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Phenotypic Diversity in Lima Bean Landraces Cultivated in Brazil, Using The Ward-MLM Strategy

  Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) is an important source of protein for people as it contributes all of the essential amino acids necessary for humans. In Brazil, lima bean has a great relevance, mainly in the Northeast, where it is an alternative income in addition to a...
Raimundo Nonato Oliveira Silva
Marília Lobo Burle
Juliano Gomes Pádua
Ângela Celis de Almeida Lopes
Regina Lucia Ferreira Gomes
Jaime Martínez-Castillo
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Risk Management Guide for Organic Producers

  Table of Contents: Introduction Rotation Soil health Soil fertility  Weed biology Weed management  Weed profiles Transitioning Corn production Soybean production Small grains Forages Winter cover crop Alternative crops  
Mary P. Brakke
Jeff Coulter
Carmen M. Fernholz
Jeffrey L. Gunsolus
Sheri C. Huerd
John A. Lamb
Kristine M. Moncada
Craig C. Sheaffer
James B. Stordahl
Jochum J. Wiersma
Donald L. Wyse
University of Minnesota

Effect of Maize Intercrop Plant Densities on Yield and β-Carotene Contents of Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotatoes

  Despite efforts to demonstrate the value of orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) (Ipomoea batatas L.) and quality protein maize (Zea mays L.) in combating vitamin A and protein malnutrition, small land holdings by rural poor farmers still limit the crops’ overall production in...
A. Asiimwe
I. M. Tabu
B. Lemaga
S. Tumwegamire
African Crop Science Journal

Genetic Analysis of Yield and Flesh Colour in Sweetpotato

  Pre-breeding information on the inheritance mechanism of important sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L.) agronomic traits is still limited. This study aimed at assessing the inheritance of five sweetpotato agronomic traits, viz. marketable fresh root yield (MFRY) and number (MNR),...
S. I. M. Naidoo
S. M. Laurie
D. A. Odeny
B. J. Vorster
W. M. Mphela
M. M. Greyling
B. G. Crampton
African Crop Science Journal

Development and Field Evaluation of Liquid Inoculants with Native Bradyrhizobial Strains for Peanut Production

  A critical process in the leguminous crops cycles is biological nitrogen fixation (BNF). Application of inoculants with N fixing bacteria is economically and environmentally favourable. The aim of this work was to select competitive native peanut microsymbionts, evaluate their...
L. Valetti
J. G. Angelini
T. Taurian
F. J. Ibáñez
V. L. Muñoz
M.S. Anzuay
L. M. Ludueña
A. Fabra
African Crop Science Journal

Efecto de la Densidad de Explantes y El Volumen de Medio de Cultivo sobre la Multiplicación in vitro de Arándano (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) Variedades Brigitta y Legacy

  El objetivo fue evaluar la multiplicación in vitro de dos variedades de arándano (Vaccinium corymbosum L.), “Brigitta” y “Legacy”, en respuesta a cinco densidades de explantes (5, 10, 15, 20 y 25) y cuatro volúmenes de medio (10, 20, 30 y 40 mL)...
Mario Rodríguez Beraud
Daniza Morales Ulloa
Scientia Agropecuaria

Efecto de Mallas Sombreadoras sobre la Producción y Calidad de Frutos de Arándano (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) cv. Brigitta

  Se evaluó el crecimiento, desarrollo y calidad de frutos de arándano (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) variedad Brigitta bajo diversas mallas de sombreo. Los ensayos se realizaron en plantas de 7 años en un huerto comercial de Collipulli, Región de La Araucanía,...
Mario Marcelo Rodríguez Beraud
Daniza Minerva Morales Ulloa
Scientia Agropecuaria

Evaluación de Cuatro Híbridos de Tomate y Tres Programas de Fertilización bajo Condiciones de Invernadero en el Departamento de Sololá

  El use de invernaderos ha crecido en los últimos 10 años en la región de Solola. A pesar de la exitosa adopción de dicha technología y del elevado aumento en la productividad respecto a la producción a campo obierto, aún existen retos para...
Vilma Porres
Edwin de León
Rolando Cifuentes
Revista de la Universidad Valle de Guatemala

Understanding Plant Nitrogen Metabolism through Metabolomics and Computational Approaches

  A comprehensive understanding of plant metabolism could provide a direct mechanism for improving nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in crops. One of the major barriers to achieving this outcome is our poor understanding of the complex metabolic networks, physiological factors, and...
Perrin H. Beatty
Matthias S. Klein
Jeffrey J. Fischer
Ian A. Lewis
Douglas G. Muench
Allen G. Good

Dormancy Overcome and Seedling Quality of Pecan in Nursery

  This study evaluated the efficiency of methods to overcome seed dormancy in different storage periods in the production of pecan seedlings. Seeds were submitted to the following treatments: T1, T4 and T7 - control treatments (seeds with no treatment, stored at room...
Tales Poletto
Marlove Fátima Brião Muniz
Igor Poletto
Valdir Marcos Stefenon
Caciara Gonzatto Maciel
Jéssica Emilia Rabusque
Ciência Rural