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Genome-Wide Identification of Two-Component Signal Transduction System Genes in Melon (Cucumis melon L.)

  Two-component system (TCS) is responsible for cytokinin signaling, which plays critical roles in plant development and physiological process. This system is generally composed of two signaling factors, a histidine kinase (HK) and a response regulator (RR) that is associated with a...
Panjing Liu
Xiaoyu Yang
Yana Zhang
Shuoshuo Wang
Qian Ge
Qiang Li
Chao Wang
Qinghua Shi
Zhonghai Ren
Lina Wang
Agricultural Sciences

Influence of Fertilizer Type on Beet Production and Post-Harvest Quality Characteristic

  The beet (Beta vulgaris L.) vegetable is of great importance in the Brazilian market, mainly by having high nutritional values in consumer diet. Thus, the objective of this work was to evaluate the effects of organic and mineral fertilization on the production and post-harvest...
Carmen Rosa da Silva Curvêlo
Layane Hyasmin Bernardes Diniz
Alexandre Igor de Azevedo Pereira
Luiz Leonardo Ferreira
Agricultural Sciences

Sweetpotato Production and Variety Performance in Southeast Virginia, 2015-2016

  “Sweetpotato” (Ipomoea batatas) is a tropical crop widely grown throughout the world with China being the largest producer. It is a member of the morning glory family, originating in South America. In the United States, it is grown as an annual crop for...
Ramón A. Arancibia
Stephanie Romelczyk
Roy D. Flanagan
Scott Reiter
Mike Parrish
James Jenrette
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Low Tunnels in Vegetable Crops: Beyond Season Extension

  To improve sustainability, farmers use intensive production systems such as mulches, floating row covers as well as low tunnels and high tunnels to protect against cold temperatures and extend the production season (figure 1) (Arancibia 2009 and 2012; Carey et al. 2009; Pool and Stone 2014...
Ramón A. Arancibia
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Organic Vegetable Gardening in Florida

  Florida’s climate allows homeowners to grow fresh, delicious vegetables nearly year-round. Basic vegetable gardening information, planting dates, reliable varieties, and much more can be found in the Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide, available from your county...
Danielle D. Treadwell
Sydney Park Brown
James Stephens
Susan Webb
IFAS Extension, University of Florida

Insect-proof Netting Technique: Effective Control of Bemisia tabaci and Tomato chlorosis virus (ToCV) in Protected Cultivations in China

  Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius), the vector of Tomato chlorosis virus (ToCV), is one of the major pests of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L. var.  lycopersicum), potentially causing up to 100% yield loss. The purpose of this research was to effectively reduce intrusion by B. tabaci...
Fan Wang
Jin Liu
Yonghao Dong
Peng Chen
Xiaoping Zhu
Yongjie Liu
Jingyu Ma
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Heirloom Hot Pepper Varieties in Florida

  Hot peppers are members of the Capsicum genus of the nightshade family Solanaceae (Rhodes 2009). Hot peppers are native to Central and South America where they have been part of the human diet since about 7500 BCE (Bosland 1996). Hot peppers were named...
Monica Ozores-Hampton
IFAS Extension, University of Florida

Tiempo de Almacenamiento del Cormo y Su Efecto en El Crecimiento y Producción de Plátano (Musa AAB) Dominico Hartón

  Se evaluó el efecto del tiempo de almacenamiento del material de siembra sobre el crecimiento y producción del plátano (Musa AAB), utilizando cormos de plantas sanas libres de tejido necrosado.La mitad de ellos fueron sumergidos durante 60 min en una soluci...
Manuel Aristizábal L.
Acta Agronómica

Detección y Cuantificación del Potato Mop-top Virus (PMTV) en Colombia Mediante qRT-PCR

  El Potato mop-top virus (PMTV) es uno de los virus re-emergentes en cultivos de papa en Colombia. Es transmitido por Spongospora subterranea, el agente causal de la sarna polvosa. La detección del PMTV presenta dificultades debido a su distribució...
Nevar García Bastidas
Pablo Gutiérrez Sánchez
Mauricio Marín Montoya
Acta Agronómica

Análisis de Medias Generacionales para Estimar Parámetros Genéticos de Rendimiento en Una Cruza de Pimentón y Ají Cayenne ( Capsicum annuum )

  El peso de frutos por planta es una característica compleja y controlada por múltiples genes donde el ambiente interfiere en la manifestación fenotípica. La estimación de componentes génicos como los de interacción epistática...
Fernando Aguilar Silva
Bernardo Aguilar Silva
Mario Augusto García
Acta Agronómica