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Evaluation of The Growth and Quality of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in A Closed Recirculating Hydroponic System

  The production of lettuce in hydroponic systems with a recirculating nutrient solution has been growing, so it is necessary to evaluate the growth and quality of production under this system. Two harvest cycles were evaluated, comparing the behavior of physiological...
Rafael David Fraile-Robayo
Javier Giovanni Álvarez-Herrera
Andrea Johana Reyes M.
Omar Ferney Álvarez-Herrera
Ana Lucía Fraile-Robayo
Agronomía Colombiana

Response of Radish Seedlings (Raphanus sativus L.) to Different Concentrations of Ammoniacal Nitrogen in Absence and Presence of Silicon

  There are unknown thresholds about the effects of ammonia toxicity in the cultivation of radish and its prejudice is higher  in the root than in the aerial part, been the use of silicon an alternative to mitigate this toxicity. The objective was to evaluate the response of...
Dilier Olivera Viciedo
Renato de Mello Prado
Rodolfo Lizcano Toledo
Luiz Cláudio Nascimento dos Santos
Kolima Peña Calzada
Agronomía Colombiana

Internal Morphology and Histology of Blueberry vaccinium corymbosum L.(Ericaceae) in Lima, Peru

  Although there is a lot of information about cultivation, use and medicinal properties of blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum, there is still little information about its internal morphology and histology. Therefore, we proposed to know more of those aspects and to understand...
Rafael La Rosa
María Sánchez
Eleucy Pérez
Agronomía Colombiana

Variability and Genetic Structure of Yellow Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis f. Lavicarpa Degener) in Colombia Using Microsatellite DNA Markers

  Colombia is one of the leading producers of yellow passion fruit but the genetic studies based on molecular markers from commercial plantations have not been considered to select interesting market material. The goal of this study was to assess the genetic variability and the...
John Ocampo
Natali Acosta-Barón
Javier Hernández-Fernández
Agronomía Colombiana

Microclimate Modification Using Eco-friendly Nets and Foating Row Covers Improves Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) Yield and Quality for Small Holder Farmers in East Africa

  Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) is one of the important vegetables in supplying vitamins, min- erals and fiber to human diets worldwide. Its successful production in the tropics is, however, constrained by environmental variations espe- cially under open field conditions. Two trials were...
Mwanarusi Saidi
Elisha O. Gogo
Francis M. Itulya
Thibaud Martin
Mathieu Ngouajio
Agricultural Sciences

Induced Systemic Resistance to Meloidogyne spp by β,amino Butyric Acid in Tomato

  β,amino butyric acid (BABA) induced resistance against Meloigogyne spp in tomato. Signifi- cantly (p = 0.05) less, 41.11 second stage juve- niles (J2) enter the roots of treated than, 116.66 J2 in untreated control plants. Root fresh and dry weight (Rfw, Rdw) were 2.87 and 0.12 g in...
Shamaael S. Mutar
Farkad A. Fattah
Agricultural Sciences

The Role of Green Manure Nitrogen Use by Corn and Sugarcane Crops in Brazil

  Three assays were developed from April 3, 1995 to October 10, 2005. The work with corn was conducted in a greenhouse, using velvet bean (Mucuna aterrima) and sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea) as green manure with 15N labeling of either shoots or roots, in two soils with con- trasting textural...
Edmilson José Ambrosano
Heitor Cantarella
Gláucia Maria Bovi Ambrosano
Fábio Luis Ferreira Dias
Fabrício Rossi
Paulo Cesar Ocheuze Trivelin
Takashi Muraoka
Agricultural Sciences

Fertilización Complementada con Sílice en La Resistencia del Tomate a Fusarium oxysporum Schtdl.

  A nivel mundial, el tomate ocupa el primer lugar en producción. Este fruto presenta beneficios como antioxidante y es ampliamente usado en la cocina mesoamericana. Entre las enfermedades que presenta se encuentra la causada por Fusarium oxysporum, que produce marchitez y muerte de la...
Yolanda García-Ramos
María Elena Galindo-Tovar
Joaquín Murguía-González
Ivonne Landero-Torres
Agronomía Mesoamericana

Variabilidad Patogénica de Colletotrichum lindemuthianum y Resistencia en Germoplasma de Phaseolus vulgaris L. de Ecuador

  La antracnosis causada por Colletotrichum lindemuthianum, es una de las enfermedades de mayor importancia económica del cultivo de fréjol (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) en Ecuador. La mejor alternativa de control es el uso de variedades resistentes. C. lindemuthianum...
Diego Rodríguez-Ortega
Laura Vega-Jiménez
Ángel Murillo-Ilbay
Eduardo Peralta-Idrovo
Juan Carlos Rosas-Sotomayor
Agricultural Sciences

Molecular Study of the Genetic Variability of Pumpkins Landraces from Brazilian Amazon

  The Cucurbita maxima Duchesne is a vegetable crop plant cultivated and maintained by traditional Amazon communities, Brazil. The situation is worsened by the possibility of disappearance of local populations and genetic variability of this specie, taking into account the today...
Lúcia Helena Pinheiro Martins
Maria Teresa Gomes Lopes
Hiroshi Noda
Pedro de Queiroz Costa Neto
Ayrton Luiz Urizzi Martins
Fabíola Viana de Almeida
Liane Cristine Rebouças Demosthenes
Agricultural Sciences