Plant Pathology, Disease Control of Fruit and Vegetables

Añublo Polvoriento en Cucurbitáceas: Hoja Informativa de Patógenos de Vegetales

  Contenido:  Patógeno Cultivos y plantas hospederas Identificación Condiciones ambientales favorables para la enfermedad Transmisión de la enfermedad Manejo general de enfermedades Control de enfermedades para cultivadores convencionales Control de la enfermedad para...
Michael Adams
Lina Quesada-Ocampo
North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Crecimiento Y Respuesta A Bemisia tabaci en Genotipos de Capsicum annuum Inoculados con Brevibacillus brevis CEPA CBTC1

  Las rizobacterias promotoras de crecimiento vegetal son una alternativa para disminuir el uso de fertilizantes químicos e inducir cierto grado de resistencia a insectos fitófagos. En este estudio se evaluó el efecto de la inoculación con la rizobacteria...
V. Manuel Chalé-Carrillo
Esaú Ruiz-Sánchez
Arturo Reyes-Ramírez
Lizette Borges-Gómez
Jairo Cristobal-Alejo
Jesse Pacheco-Aguirre

Commercial Crop Guide for Beans: Green/Snap

  Content: Varieties Soil Preferences Optimum Growing Conditions Establishment Methods Fertility/Fertililzation Water/Irrigation Pest Management Bean Disease and Common Name of Fungicial Controls Bean Insect Pests and Common Name of Insecticidal Controls Weeds and Common Name of Herbicidal...
Joe Masabni
Agrilife Extension/Texas A&M System

Influence of Foliar Application with Potassium and Magnesium on Growth, Yield and Oil Quality of “Koroneiki” Olive Trees

  Background: The successful orchard management practices are directed toward obtaining a suitable yield with good fruit quality. One of the most important cultural practices is the mineral nutrition especially in the new reclaimed lands. Under sandy soil conditions the water and nutrient...
Thanaa Sh. M. Mahmoud
Enaam Sh. A. Mohamed
T.F. El-Sharony
American Journal of Food Technology

Organic Gardening

  Contents:  Objectives Introduction History Principles of Organic Gardening Soil Management and Fertility Pest Management (Weeds, Insects, and Diseases) Record Keeping Summary Case Study—Think IPM: Lettuce Seedlings Frequently Asked Questions Further Reading Chapter Text...
Aimee Colf
Lucy Bradley
Frank Louws
David Orr
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Apple Leaf Disease Identification Using Genetic Algorithm and Correlation Based Feature Selection Method

  Apple leaf disease is one of the main factors to constrain the apple production and quality. It takes a long time to detect the diseases by using the traditional diagnostic approach, thus farmers often miss the best time to prevent and treat the diseases. Apple leaf disease recognition based...
Zhang Chuanlei
Zhang Shanwen
Yang Jucheng
Shi Yancui
Chen Jia
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

2017 Commercial Pecan Spray Guide

  Contents:  Commercial Pecan Insect Control (Bearing Trees) Commercial Pecan INsect and Disease Spray Guide (Non-Bearing Trees) Pecan Chemicals: Pre-Harvest Intervals and Other Restrictions Pecan Disease Control  Commercial Pecan Weed Control   Foliar Zinc Sprays for Bearing...
Tim Brenneman
Jason Brock
A. Stanley Culpepper
Will Hudson
Wayne Mitchem
Lenny Wells
UGA Extension

Carbendazim Tolerant Induced Trichoderma Viride for Integrated Management of Wire Stem of Cabbage

  An attempt was made in the present investigation to formulate an integrated management strategy against wire stem of cabbage caused by Rhizoctonia solani Kuehn. Induction of Trichoderma viride to carbendazim was done through repeated exposure to the fungicide. Out of the four selected...
Pradip Bhowmick
Himadri Kaushik
Pranab Dutta
International Journal of Current Agricultural Research

2016 Southeast Regional Bunch Grape Integrated Management Guide

  Contents:  Site selection Site development Plant selection  Fumigant risk mitigation Fumigation with Telone products Dormant pruning Soil testing Insect scouting Dormant application of fungicides Dormant application of insecticides
Mizuho Nita
Mizuho Nita
Hannah Burrack
Doug Pfeiffer
Wayne Mitchem
David Lockwood
Bob Bellinger
Phil Brannen
Powell Smith
The Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium

Commercial Production of Staked Tomatoes in the Southeast

  Contents:  Getting Started Cover Cropping  Production Systems  Equipment  Fumigation  Fertilization  Transplants Transplanting  Steaking and Trellising  Pruning Pest Management  Physiological Disorders Harvesting  Cleaning and Grading...
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service