Organic Vegetable & Fruit Production, Insect & Disease Control

Organic Greenhouse Vegetable Production

  Organic greenhouse vegetable production is regularly practiced by certified organic farmers and market gardeners, and has potential for wider adaptation by established greenhouse operators and entry level growers as a niche market or sustainable method of production. This publication focuses...
Lane Greer
Steve Diver

Organic Garlic Production

Garlic is well adapted for production in all parts of the U.S. Yield and quality vary with climate, region, altitude, soil and pH, cultural practices, and variety of garlic. The term “biological elasticity” describes garlic’s ability to acclimate to these factors over time. No...
Janet Bachmann

Organic Cultivation of Mangoes

  The mango grows best in tropical summer rain regions, at temperatures between 24°C and 28°C. Despite being fully foliated, the trees are remarkably resistant against drying out. A dry period or cooler temperatures enliven the blossoming and the production of mangoes. A period of...
Franz Augstburger
Jörn Berger
Udo Censkowsky
Petra Heid
Joachim Milz
Christine Streit.
Naturland e.V.

Conservation Tillage on Organic Farms

Two-hundred years of tillage have taken their toll on America’s farm soils. The moldboard plow, extensive tillage, and other soil management practices have promoted wind and water erosion, costly nutrient losses from farm fields due to runoff and leaching, and a serious depletion of soil...
Keith R. Baldwin
CEFS NC State University

Manejo Integrado de Plagas en Banano Orgánico en Querecotillo

Daños y manejo de insectos presentes en banano orgánico. Incluye Manejo Integrado. Pulgón negro - Pentalonia nigronervosa Cochinilla harinosa - Pseudococcus elisae Arañita roja - Tetranychus cinnabarinus Picudo rayado - Metamasius hemipterus Picudo negro...
Egverto Pasapera Córdova
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego, Perú

Soil Quality Considerations for Organic Farmers

In our drive to meet the food and fiber needs of ever-increasing populations, we are taxing the resilience of the planet’s natural resources. This fevered quest to pursue ever-increasing crop yields has had devastating impacts: widespread soil erosion, atmospheric pollution, overgrazed...
Keith R. Baldwin
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Manejo de Plagas

El documento “MANEJO DE PLAGAS” tiene el siguiente contenido: Se presenta de manera práctica la preparación de biocontroladores de plagas y enfermedades en base a extractos de plantas (narciso, hierbas, ajo, chile, cebolla, ortiga, neem y alcohol); también sobre...
David Gómez
Marco Vásquez
PyMe Rural

Manageable agronomic practices in organic production of cowpea (Vigna unguidulata [L. Walp] in a mixed culture with sorghum

  A three year (2002, 2003 and 2004) field experiment was conducted with the main objective of achieving optimum cowpea grain yield without starter mineral nitrogen and inorganic pesticides. Three spatial arrangements were tested against three weeding frequency. The experiment was a factorial...
Vincent A. Tenebe
Abiona M. Petu-Ibikunle
eSci Journal Crop Production

Huerta Agroecológica de Autosustento

Se entiende por agroecológico a todo sistema de producción sustentable en el tiempo, que mediante el manejo racional de los recursos naturales, contemplando la diversidad biológica y sin la utilización de productos de síntesis química, brinde alimentos...
Juan Rubén Tannfeld
INTA Argentina

Production Guide for Organic Strawberries

This guide for organic strawberry production is focused on nutrient and pest management practices and includes topics that have an impact on improving plant health and reducing pest problems. The guide is divided into sections, but the interrelated quality of organic cropping systems makes each...
Juliet Carroll
Marvin Pritts
Catherine Heidenreich
Kerik Cox
Greg Loeb
Michael Helms
Andrew Landers
Paul Curtis
Courtney Weber
Laura McDermott
Cornell University Cooperative Extension