Soil Management - Fertilization, Compost, Nutrients

Alternativas de Desinfección de Suelo en la Producción de Tomates en Invernaderos de Colín

El presente boletín técnico presenta las principales enfermedades detectadas en la producción de tomates de invernadero causadas por nematodos y hongos. Se presentan los resultados de las mediciones de efectividad de control lograda con los diferentes tratamientos aplicados....
Jorge Riquelme
Jorge Carrasco
INIA Chile

Fertilizer Cost Calculations

If the cost per pound of elemental P or K is desired, then the guarantee must be changed from P2O5 to P and/or K2O to K. To find the conversion factor, use the ratio of the molecular weight of (2 x P) and divide by the molecular weight of P2O5. A similar approach is used for K. No conversion is...
K.A. Barbarick
D.G. Westfall
Colorado State University Extension

Diagnosing Saline and Sodic Soil Problems

Symptoms and causes of salinity, high pH, specific ion toxicity, and sodicity are frequently confused. Each of these conditions can have adverse affects on plant growth, but they differ significantly in their cause and relative impact. Effective management of these problems vary and require proper...
R.M. Waskom
T.A. Bauder
J.G. Davis
G.E. Cardon
Colorado State University Extension

Best Management Practices For Phosphorus Fertilization

Phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient for all forms of terrestrial life and is one of the 18 chemical elements known to be required for plant growth. In Colorado, agricultural soils generally contain from 800 to 2,000 pounds of total P per acre in the tillage layer. However, most of it is in...
Reagan M. Waskom
Troy Bauder
Colorado State University Extension

Controlling Soil Erosion From Wind

Blowing soil can be an unpleasant nuisance, a serious safety hazard, or a costly disaster depending on one’s perspective and the intensity and duration of the windstorm. The public response to blowing soil has led to such legislation as the Colorado Dust Blowing Law and provisions of the...
T.A. James
R. L. Croissant
G. Peterson
Colorado State University Extension

Utilization of Composted Organic Wastes in Vegetable Production Systems

This Bulletin discusses the use of compost in vegetable production systems in Florida, United States. It discusses the surface application of compost as a mulch, soil amendment, and as a method of weed control. N mineralization in compost after application, and the leaching of N from compost,...
Peter J. Stoffella
Yuncong Li
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Precision Farming Approaches to Small-Farm Agriculture

Precision farming implies a management strategy to increase productivity and economic returns with a reduced impact on the environment. It is based on the application of information technology to a description of variability in the field, variable-rate operations and the decision-making system....
Sakae Shibusawa
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center

Effects of Compost on the Availability of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Strongly Acidic Soils

Strongly acidic soil is a major problem in Taiwan. The application of organic fertilizers is an important practice in increasing the productivity of such soils. However, the transformation and availability of phosphorus in the soil will be more complex if organic fertilizers are used in strongly...
Jeng-Tzung Wu
Wei-Tin Huang
Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute