Soil Management - Fertilization, Compost, Nutrients

How do I Best Manage the Fertility of My Soil

  What do I need to know about soils? Soil can be living or dead. Living soil continuously requires enough air, water and soil organic matter in order to provide a good growing environment for plants and soil organisms. By providing these, even dead soil can manage to live again. You can tell...
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

What is Organic Agriculture?

  As a farmer in Africa you may be facing a number of challenges like loss of arable land, decreasing soil fertility, frequent drought and rising cost of seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and animal drugs. This commonly leads to recurrent difficulties to produce enough food to sustain the family...
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

Producción Orgánica y Capacidad Antioxidante de Frutos de Pepino

  Existe una creciente inquietud de la opinión pública sobre los efectos negativos de las actividades agrí- colas en el medio ambiente. Esto, ha provocado que se busque gestionar la producción de cultivos de una manera más sustentable, especialmente en el...
H.A. Díaz-Méndez
P. Preciado-Rangel
V.P. Álvarez-Reyna
M. Fortis-Hernández
J.L. García-Hernández
Información Técnica Económica Agraria

Cultivation of Tomato

  Tomato is one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world. It is an important source of vitamins and an important cash crop for smallholders and medium-scale commercial farmers. This Agrodok focuses on good practices for growing a healthy tomato crop and obtaining a reasonably steady...
Shankara Naika
Joep van Lidt de Jeude
Marja de Goffau
Martin Hilmi
Barbara van Dam

Raising Earthworms Successfully

  Over the past several years, many people have begun raising earthworms as a source of income or as a means of managing organic waste. Some are drawn to the business by extravagant claims of vast potential markets for earthworms in large waste disposal systems and agriculture and as a source...
Rhonda Sherman
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

World Pineapple Production: An Overview

  This review paper discusses the origin, production, cultivation practices, storage, transportation and uses of pineapple. The economic importance of pineapple is easily justified by its unique characteristics as a fruit, which ensured its rapid diffusion and adoption, in the tropics and...
Farid Hossain
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development

Efecto del Volumen de Suelo Húmedo en Riego Localizado para el Cultivo del Avellano (Corylus avellana L.)

  Se determinó el comportamiento productivo, vegetativo y la calidad del fruto en avellano (Corylus avellana L.), como respuesta a 4 volúmenes de suelo húmedo que recibieron la misma cantidad de agua de riego, 3 de ellos (VSH-6, VSH-15, VSH-33%) generados mediante riego...
J.R. Gispert
F. Ramírez de Cartagena
J.M. Villar
M. Rovira
Información Técnica Económica Agraria

Operating Controlled Drainage and Subirrigation Systems

  Dual-purpose drainage/subirrigation systems are now being used on poorly drained soils to reduce water-related stress on crops. The mechanics of this dual-purpose system is discussed in Agricultural Water Management for Coastal Plain Soils, AG-355. During wet periods this system operates as...
Robert Evans
Wayne Skaggs
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Sustainable Food Production Practices in the Caribbean

  Contents: 1. The role of small producers, family farms and women farmers in sustainable food production and food security 2. Youth: Adding value to agriculture in the Caribbean 3. Small animal production systems: Rabbits and ducks 4. Rain shelters and net-houses for vegetable production 5....
Wayne G. Ganpat
Wendy-Ann P. Isaac
Ian Randle Publishers

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  Objectives Introduction Pests as Part of a Natural System IPM Approach Pest Management Cultural Management Soil Preparation Plant Selection Rotation Interplanting Planting Dates Weed Management Trap Crops Limitations of Cultural Management Mechanical Management Limitations of Mechanical...
Steven Frank
Lucy Bradley
Kathleen Moore
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service