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Fechas de Cultivo de Híbridos de Allium cepa L. en Gurupi, Tocantins, Brasil

  Brasil mporta gran cantidad de cebolla, y los estados productores se restringen a las regiones centro-sur; por ello, es indispensable identificar nuevas áreas con potencial de producción. En el estado de Tocantins, al norte de Brasil, no existen antecedentes de cultivo...
Aline Torquato-Tavares
Irais-Dolores Pascual-Reyes
Kellen Kiara Barros-Milhomens
Tiago Alves-Ferreira
Ildon Rodrigues-do-Nascimento
Revista Chpingo Serie Horticultura

Effect of Biofertilizer and Humic Acid Applications on Growth, Yield, Quality and Storability of Two Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Cultivars

  The integration of biofertilizer and Humic Acis (HA) application appears to be a good trial for saving chemical fertilizer and reducing air and soil pollution. In this admiration, two field experiments were performed during two winter seasons of 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 at the Agricultural...
H. S. Abdel-Razzak
G. A. Al Shakawy
Asian Journal of Crop Science

Effect of Irrigation Management and Straw Mulch on Yield of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

  To investigate the effect of straw mulch on irrigation management and operation of common bean, split plot experiment in a randomized complete block design with three replications was conducted in the city of Astaneh Ashrafiyeh during the growing year 2012. These studies include no...
Arash Khonok
Ali Abdzad Gohari
Reza Ebrahimpour Dargah
American-Eurasian Journal of Agronomy

Effect of Spacing and Sowing Time on Growth and Yield of Carrot (Daucus carrota L.)

  An investigation was carried out at the Horticulture Farm of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka during the period from November 2005 to April 2006 to determine the growth and yield of carrot as influenced by different sowing dates and spacing. The study was conducted with...
Ashraful Kabir
Arfan Ali
M.H. Waliullah
Mehdee Mohay Men-Ur Rahman
Abdur Rashid
International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture

Growth and Yield of Summer Tomato as Influenced by Plant Growth Regulators

  A field experiment was carried out at Horticulture Farm of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh, to assess the effect of different plant growth regulators on tomato during summer season 2011. Different plant growth regulators (PGR) viz. PGR = Control, 0...
S. Choudhury
N. Islam
M.D. Sarkar
M.A. Ali
International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture

Assessment of Growth, Floral and Yield Attributes of Gladiolus in Response to Gibberellic Acid Treatment

  A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of various concentrations of gibberellic acid (GA3) on growth, flowering and corm production of Gladiolus cv. White prosperity during October 2012 at botanical garden, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Four levels of...
Pooja Rani
Kuldeep Yadav
Nisha Kataria
Narender Singh
Muzafar Hussain Dar
Rameshwar Groach
Botany Research International

Environmental Effects and Damage Pattern of Insect Pests on Cocoa Production in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria

  Paucity of information in recent times on major and minor insect pest status of cacao plantations in Nigeria necessitated this survey. Knowledge of the insect pest complex associated with any crop is essential for developing effective control strategies for such pests. A survey was...
O.M. Azeez
American-Eurasian Journal Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Response of Surface-irrigated Corn to Regulated Deficit Irrigation

  Corn is the basic input of the Mexican diet. It is grown in one-third of the country, with Sinaloa being the leading producer of irrigated corn in Mexico, mainly by surface irrigation. It has become increasingly urgent to optimize the use of water due to competition from non-agricultural...
Cándido Mendoza-Pérez1
Ernesto Sifuentes-Ibarra
Waldo Ojeda-Bustamante
Jaime Macías-Cervantes
Ingeníera Agrícola y Biosistemas

Estimation of Leaf Area Index and Yield of Greenhouse-grown Poblano Pepper

  Leaf area index (LAI) is a useful variable to characterize crop dynamics, productivity and water requirements. The three-fold aim of this work was to estimate the LAI of poplano pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) with a ceptometer, compare the results with the destructive method and analyze the...
Cándido Mendoza-Pérez
Carlos Ramírez-Ayala
Waldo Ojeda-Bustamante
Héctor Flores-Magdaleno
Ingeníera Agrícola y Biosistemas

Impactos Potenciales del Cambio Climático en la Producción de Nuez en la Región del Noroeste de México y Suroeste de Estados Unidos

  El nogal pecanero (Carya illinoinensis [Wangenh] K. Koch) es un cultivo económicamente importante tanto para México como para Estados Unidos de América. El Cambio climático (con incrementos en bióxido de carbono, incremento en la temperatura ...
J.G. Mexal
E. Herrera
Technociencia Chihuahua