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Bacterial Spot of Pepper and Tomato

  Table of Contents General Information Symptoms Cause  Source of Infection Field Spread Control Cautions  
Inga Meadows
Michelle Henson
North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Cocoa (Chocolate Bean) Growing in The Florida Home Landscape

  Table of Contents: Description Varieties Climate Propagation Production Spacing Planting a Cocoa Tree Site Selection Plating in Sandy Soil Planting in Rockland Soil Planting on a Mound Care of Cocoa Tress in the Home Landscape Pruning Insect Pests Diseases Harvest      ...
Jonathan H. Crane
Carlos F. Balerdi
Gene Joyner
IFAS Extension, University of Florida

Current Status of Fungi Associated with Strawberry (FragariaXananassa Duch.) Dry Wilt in Guanajuato, Mexico

  Strawberry dry wilt (FragariaXananassa Duch.) is the main disease in this crop at the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. It causes losses of up to 7.5 Mg ha-1 (50 % of the production). In Guanajuato this disease is associated with 14 fungi species, Fusarium oxysporum is the...
Luis A. Mariscal-Amaro
Alfredo Rivera-Yerena
Pedro A. Dávalos-González
Daniel Ávila-Martínez

The Effect of Mesoclimate on the Repening of Nebbilio Grapes (Vitis vinifera) in The Valley of Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

  The physiology of vines (Vitis vinifera) is regulated by the mesoscale and large-scale climatic conditions. Valle de Guadalupe is a winegrowing basin where most of Mexico’s wine production takes place and presents climatic variations in mesoscale that could influence the...
Alejandro Cabello-Pasini
Víctor Macias-Carranza
Adán Mejía-Trejo

Fall Armyworm in Africa: A Guide for Integrated Pest Management

  Table of Contents: Chapter 1 - Integrated Pest Management of Fall Armyworm in Africa: An Introduction Chapter 2 - Monitoring, Surveillance, and Scouting for Fall Armyworm Chapter 3 - Pesticide Hazard and Risk Management, and Compatibility with IPM Chapter 4 - Host...
The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Feed the Future
The CGIAR Research Program on Maize (MAIZE)

Diversidad de Hongos en Cinco Cultivares de Mango (Mangifera Indica L.) del Banco de Germoplasma del INIA-CENIAP, Maracay

  El Campo Experimental del INIA-CENIAP, en Maracay, Venezuela, dispone de un banco de germoplasma con una elevada diversidad de cultivares de mango, pero en años recientes se ha detectado la muerte de gran cantidad de árboles en diferentes accesiones. Entre los...
Carlos Pacheco
María Suleima González
Edward Manzanilla

Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide and Thiourea in Dormancy Breaking of Microtubers and Field-grown Tubers of Potato

  Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) microtubers or field-grown tubers have a dormant apical bud (also called tuber dormancy). They do not readily sprout even if environmental conditions are favorable, including optimum temperature and humidity. The objective of this study was to evaluate...
F. Mani
T. Bettaeib
N. Doudech
C. Hannachi
African Crop Science Journal

Influence of 2, 3-Dihydro-2, 2-Dimethyl Benzofuran Rates and Okra Varieties on The Incidence of Flea Beetle

  Okra, Abelmoschus esculentus L. (Syn. Hibiscus esculentus) is an important vegetable crop cultivated mainly for its immature edible green fruits that are known for their high levels of vitamins A, C and some minerals. Unfortunately, insect pests are a major setback for commercial...
E.O. Ogah
African Crop Science Journal

Microsaltellite Analysis of Intra Cultivar Diversity in ‘Chinnarasam' Mango from Andhra Pradesh, India

  ‘Chinnarasam’, a juicy cultivar of mango (Mangifera indica L.), is among the most important mangoes of an Indian State of Andhra Pradesh, whose production and quality is variable across the State. Twenty accessions of ‘Chinnarasam’ (CR Acc-l to CR Acc-20)...
H. Begum
M.T. Reddy
S. Malathi
B.P. Reddy
G. Narshimulu
J. Nagaraju
E.A. Siddiq
African Crop Science Journal

Phosphorus Fertilization of 'Fuyutoyo' Cabbages in Phosphorus-rich Eutrustox Soil

  Crop fertilization with P is a practice that constantly needs to be improved because of its high cost, natural reserve constraints, and environmental impact caused by the excessive use of nutrients. Phosphorus rates (0, 120, 240, 360, 480, 600, and 720 kg P2O5 ha-1) in the...
Arthur Bernardes Cecílio Filho
Gilson Silverio da Silva
Juan Waldir Mendoza Cortez
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research