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Effect of Exogenous Application of Boric Acid and Seaweed Extract on Growth, Biochemical Content and Yield of Eggplant

  There is no adequate literature on the effects of boron (B) and seaweed extract on the physiological responses of eggplant plants as well as yield. In the present study, the field experiment was carried out during the two growing seasons of 2012 and 2013, at the Experimental Farm, Faculty of...
Abd El-Gawad H.G.
H.S. Osman
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants

Conventional Basil Production in Different Growing Media of Compost, Vermicompost or Peat-Moss with Loamy Soil

  Experiment was conducted during two successive seasons 2012-2013 to study the effect of growing media on growth and oil production in greenhouse or in open field. Available soil (loam soil) from El-Bosaily Research Station was blended with (20, 40, 60 and 80% blends in volume of peatmoss)...
Mohammed Hewidy
Engy Sultan
Maha Elsayed
Mohamed Abdrabbo
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants

Comportamiento de "Monrepós" como patrón para cerezo (Prunus avium L.) en el Valle del Ebro

  Se ha evaluado el comportamiento agronómico de "Monrepós", un nuevo patrón para cerezo seleccionado en el CITA de Aragón, perteneciente al grupo de ciruelos denominado de crecimiento rápido. El estudio se llevó a cabo durante 9 años...
A. Pina
R. Gella
P. Errea

Manejo básico y resultados preliminares de crecimiento y supervivencia de tencas (Tinca tinca L.) y lechugas (Lactuca sativa L.) en un prototipo acuapónico

  Este trabajo presenta el manejo básico de un prototipo acuapónico así como resultados preliminares sobre el crecimiento de tencas y lechugas en dicho prototipo. El sistema consta de una instalación de recirculación de agua con cuatro elementos en el...
J.R. Lobillo
V.M. Fernández-Cabanás
E. Carmona
F.J. Candón L.
Fundacion Dialnet

Improving Fruit Quality of Le-conte Pear Trees by Spraying Some Chemical Compounds

  This study carried out during 2012 and 2013 seasons to study the effect of spraying 10, 20 or 30% methanol alone or mixed with either 1% urea or 1% glycine treatments on improving fruit quality of "Le-Conte" pear trees. Materials were applied on developing fruit stage (about 60...
Hanaa M. Sherif
Abd El-Bary A.
Hamed M. Mokhtar
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants

Manual de Arándano

El alto costo del establecimiento de una plantación de arándanos (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) y el largo tiempo de producción de esta plantación, requiere de un proyecto de establecimiento que evalúe varios factores de vital importancia para asegurar el logro de los...
Carmen Rebolledo
José San Martín
Juan Hirzel
Hamil Uribe
Andrés France
Alberto Pedreros
Ernesto Cisternas
Bruno Defilippi
Paula Robledo
Cecilia Becerra
INIA Chile

Cut Flower Production

  The specialty cut-flower business may fit well into a small-scale and part-time farming operation. New growers can control startup costs by entering the business slowly through increasing investment and production as their businesses and markets grow. Contents Marketing Getting Started...
Steven M. Bogash
Thomas G. Ford
Lynn F. Kime
Jayson K. Harper
Penn State Extension

Snap Bean Production

  Snap beans are a vegetable crop in the legume family, well-suited to small-scale and part-time farming operations. Initial investment is relatively low, and field operations - such as land preparation, planting, and mechanical harvesting - can be custom-hired. Equipment needs on a small-...
Michael D. Orzolek
George L. Greaser
Jayson K. Harper
Penn State Extension

Potato Production

Due to the wide diversity in types and high consumer consumption, potatoes fit well with many growers. They can be marketed direct to consumers at farm stands, farmers markets, and through other local retail outlets. Contents Marketing Planting and Fertilization Pest Control Harvest and Storage...
Steven M. Bogash
William J. Lamont Jr.
R. Matthew Harsh
Lynn F. Kime
Jayson K. Harper
Penn State Extension

Pepper Production

  Peppers lend themselves well to small-scale and part-time farming operations. Various markets exist for growers with small-acreage farms (those with fewer than 5 acres), and the multiple mature fruit colors (green, red, yellow, orange, purple, and brown), shapes, and varying hotness (from...
Michael D. Orzolek
Lynn F. Kime
Steven M. Bogash
Jayson K. Harper
R. Matthew Harsh
Penn State Extension