Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

Manual Práctico - Implementación de Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas

  Contenido:  1. Qué son las buenas prácticas agrícolas? 2. Instalaciones  3. Equipos Utensilios y Herramientas 4. Manejo del Agua 5. Manejo de suelos 6. Siembra Transplante y Material de Propagación  7. Nutrients de Plantas 8. Protección...
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego - Piura Región
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego

Processing of Fresh-Cut Tropical Fruits and Vegetables: A Technical Guide

Fruit and vegetable production and consumption in Asia and the Pacific region have shown a marked upward trend over the past several years. Rising consumer demand in the region has come with greater awareness of food safety issues and increased need for convenience and quality. The fresh-cut...
Jennylynd B. James
Tipvanna Ngarmsak
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

  This review includes an overview of the most important preventive measures along the farm to fork chain to prevent microbial contamination of leafy greens. It also includes the technological and managerial interventions related to primary production, postharvest handling, processing...
Maria I. Gil
Maria V. Selma
Trevor Suslow
Liesbeth Jacxsens
Mieke Uyttendaele
Ana Allende

Guía de formación en buenas prácticas agrícolas para hortalizas: un maravilloso viaje por las buenas prácticas agrícolas en hortalizas: mis amigos y yo

  El presente documento se ha desarrollado en el marco del Proyecto de Fortalecimiento de la implementación de las Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas-BPA en la producción fruti-hortícola, en la Región Sur, financiado por el IICA mediante el Fondo Concursable...
Curcio, N.Sartori, A.

GAP Record Keeping Sheets: All Sheets

Individual farm and packinghouse record-keeping sheets. Each sheet is a customizable Microsoft Word document.
Cornell University, Department of Food Science
Cornell University

GAP Record Keeping Sheets: Thermometer Calibration Sample

Individual farm and packinghouse record-keeping sheets. Each sheet is a customizable Microsoft Word document.
Cornell University, Department of Food Science
Cornell University

Quality Management System: Good Agricultural Practice (Gap) for on-Farm Production in Thailand

Thailand has been gradually developing its quality management system by modifying concepts of international standards. Quality policy, quality objectives, quality plan, operation procedures, work instructions, forms and checklists are documented in the system. The concept of Hazard Analysis and...
Surmsuk Salakpetch
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Development of Good Agricultural Practice Programs in New Zealand's Fruit Industries

The New Zealand fruit sector has seen rapid uptake of integrated pest management (IPM) followed by integrated fruit production (IFP) then finally good agricultural practice (GAP) programs since the early 1990s. The kiwifruit sector's `KiwiGreen' program achieved complete adoption by 1997...
Jim T.S. Walker
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Implementación de Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas

¿Qué son las Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas (BPA)? Son el conjunto de principios, normas, y recomendaciones técnicas aplicables a las diversas etapas de producción, para ofrecer al mercado productos inocuos y sanos para su comercialización directa o...
Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agraria
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego, Perú

Growing Vegetables, Fruits and Produce (Food Safety Self-Assesment Tool)

Food safety is a concern to all involved in the production, marketing and consumption of foodstuff. Produce, fruits and vegetables, present unique problems in that they are often consumed raw without processing. In many cases, small produce growers market their crops directly to consumers or...
Karen L.B. Gast
Dan Nagengast
Rhonda Janke
Donald C. Cress
Kansas State University