Organic Vegetable & Fruit Production, Insect & Disease Control

Suggestions for Organic Blueberry Production in Georgia

Organic food production is a niche market that is increasing at about 1520% each year. It now constitutes over $11 billion in retail U.S. food sales. Organic blueberries often sell for a premium of about 20% or more over conventional blueberries. Organic farmers are required to follow an...
Gerard Krewer
Relinda Walker
University of Georgia Extension

Organic Insect and Disease Control for lettuce

Lettuce belongs to the Composite family, a large group that includes sunflowers, artichokes, endive and chicory, as well as noxious weeds like thistles and ragweed. It is commonly grown for its edible leaves as a salad crop. It may be the most widely grown crop on organic farms because its value...
Brian Caldwell
Emily Brown Rosen
Eric Sideman
Anthony M. Shelton
Christine D. Smart
Cornell University

Producción Orgánica de Uvas para la Elaboración de Vino

Este extenso manual cubre los principales aspectos de la producción orgánica de uvas. los tópicos presentados incluyen los principios y fundamentos de la agricultura orgánica, la viticultura orgánica, manejo productivo del viñedo orgánico,...
Ernesto Labra
Oscar Astudillo
Irina Díaz
Fernando Fernández
Cecilia Céspedes
Natalia Olivares
Robinson Vargas
Pablo Galasso
Carlos Pino
INIA Chile

Considerations in Organic Apple Production

  This guide covers pest management, use of particle film technology, disease management, and brief discussion on economics for organic apple production. Content: Multiple Pests: No Silver Bullet, Just a Scattergun Plum Curculio: The Snout-nosed, Hump-backed, Pimpled Nemesis Particle...
Guy Ames
ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Organic Orchard, Vineyard and Berry Crop Documentation Forms

In order to become certified organic, producers must demonstrate to an accredited certifier that their farm operation complies with National Organic Program regulations. The 17 forms in this package are provided as tools that orchardists and viticulturists can use for documenting practices, inputs...
George Kuepper
Lisa Cone
ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Blueberries: Organic Production

    A complete guide for organic blueberry production. This publication covers cultural practices, soils and fertility, and pests and diseases management. In addition there is a brief marketing analysis. List of Topics: Choosing a Variety Soils and Fertility Cultural...
George L. Kuepper
Steve Diver
ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Organic and Low-Spray Peach Production

This publication describes the major diseases and insect pests of peaches and discusses organic or least-toxic control options for each. It emphasizes the considerable climatic differences between the arid West, which is relatively amenable to organic peach production, and the humid East, where it...
Steve Diver
Tracy Mumma
ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Organic Products Regulations, Canada

    Final version of the Canadian Organic Products Regulation. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada These Regulations apply to food and drink intended for human consumption and food intended to feed livestock, including agricultural crops used for those purposes. They also apply to the...
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Canada Gazette