Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

2011 MSU Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Assistance Manual

  This manual is meant to act as a guide for growers who are developing a food safety plan to meet the requirements of a USDA GAP Audit during 2011. The goal of the food safety plan is to implement the objectives outlined in the United States Food and Drug Administration’s “Guide...
Michigan State University
MACMA/Michigan State University Extension

Food Safety Manual

  In the supply chains for fruit and vegetables there is an increasing demand for more attention to food safety. Farmer Field Schools has proven to be a very effective method to incorporate food safety aspects into farming practices1. This manual is a reference guide for the inclusion of Food...
Frederike Praasterink
Catherine Bessy
Marjon Fredrix
Alfredo Impiglia
Almalinda Morales-Abubakar
Jan Ketelaar
Anne-Sophie Poisot
Areepan Upanisakorn
Harry van der Wulp

Pesticides and Food Safety

  The key points made in Pesticides and Food Safety are that pesticides may improve variety, availability, and quality of foods. IPM programs are decreasing actual pesticide use, regulatory and monitoring programs are in place, and the human health risks from consuming pesticide residues on...
Fred Whitford
Linda Mason
Carl Winter
Arlene Blessing
Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service

Pesticides and Container Management

  Read and follow all label instructions. This includes directions for use, precautionary statements (hazards to humans, domestic animals, and endangered species), environmental hazards, rates of application, number of applications, reentry intervals, harvest restrictions, storage and...
Fred Whitford
Andrew G. Martin
Joseph D. Becovitz
Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service

Manejando Pesticidas: Ropas Recomendadas y Equipo

  Las ropas y otros artículos usados para proteger el cuerpo del contacto con los pesticidas o sus residuos son conocidos con el nombre de equipo protector personal (PPE). El PPE incluye mamelucos, todas las ropas usadas (incluyendo la ropa interior), guantes, calzado, delantales,...
Elmo Collum
Mississippi State University

Food Safety Begins on the Farm: A Grower's Guide

  This document addresses microbial food safety hazards and good agricultural and management practices common to the growing, harvesting, washing, sorting, packing, and transporting of most fruits and vegetables sold to consumers in an unprocessed or minimally processed (raw) form. This...
Anusuya Rangarajan
Elizabeth A. Bihn
Robert B. Gravani
Donna L. Scott
Marvin P. Pritts
Cornell University

Pesticides and Personal Safety

Pests include plants and animals that vector disease, interfere with the production of food and fiber crops, or otherwise detract from our quality of life. Pesticides are natural or synthetic substances used by man to control pest organisms by disrupting some part of their life processes....
Fred Whitford
C. Richard Edwards
Jonathan J. Neal
Andrew G. Martin
John Osmun
Robert M. Hollingworth
Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service

Crop Production Recordkeeping Folder

A management system which includes crop records increases returns by improving nutrient and pesticide-use efficiency. This Field File provides an organized place for storing information on each crop-producing field. Five basic tables are printed on the folder for recording information related to...
Fred Whitford
Cheri Janssen
Steve Hawkins
Brad Joern
Sarah Brichford
Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service

Pesticides: compounds, use and hazards

Agromisa would like to stress from the start that use of chemical pesticides should be completely avoided wherever possible. All options for using alternative, non-chemical methods of crop protection should be explored first. Only if none of these are possible should chemical control be...
Jeroen Boland
Irene Koomen
Joep van Lidth de Jeude
Jan Oudejans

Insecticide Safety

Read and heed the precautions on the label. Relatively few deaths have occurred among workers handling poisonous agricultural products or insecticides. Those that have occurred can be traced to disregard of even the minimum safety directions and precautions found on product labels. Some violations...
Freddie Johnson
University of Florida, IFAS Extension