Plant Pathology, Disease Control of Fruit and Vegetables

Guía para el Reconocimiento de Enfermedades en el Cultivo de Tomate

El cultivo de tomate, es uno de los cultivos hortícolas más difundido en las distintas zonas agroecológicas de la Argentina y de países limítrofes. Constituye la hortaliza de mayor superficie bajo cubierta ocupa a nivel mundial. Su destino principal es consumo...
Mirta Alejandra Sosa
INTA Argentina

Florida Plant Disease Management Guide: Apple (Malus sylvestris)

Apple diseases addressed: Apple scab Bitter rot Black rot Botryosphaeria rot/white rot Cercospora leaf spot Crown gall Entomosporium leaf spot Fire blight Fly speck Mushroom root rot Pink limb blight Powdery mildew Rust Sooty Blotch Southern Blight
Mathews L. Paret
Tim Momol
Laura Ritchie
Hank Dankers
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Florida Plant Disease Management Guide: Fig (Ficus carica)

Fig diseases addressed: Aerial/Web Blight (Thanatephorus cucumeris/Rhizoctonia solani) Anthracnose (Glomerella cingulata/Colletotrichum gloeosporoides) Cercospora Leaf Spot (Cercospora fici, Cercospora spp.) Fig Mosaic Virus Mushroom Root Rot (Armillaria tabescens) Nectriella...
Aaron J. Palmateer
Tara L.B. Tarnowski
Pamela D. Roberts
University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Vegetable Growers' Handbook Chapter VII: Disease Management

Diseases can occur at any stage during the course of plant growth. The rapid, accurate diagnosis of the cause of a disease, along with the implementation of a rapid treatment, is essential to ensure the protection of the crop. Certain infectious diseases caused by living, microscopic organisms...
Thomas Isakeit
George Philley
Texas AgriLife Extension Service

Turnip Mosaic Virus

Turnip Mosaic Virus (TuMV) infects most cruciferous plants, but is most damaging in Chinese cabbage, turnip, mustard, and radish. The most common symptom in these crops is a distinct mosaic of light and dark green colors in the leaves. Depending upon the virus strain and the crop species, necrotic...
Lowell L Black
AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center

Commercial Apple: Insect, Disease, and Weed Control

The guide contains the latest recommendations for insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, and herbicides for commercial apple production. The guide is a collaborative effort by Extension specialists and researchers from land grant institutions in the southeastern United States.
Robert Boozer
Edward J. Sikora
Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Crucifers Disorders: Tipburn

Damage Symptoms Symptoms occur in cabbage and Brussels sprouts. As the heads approach maturity, inner leaves become necrotic along their margin. Margins of one or more leaves turn brown beginning at the leaf pores. The area affected may be a narrow band or involve up to half of the leaf. Symptoms...
Lowell L Black
AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center

African Organic Agriculture Training Manual: Mango Crop Management

Mango trees (Mangifera indica L.) are cultivated in many countries of East, South and West Africa. In these countries, mangoes contribute to farmer family diets as well as serving as a cash crop. Mangoes are a delicate fruit and, therefore, sensitive to transport, which limits trade opportunities...
Lukas Kilcher
Brian Ssebunya
FiBL, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland

Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management

Organic farmers rely primarily on preventive, cultural, and integrated methods of pest and disease management. Additionally, there are a number of materials that can complement and support organic management. This guide was developed to provide a useful and scientifically accurate reference for...
Brian Caldwell
Eric Sideman
Abby Seaman
Anthony Shelton
Christine Smart
Cornell University

Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers

Contents: Soils and Fertility Soil Testing Petiole Sap Testing Fertilizer Application Methods Liming and Soil pH Chemigation Management Organic Matter and Cover Crops Transplants Transplant Production Transplant Containers Seeding and Growing...
Dan Egel
Ricky Foster
Elizabeth Maynard
Rick Weinzierl
Mohammad Babadoost
Patrick O’Malley
Ajay Nair
Raymond Cloyd
Cary Rivard
Megan Kennelly
Bill Hutchison
Sanjun Gu
Robert J. Precheur
Celeste Welty
Douglas Doohan
Sally Miller
University of Illinois Extension, Purdue Extension, Iowa State University Extension, Kansas State University Research, University of Minnesota Extension, University of Missouri Extension, and Ohio State University Extension