Plant Pathology, Disease Control of Fruit and Vegetables

Actividad antifúngica e identificación molecular de cepas nativas de Bacillus subtilis

  La bioprospección de bacteria antagónicas, como agentes de control biológico para el manejo de hongos fitopatógenos, es una actividad preponderante para reducir el uso de fungicidas químicos. La bacteria Bacillus subtilis ha mostrado una excelente capacidad...
Esaú Ruiz-Sánchez
Miguel Ángel. Mejía-Bautista
Alejandra Serrato-Díaz
Arturo Reyes-Ramírez
Yokiushirdhilgilmara Estrada-Girón
Alberto J. Valencia-Botín

Grafting as a Tool to Improve Tomato yellow leaf curl disease (TYLCV)-Tolerance in Tomato

  The purpose of this study was to investigate possible positive effects of grafting and use of different TYLCV-resistant rootstocks on the tolerance/resistance level and tomato fruit yield and quality. Tomato cvs used as scions were TYLCV-susceptible cv. Castlerock and TYLCV-tolerant hybrid...
Ahmed M.A. Mahmoud
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants

Disease Management Considerations for Producing Strawberry Plug Plants

  Strawberry plug plants are commonly used in the strawberry industry with multiple benefits. Plug plants establish with less overhead watering and management after field setting. Plant size and quality is generally higher and some growers prefer to plant plug plants as compared to bare root...
Frank Louws
NC State University

Black Root Rot of Strawberry

  Black Root Rot (BRR) is a disease complex on strawberry, meaning that one or more organisms can be involved in the infection, including the fungi Pythium spp., Fusarium, spp., Rhizoctonia spp., and several species of nematodes. It is a common disease in N.C. and the main reason growers...
Frank Louws
NC State University

Basil Downy Mildew

  Symptoms of the disease can be mistaken by nutritional problems since they manifest as a yellowing or browning of leaves. However, if the abaxial side of the leaf is inspected, profuse, dark sporulation will be covering the surface of infected leaves. Usually, the sporulation is obvious...
Lina Quesada-Ocampo
North Carolina State University

Effect of mulch and different fungicide spray regimes on yield of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) in Tanzania

  In many areas in Tanzania, pests management for tomato involves weekly pesticide sprays. The practice poses a threat to the environment and health of consumers. In this study the effect of pesticide spray regimes and use of mulch were evaluated on ‘Tanya VF’ and ‘Tengeru 97...
H. D. Mtui
A. P. Maerere
M. A. Bennett
K. P. Sibuga
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development

Modelos logísticos predictivos de la cancrosis de los cítricos en Bella Vista y su uso en el área citrícola española

  La cancrosis de los cítricos, causada por la bacteria Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri, es una enfermedad cuarentenaria y endémica en el noreste argentino. Observaciones (1991-2008) de la intensidad de la cancrosis en media estación en pomelo (Bella Vista, Corrientes), se...
R.C. Moschini
B.I. Canteros
G. Marcó
G. Cazenave
Asociación Argentina de Horticultura ASAHO

Testing of Eight Medicinal Plant Extracts in Combination with Kresoxim-Methyl for Integrated Control of Botrytis cinerea in Apples

  Botrytis cinerea is a fungus that causes gray mold on many fruit crops. Despite the availability of a large number of botryticides, the chemical control of gray mold has been hindered by the emergence of resistant strains. In this paper, tests were done to determine the botryticidal efficacy...
S. Carneiro da Silva
A. Fischer Sbrissia
L. E. Techio Pereira

Antracnosis en mango: Manejo de la enfermedad más importante pre y postcosecha

La antracnosis es la principal enfermedad pre y postcosecha del mango, causando pérdidas directas de rendimiento en el campo, en las plantas de empaque, así como en la calidad del fruto y su comercialización posterior. A continuación se presenta una revisión de...
Randy C. Ploetz
University of Florida

Managing the almond and stone fruit replant disease complex with less soil fumigant

As much as one-third of California's almond and stone fruit acreage is infested with potentially debilitating plant parasitic nematodes, and even more of the land is impacted by Prunus replant disease (PRD), a poorly understood soilborne disease complex that suppresses early growth and...
Greg T. Browne
Bruce D. Lampinen
Brent A. Holtz
David A. Doll
Shrinivasa K. Upadhyaya
Leigh S. Schmidt
Ravindra G. Bhat
Vasu Udompetaikul
Robert W. Coates
Bradley D. Hanson
Karen M. Klonsky
Suduan Gao
Dong Wang
Matt Gillis
James S. Gerik
R. Scott Johnson
California Agriculture