Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

Good Agricultural Practices: A Self-Audit for Growers and Handlers

Self assessment of Good Agricultural Practices and microbial food safety. Designed to be used by growers, packers, and handlers of fresh-consumed horticultural products. This will provide a brief outline of the fundamental components of microbial food safety that should be part of any...
UC Davis
UC Davis

National benchmarking against GLOBALGAP: Case studies of Good Agricultural Practices in Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico and Chile

This desk study examines the experiences and lessons learned from four case studies of countries aiming at the GLOBALGAP benchmarking procedure for na. tional Good Agricultural Practices, namely Chile, Kenya, Malaysia, and Mexico. Aspects that determine the origin and character of the benchmarking...
Olga van der Valk
Joop van der Roest
LEI Wageningen UR