Agricultural Engineering, Equipment, Sprayers, Irrigation

Reconditioning Flood-Damaged Farm Equipment

  Contents: Disaster Recovery  1. Assess the Situation  2. Retrieve the Equipment 3. Exterior Cleaning  4. Interior Inspection
Gary Roberson
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Chemical Application Equipment

  The objective of a chemical application program can be summed up with a single sentence: Put the right product on the right target at the right time. To accomplish this objective, good management practices and proper equipment are necessary. In selecting agricultural chemical application...
G. T. Roberson
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Agricultural Machinery Maintenance

  Regardless of their size or complexity, all agricultural machines require routine maintenance to continue operating at peak performance and efficiency. Regular maintenance increases the life of a machine, reduces equipment breakdowns, and improves fuel efficiency. Maintenance may be as...
Gary Roberson
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Selection and Efficient Operation of Farm Tractors

  The selection, operation, and management of farm tractors and their implements is essential to cost-effective farming practices. Therefore, knowledge of tractor equipment, power requirements, optimum loading, and other factors can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your farming...
Gary Roberson
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Uses of Geothermal Energy in Food and Agriculture: Opportunities for Developing Countries

  Contents:  ​Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Geothermal energy: an overview 2.1 Basic concepts 2.2 Uses around the world 2.3 Geothermal energy utilization 2.4 Geothermal energy exploitation 2.5 Availability and use in developed and developing countries Chapter 3 Geothermal uses...
Minh Van Nguyen
Sigurjón Arason
Margeir Gissurarson
Páll Gunnar Pálsson
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Precision Viticulture: The Merging of an old Concept with New Technologies

            A high heterogeneity characterizes vineyards due to several factors such as pedo-morphological characteristics, seasonal weather conditions and cropping practices. This spatial variability in the vineyards leads to a variation in grape quality and yields...
Youssef El Rayess
Marc El Beyrouthy
Desiree El Azzi
Advances in Crop Science and Technology

Artificial LED Lighting Enhances Growth Characteristics and Total Phenolic Content of Ocimum basilicum, but Variably Affects Transplant Success

Themorphological andphytochemical characteristics oftwo Ocimum basilicum cultivars (Lettuce Leaf, and Red Rubin-mountain Athos hybrid) under artificial lighting were investigated. Four LED light treatments [AP673L (high red and high red:far-red), G2 (high red and low red:far-red), AP67 (moderate...
Filippos Bantis
Theoharis Ouzounis
Kalliopi Radoglou
Scientia Horticulturae

High Tunnel Production: The Basics for Success and Three Case Studies on Profitability

This publication summarizes a project that  took place in the Mid-Atlantic region, but high tunnels can be successfully used in a wide variety of climates and locations. They are especially profitable when located close to good markets, such as urban and periurban areas.    Contents...
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University of Maryland Extension

High Tunnel Tomato Production Basics

Tomatoes are king in high tunnels. Tom Ford, Penn State Extension, explains a few best management practices for successful high tunnel tomatoes.    Contents: Trellising Pruning Cluster thinning Leaf removal Spacing
Tom Ford
PennState Extension

Application of Light-Emitting Diodes in Food Production, Postharvest Preservation, and Microbiological Food Safety

Abstract Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) possess unique properties that are highly suitable for several operations in the food industry. Such properties include low radiant heat emissions; high emissions of monochromatic light; electrical, luminous, and photon efficiency; long life expectancy,...
Craig D'Souza
Hyun-Gyun Yuk
Gek Hoon Khoo
Weibiao Zhou
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety