisions that characterize greenhouse crop production. In typical greenhouses, controls are a mix of manual adjustments, timed events, and thermostatically regulated...
P.H. Jones
University of Florida IFAS Extension

Growing Greenhouse Tomatoes

Jamaica has good conditions for growing tomatoes. Growing tomatoes in a protected environment allows for continuous growth from one plant for upwards of 9- 12 months if proper maintenance is given. This requires average daily temperatures below 24°C. Jamaica has good conditions for growing...

Greenhouse Tomatoes

From the 2010 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide. Content: Culture Varieties, Seeding, Transplanting, Plant Spacing, Temperatures, Application of Fertilizer in Irrigation Water, Mulching, Pruning and Tying, Pollination, Carbon Dioxide Enrichment, and Bag Culture Method Disease Control...
Robert J. Precheur
Mark Bennett
Brad Bergefurd
Luis Cañas
David Francis
Gary Gao
Casey Hoy
Jim Jasinski
Mark Koenig
Matt Kleinhenz
Hal Kneen
Ohio State University

Ciruelas Japonesas bajo tela antigranizo: efecto sobre la calidad

Se evaluó la influencia de la tela antigranizo en la calidad en cosecha y postcosecha de ciruelas japonesas (Prunus salicina Lindl.) cv. Angeleno. Se cosechó fruta de plantas bajo tela y sin tela en dos fechas. Las determinaciones de madurez y calidad se hicieron en cosecha, despu...
María Eugenia Rodríguez
Lidia Podestá
Concepción Arjona
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Evaluation of Low-Drift Nozzles in Agrochemical Applications in Orchards

Fruit production demands several phytosanitary treatments per year. The efficiency of these treatments is affected by product loss because of drift, a situation that is aggravated by frequent high winds and the presence of a substantial rural population. The objective of this study was to evaluate...
Sergio Behmer
Alcides Di Prinzio
Guillermina Striebeck
Jorge Magdalena
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research