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Ameliorative Effect of Chelating Agents on Photosynthetic Attributes of Cd Stressed Sunflower

  Excessive input of heavy metals in water reservoir and cultivated land primarily affects the growth and yield of crops. The aim of this work was to study the mechanism of Cd toxicity and damage to photosynthetic pigments and their efficiency and the potential of natural (OA) and synthetic...
Rumana Sadiq
Nazimah Maqbool2
Muhammad Haseeb
Agricultural Sciences

Estimation of Genetic Parameters of Turiaçu Pineapple Clones and Genetic Correlation between Traits

  This study aimed to estimate genetic parameters of Turiaçu pineapple clones using mixed models; and estimate genetic correlation coefficient between  traits, to provide important information to breeding programs. For this, 19 pineapple plants were visually selected and...
Guilherme Barbosa Abreu
Marcos Miranda Toledo
Marcelo Mattos Cavallari
José Ribamar Gusmão Araújo
Antônia Alice Costa Rodrigues
Luiz Gustavo de Lima Melo
Augusto César Vieira Neves Júnior
Agricultural Sciences

Effects of Exogenous Ca2+ on Photosynthetic Characteristics and Fruit Quality of Pepper under Waterlogging Stress

  Pepper is one of the most important vegetable crops in China. Consumers in China are increasingly demanding high  quality pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) fruit. As in flood crops, natural disasters, such as flooding, might not only affect pepper yield, but also significantly impact fruit...
Li-Jun Ou
Zhou-Bin Liu
Yu-Ping Zhang
Xue-Xiao Zou
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Re-watering: An Effective Measure to Recover Growth and Photosynthetic Characteristics in Salt-stressed Brassica napus L.

  Salinity is one of major environmental problem which is limiting the agricultural production. This research was conducted to evaluate the effect of re-watering on Brassica napus L., and determination of an appropriate regime for dilution of salted water by studying photosynthetic...
Qaiser Javed
Yanyou Wu
Deke Xing
Ahmad Azeem
Ikram Ullah
Muhammad Zaman
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Reaction of Melon Genotypes to Didymella bryoniae (Fuckel) Rehm

  The cultivation of melon (Cucumis melo L.) in greenhouses has contributed to the increased incidence of fungal diseases, particularly gummy stem blight caused by Didymella bryoniae (Fuckel) Rehm. This disease is currently considered the main disease affecting this crop,...
Lucas da S. Santos
Willame dos S. Candido
Hudson de O. Rabelo
Marcus V. Marin
Lucas A. Gaion
Rafaelle F. Gomes
Margarete Camargo
Leila T. Braz
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Genotype and Environmental Effects on Physical and Chemical Qualities of Mexican Varieties of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Flowers

  This study evaluated 53 red color-contrasting genotypes of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. of dehydrated calyces grown in a traditionally producing regions of Colima, Guerrero, Nayarit, Oaxaca and Puebla states in Mexico. The objective was to quantify the effects of genotype (G), environment (A,...
César Sánchez-Feria
Víctor A. González-Hernández
Yolanda Salinas-Moreno
Nicacio Cruz-Huerta

Positioning Temperature Sensors for Frost Protection in Northern Cranberry Production

  Frost can cause serious economic losses in cranberry fields, particularly in northern regions. When the air temperature reaches a low critical threshold,  sprinklers are operated to protect vines, to insure crop production and profitability. To avoid frost injury, proper...
Vincent Pelletier
Silvio Jose Gumiere
Steeve Pepin
Jacques Gallichand
Jean Caron
Agricultural Sciences

Nitrogen Fertilization and Inoculation Effects on Dry Bean

  Dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) has the ability to form symbiotic relationships with N2-fixing bacteria. The research objectives were to evaluate yield and growth differences between dry bean cultivars from black, navy, and pinto market classes, with different N management...
Ryan Buetow
Grant H. Mehring
Hans Kandel
Burton Johnson
Juan M. Osorno
Agricultural Sciences

Induction of Anthracnose Disease Resistance on Chili Fruit by Treatment of Oligochitosan—Nanosilica Hybrid Material

  Oligochitosan (OC) with molecular weight Mw of 5000 g/mol was prepared by gamma Co-60 ray irradiation of chitosan solution. Nanosilica (nSiO2 ) with the size of 10 - 30 nm was synthesized by calcination of acid treated rice husk. The mixture of 1% OC - 1% nSiO2  was...
Pham Dinh Dzung
Le Thanh Hung
Le Si Ngoc
Hoang Dac Hiet
Bui Van Le
Nguyen Tien Thang
Dang Van Phu
Nguyen Ngoc Duy
Nguyen Quoc Hien
Agricultural Sciences

Response of Shoot and Root in vitro Cultures of Banana Plant (Musa acuminata L.) cv Barangan to Salinity Stresses

  Background and Objective: Banana plants are agricultural crops, particularly horticulture, mostly consumed by many people. Banana plants are considerably influenced by biotic and abiotic environmental factors. Stresses caused by abiotic factors, is one of which caused by salinity...
Anne Nuraini
Warid Ali Qosim
Asian Journal of Agricultural Research