Agricultural Pest Control, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Organic Pest Control

Expression of Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase 2 (HMG2) Gene in Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) CM334 Infected by Nacobbus aberrans and Phytophthora capsici

  Plants of chilli Capsicum annuum L. CM334 show a high level of resistance to Phytophthora capsici, but are susceptible to Nacobbus aberrans; such resistance has been associated with capsidiol accumulation, a sesquiterpene phytoalexin. In the present study the expression of...
Edgar Villar-Luna
Reyna I. Rojas-Martínez
Benito Reyes-Trejo
Mario Rocha-Sosa
Emma Zavaleta-Mejía

Studies on Penicillium digitatum, Botryodiploidia theobromae, Alternaria tenuis and Trichoderma harzianum for Bicontrol of Phytophthora palmivora Cocoa Black Pod Disease Pathogen

  In vitro studies on biological control of Phytophthora palmivora cocoa black pod disease pathogen by Penicillium digitatum, Botryodiploidia theobromae, Alternaria tenuis and Trichoderma harzianum were carried out using dual culture technique. The percentage inhibition of radial...
M.O. Adebola
J.E. Amadi
American-Eurasian Journal of Agronomy

Plant Parasitic Nematode Communities Associated with Pepper Crops in Aguie Region (Niger Republic)

  Pests and diseases are cited as major biotic constraints to pepper production in Niger. While, insect pests and some diseases are well known, the plant parasitic nematodes communities are ignored. To characterize these communities, a survey was carried out in the Aguie area in the...
Haougui Adamou
Nouri Kassoum Mamame
Basso Adamou
Doumma Ali
Adam Toudou
Botany Research International

Expresión del Gen HMG2 (Hidroximetialglutaril-COA Reductasa 2) en Chile (Capsicum annuum L.) CM334 Infectado por Nacobbus aberrans Y Phytophthora capsici

  Plantas de chile Capsicum annuum L. CM334 exhiben un alto grado de resistencia a Phytophthora capsici, pero son susceptibles a Nacobbus aberrans; tal resistencia se ha asociado con la acumulación de capsidiol, una fitoalexina sesquiterpénica. En el presente estudio se determin...
Edgar Villar-Luna
Reyna I. Rojas-Martínez
Benito Reyes-Trejo
Mario Rocha-Sosa
Emma Zavaleta-Mejía

Environmental Effects and Damage Pattern of Insect Pests on Cocoa Production in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria

  Paucity of information in recent times on major and minor insect pest status of cacao plantations in Nigeria necessitated this survey. Knowledge of the insect pest complex associated with any crop is essential for developing effective control strategies for such pests. A survey was...
O.M. Azeez
American-Eurasian Journal Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Biocontrol con Levaduras de Penicillium expansum y Botrytis cinerea en Manzana Golden Delicious

  Los hongos Penicillium expansum y Botrytis cinerea son los principales patógenos causantes de las pérdidas poscosecha en manzanas producidas en Chihuahua, México. Para el control de estos patógenos generalmente se utilizan fungicidas sint...
Víctor Manuel Guerrero-Prieto
David Ignacio Berlanga-Reyes
Dámaris Leopoldina Ojeda-Barrios
Technociencia Chihuahua

Field Evaluation of Different Insecticides Against Wheat Aphid (Schizaphis graminum Rondani) and Comparative Yield Assessment for Different Wheat Cultivars

  Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is an important cereal crop and is used as a staple food all over the world. Wheat aphid (Schizaphis graminum R.) is a destructive insect pest of wheat crop. Field trials were carried out to evaluate the efficacy of three synthetic insecticides at their...
Muhammad Adnan Shafique
Kanwer Shahzad Ahmed
Naveed Haider
Rashad Rasool Khan
Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed
Academic Journal of Entomology

Manejo del Complejo Gallina Ciega (Coleoptera: melolonthidae) Asociado Al Cultivo de Amaranto (Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.) en Pueblo, México

  El amaranto (Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.) se cultiva en zonas agrícolas de secano en Puebla, México, y entre los factores que ocasionan pérdidas en su producción está el complejo gallina ciega; para su control se aplican cantidades abundantes de...
Víctor A. Cuate-Mozo
Agustín Aragón-García
Betzabeth C. Pérez-Torres
Jesús F. López-Olguín
Miguel Á. Morón
Reyna I. Rojas-Martínez

Xanthomonas fragariae Genetic Variability and Its Severity on Strawberry Genptypes (Fragaria x ananassa Duch)

  Xanthomonas fragariae is the causative agent of the angular leaf spot of strawberries (Fragaria X ananassa Duch). This microorganism is subject to quarantine for the mobilization and transport of propagation plant material in several countries. There is no information about the pathogen...
Noemí Rivera-Zabala
Daniel L. Ochoa-Martínez
Reyna I. Rojas-Martínez
Douglas Rodríguez-Martínez
Sergio Aranda-Ocampo
José M. Zapién-Macías

Trichoderma spp. Native Strains Molecular Identification and In Vitro Antagonistic Evaluation of root Phitopathogenic Fungus of the Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cv. Montcalmitro

  Trichoderma spp. is a fungus of the Ascomycota division with great potential to control diseases in economically important crops. This antagonistic fungus inhibits the growth of phytopathogenic microorganisms, including those responsible for root diseases, such as Rhizoctonia spp. and...
Bertha M. Sánchez-García
Elsa Espinosa-Huerta
Emiliano Villordo-Pineda
Raúl Rodríguez-Guerra
María A. Mora-Avilés