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Using Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation for Vegetables

  Muskmelons, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, watermelons, and okra are vegetable crops that have shown significant increases in earliness, yield, and fruit quality when grown on plastic mulch. Some less valuable crops such as sweet corn, snap beans, southern peas, and pumpkins...
Douglas Sanders
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Respuesta Productiva de un Cultivo de Berenjena en Invernadero Bajo Distintas Estrategias de Calefacción

  La producción agrícola bajo invernadero en Almería se caracteriza por el empleo de estructuras sencillas y de bajo coste con un limitado control climático. La temperatura es un factor determinante de la actividad metabólica, crecimiento y desarrollo de las...
J.C López
C. Pérez
A. Parra
J. Pérez-Parra
Cajamar Caja Rural

A Guide to Intensive Vegetable Systems

  “Intensive Vegetable Production” refers to a system of marketing and producing vegetable crops in which great attention is placed on detail and optimization of resources such as land, capital, labor, equipment, transportation to market, and management time. The ojective of...
D. C. Sanders
Ed Estes
K. B. Perry
David Monks
Kenneth Sorensen
Charles Averre
Michael Linker
Jonathan Schultheis
Mike Boyette
D. Eikhoff
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Participatory Evaluation of Productivity, Fertility Management, and Dissemination of Irrigated Exotic Vegetables in the Sahel, West Africa

  We conducted on-farm participatory experiments and activities for 3 years at three sites in the Fakara district of western Niger to demonstrate, verify, and evaluate crop productivity due to fertilizer application, economic benefits, and the dissemination of crop technology. We tested...
Hide Omae
Addam Kiari Saidou
Kimio Osuga
Haruyuki Dan
Satoshi Tobita
Scientific Research Publishing

Integrated Soil Fertility Management: Impact of Mucuna and Tithonia Biomass on Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) Performance in Smallholder Farming Systems

  Many views, paradigms and concepts have been advocated in recent decades on soil fertility and soil conservation across the globe in order to provide sustainable solutions to the rising food and nutrition insecurity while preserving the natural resource base. Meanwhile, food and nutrition...
Christopher Ngosong
Priscilla M. Mfombep
Akeme C. Njume
Aaron S. Tening
Scientific Research Publishing

Effects of Bacillus cereus F-6 on Promoting Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia Andrews.) Plant Growth and Controlling Stem and Root Rot Disease

  A lipopeptide-producing bacterium, Bacillus cereus (F-6), was isolated from the rhizosphere soil of a healthy vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) plant cultivated on a plantation under 21 years of continuous cropping with vanilla. A pot experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of the...
Qingyun Zhao
Hui Wang
Zihui Zhu
Yinghui Song
Huan Yu
Scientific Research Publishing

Agricultural Machinery Maintenance

  Regardless of their size or complexity, all agricultural machines require routine maintenance to continue operating at peak performance and efficiency. Regular maintenance increases the life of a machine, reduces equipment breakdowns, and improves fuel efficiency. Maintenance may be as...
Gary Roberson
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Uso Agronómico de Restos de Cosecha en los Invernaderos Enarenados de la Cuenca Mediterránea

  El manejo de los restos de cosecha en los suelos arenados empleados para la producción de frutas y hortalizas en invernadero no constituye una práctica agrícola común en las fincas. Tradicionalmente los restos de cosecha han ocasionado graves problemas sanitarios...
José Manuel Torres Nieto
Cajamar Caja Rural

Selection and Efficient Operation of Farm Tractors

  The selection, operation, and management of farm tractors and their implements is essential to cost-effective farming practices. Therefore, knowledge of tractor equipment, power requirements, optimum loading, and other factors can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your farming...
Gary Roberson
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

The Market for Small-Scale Drip Irrigation in East and Southern Africa

  Drip irrigation can be a transformational technology for smallholder producers. It has many advantages over rainfed production and traditional furrow irrigation methods, such as increased on-farm yields, year-round production, efficient use of scarce water resources, and reductions in...
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